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Kostas Nebis
Hrvatski Telekom

Good progress has been made, but we can, we need to, and we will definitely do more. This is the best way of describing our sustainability strategy and our activities over the course of 2022 and our perspective for the future. During this year, we continued to take big strides forward on our sustainability journey. This is about us doing business in a more future-proof way and about us bringing the opportunities of digitization to society and the economy, along with assisting our customers to operate more sustainably themselves.

We are living in a more technology-enabled and digitization-driven world than ever before. Technological progress and advancements are being driven forward faster and faster, they are more impactful and more intertwined with all aspects of our lives – professional and personal. This provides all of us at Hrvatski Telekom with a great opportunity and with an enormous responsibility as the digitization and modern technologies that we enable have truly transformative power. Consequently, the investments – particularly those in critical ICT img infrastructure and the networks we are building are essential for the new cycle of economic growth and for broader social development.

Hrvatski Telekom’s approach to sustainability stems from its strategy based on three critical areas of action: climate change, resource efficiency and digital inclusion. Climate objectives are in line with the goals of the European Green Plan and are common to all companies within the DT Group. Hrvatski Telekom has already achieved the first of them – the use of electricity produced entirely from renewable sources. The objective is to achieve climate neutrality for direct and indirect energy consumption by 2025, and climate neutrality for the entire value chain by 2040. Our aim is to preserve the environment. We therefore reduced total greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 54 percent and waste by 64 percent. As a part of take-back program, more than 321 000 electronic devices were collected in 2021. One of the key aspects of Hrvatski Telekom’s social agenda is digital inclusion. Hrvatski Telekom is fully committed to this on the back of the WEF’s Global Risks Report 2022. Digital inequality represents the third greatest risk for Croatia. Our programs are therefore focusing on this area and working to bring the opportunities of digitalization to everybody throughout Croatia.

A well-known adage holds that “you can’t build a reputation on something you are going to do”, implying that reputation is something you deserve by doing good things for an extended period of time. At Hrvatski Telekom, we are strong believers in walking the talk and letting our actions speak for themselves. These include our digital inclusion programs, climate change initiatives, and many other activities.

We will be part of the solution by always having sustainability at the center of our decision-making processes, and by operating proactively and responsibly with the focus on a long-term perspective.

At Hrvatski Telekom, we are proud of the progress that has been made and of being recognized as a sustainability leader in Croatia. Notwithstanding this, we are able to do more, we intend to drive issues forward, and we are committed to even greater achievements.

Kostas Nebis
CEO, Hrvatski Telekom d.-d.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

Hrvatski Telekom Group is the leading telecommunications provider in Croatia providing fixed and mobile telephony, wholesale, internet and data services. Main activity of Hrvatski Telekom d.d. (Croatian Telecom Inc.) and other subsidiary companies is the provision of telecommunications services, design and construction of communications networks on the Croatian territory. The Group also provides fixed telephone line service (access and traffic through fixed telephone lines and additional fixed network), Internet services including IPTV, data transmission services (lease of lines, Metro-Ethernet, IP img / MPLS, ATM img) and operates GSM img and UMTS img mobile telephone networks.

Number of customers  

Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom) is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Croatia, serving 0.7 million fixed lines, 2.3 million mobile customers and 0.6 million broadband connections through its Residential and Business divisions.

Number of employees   ~000
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   Since 2004. At the moment, Deutsche Telekom Europe B.V. is the majority shareholder in Hrvatski Telekom d.d. with a 53 percent holding. 

ISO 9001:2015   
ISO 14001 img:2015 
ISO 45001:2018  

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Local CR reports  

Sustainability Report 2021

Awards, memberships and collaboration/participation in political dialogues (national/international)

Croatian Sustainability Award – Hrvatski Telekom won the National Sustainability Awards for two years running – 2021 and 2022 based on its dedication to the sustainability and ESG img cause and ensuing results.

World’s Most Ethical Companies 2022 – In 2022, Hrvatski Telekom became the first Croatian company ever to make the Ethisphere list of the world’s most ethical companies. Hrvatski Telekom was awarded for the highest standards of ethics and compliance, integrity and culture, responsible business, corporate responsibility, governance, and leadership.

Introducing 5G: The Technology that will define the Future – Hrvatski Telekom has won international awards for communication campaigns highlighting the benefits of 5G (by International PR association Native Advertising Institute).

Volunteering Best Practices – Hrvatski Telekom was presented as a best-case study for corporate volunteering by the Volunteer Center Zagreb.

Ookla Fastest 5G Network – Independent experts and users recognized Hrvatski Telekom’s 5G network as the fastest 5G network in Croatia. Winning the Ookla® Speedtest Award™ once again confirmed the company’s status as the leading network in Croatia. Tests were conducted during the second and third quarters of this year with more than 100 000 user-initiated 5G tests via iOS and Android mobile Apps on all mobile networks in Croatia. Hrvatski Telekom recorded by far the best Speed Score™.

umlaut’s Best and Fastest Mobile and Fixed Broadband Networks – Hrvatski Telekom has strengthened its position as the leading network in Croatia by winning both “Best in Test” awards following an analysis of more than 39 million samples.

EcoVadis img Certificate – Hrvatski Telekom was awarded the Bronze Certificate.

Generations Together

Digital inclusion is one of key aspects of our social agenda. Since the digital divide and inequality were listed as the third biggest risk for Croatia in WEF’s The Global Risk Report 2022, we are committed to providing everybody with equal opportunities so that nobody is left behind in the digital age. Our Generations Together digital education program for our fellow citizens in 54 homes for seniors has helped them stay in touch with their loved ones and opened a whole new digital world for them. This initiative has been recognized in the Deutsche Telekom Group as a best-practice initiative, also winning last year’s Telekom Awards in the Act with Respect and Integrity category.

Digital Innovation Incubator

In collaboration with the “Innovation Institute” helping society in building innovation competencies within the student and school population covering over 200 universities and schools with a total of 4 500 students.

Generation NOW

Since the launch of the Generation NOW program, a total of more than 3 000 kids and 360 educational institutions have participated in the STEM img education program that Hrvatski Telekom is delivering in cooperation with NGO, Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity

Go Digital

Platform we use to provide primarily our business customers with the benefits of digitalization, services, tools, etc., and how these turbocharge their businesses.

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