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Jose Severino Perdomo Lorenzo

Jose Severino Perdomo Lorenzo
T-Mobile Czech Republic

T-Mobile is a high-impact company. Our services are used by more than six million customers, we have over three thousand employees in our team and tens of thousands more work for our suppliers. We want this impact to be maximally positive, in order to make our business sustainable and to set an example for others. The ESG agenda is a strategic priority for us. We are committed to the fundamental principles of human rights, working conditions, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. T-Mobile focuses on areas where we can be an agent of fundamental change – as digital leader, major operator, and provider of connectivity and devices. Consequently, we are focusing on digital inclusion and wellbeing because we recognize that technology brings great opportunities but also risks. As a company that needs to consume energy in order to provide all the services it offers, we leave a large carbon footprint. One of the main pillars of our ESG strategy is therefore the environmental pillar.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

T-Mobile is the biggest operator in the Czech Republic, already providing mobile services to 6.3 million customers. It is continuously innovating and expanding its mobile infrastructure, operating more than080 5G transmitters, and covering 46.7 percent of the Czech population with its fifth-generation network. As a digital leader, T-Mobile is making a major contribution to the digitalization of the Czech Republic by building and developing fiberoptic infrastructure in order to fulfil its long-term vision of a Connected Country.

T-Mobile is working with leading Czech technical universities to build private campus networks for the industrial use of 5G networks. Joint projects in the form of innovation hubs and testbeds serve to provide targeted support for the digitalization of established companies, startups, and the development of the innovation sector in the Czech Republic.

T-Mobile is a stable and strong partner for companies of all sizes, offering them state-of-the-art datacenters and advanced solutions for secure and reliable data management. Services in the field of cyber security or Cloud, and system solutions are used by corporations, government departments, and small-business owners.

T-Mobile Czech Republic places emphasis on taking a responsible approach to the environment and society. It adheres to fair business practices, helps beneficial applications and services to see the light of day, supports non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals, and lends a helping hand whenever crisis situations arise. The company’s employees serve as volunteers in many places across the entire Czech Republic. 

Number of customers   6 400 000
Number of employees   300
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1996

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001 img:2015
ISO 50001
ISO IEC 20000-1 CZ
ISO IEC 22301 CZ
ISO IEC 27001 CZ

Please refer to the internet for further information   More information about the company is available at our website, and the portal for journalists. information on the company’s ESG img activities can be found here.
Local CR reports   Sustainability Report 2021

Awards, memberships and collaboration/participation in political dialogues (national/international)


  • A-CSR (Association of Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • APMS (Association of Mobile Network Operators)
  • CAEK (Czech Electronic Communications Association)  
  • Alliance pro mladé (Alliance for Young People)
  • Transparency International Club
  • UPP ČR (Association of In-house Lawyers of the Czech Republic. Member of the European Company Lawyers’ Association)
  • AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union)
  • CNOPK (Czech-German Chamber of Trade and Industry)
  • AKI (Critical Infrastructure Association)
  • SP ČR (Czech Confederation of Industry)
  • CIMCC (Czech-Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce)
  • ICT img Union
  • British Chamber of Commerce
  • National Center for Industry 4.0
  • Institute for Politics and Society


  • Top Employers – first place in the Telco category – Association of Students and Graduates (ASA)
  • German Brand Awards 2022 – Winner and Gold Medal for Magenta Experience Center
  • SDG Awards – Magenta Experience Center in TOP 5
  • Global Mobile Network EXPERIENCE 2022 Awards – Global Leader
  • Magazine CHIP Awards – the best network for data

Inclusion Program for People with Hearing Impairment

We have an infoline and e-transcription service at our stores for people with hearing impairment. The service is delivered by social enterprise Transkript Online. Transkript Online employs visually impaired typists who provide online transcription of speech (face-to-face communication or phone calls) to people with hearing impairment. This helps T-Mobile Czech Republic to overcome the communication barriers with our clients, it provides employment for blind people and our cooperation enables Transkript Online to provide its services to the deaf community free of charge. In 2022, the service was used for 13 000 minutes of online transcription.

We also support campaigns directed toward raising awareness of hearing impairment.  

Employee Engagement

Traditional internal collection “Let’s help the Stories”, corporate volunteering “One Day for a Good Deed”, internal collection for people affected by war in Ukraine. These are just a few of the activities included as part of our employee engagement. In “Let’s help the Stories”, the employees nominate a total of 20 vulnerable people. After publication of their stories on the Intranet, the person nominating a particular story had to donate the first EUR 40 to prove their support for the story, invite colleagues to join in, and help raise the full amount required. T-Mobile pledged to match every donation. More than 300 employees participated and a total of more than EUR 41 000 were donated by employees and the company. This initiative resulted in support for people in difficult life situations. Most frequently this was due to illness or an accident. T-Mobile Czech Republic matches the amount collected by employees 1:1.

The second internal collection helped people affected by war in Ukraine. 961 employees participated and T-Mobile Czech Republic matched the amount collected by employees (every CZK 1 donated by an individual was matched by an additional CZK 2 from T-Mobile Czech Republic). The total amount collected amounted to EUR 328 000. 

Our volunteer program “One Day for a Good Deed” enables employees to spend one working day each year volunteering in a not-for-profit organization. This year, the scheme was expanded and employees were able to spend one day helping in any organization as usual, plus two more days for a good deed to help Ukraine. Around 300 volunteers took part in the program in 2022. They helped some 30 NGOs.

Good Cause Initiative

Our Good Cause Initiative involves supporting a long-term project by the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague called Clever Forest Landscape. The project aims to design and implement measures for mitigating the consequences of climate change and adapting forests to the conditions projected to be common in Central Europe after the year 2050 (long droughts, higher temperatures, rains accompanied by flooding, etc.). A forest landscape (more than700 ha) along Jevanský creek is located in the model area of Jevany (near Prague). Research will be carried out here to establish how a variety of trees and plants interact with the forest ecosystem as a whole under different conditions and various types of irrigation. Pools and wetlands are being restored here, and ponds, reservoirs and dry basins are being constructed. A large number of different parameters are being measured and analyzed. Modern technology and ICT img solutions play a crucial role in collecting, transmitting and analyzing data, modeling the conditions, and automating processes such as irrigation. The project builds on the similar project Clever Agricultural Landscape.

Click for Peace

A joint project of T-Mobile Czech Republic, the Police of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of the Interior relating to behavior on the Internet, especially for seniors. As part of the project, we organize discussions and workshops. We put all relevant information in short videos that are presented through social media, on the project microsite and on screens in physicians’ offices and waiting rooms. We create educational materials/leaflets that are distributed through libraries, hospitals, physicians’ offices, and through places where seniors are often concentrated.

Keys to Media

A new media literacy project for students, teachers, and parents. As part of the project, we strengthen the media literacy of children and young people, as well as combating disinformation. We prepare educational videos, podcasts, and methodology sheets for teaching. We organize discussions with journalists and competitions on specific themes for students.

Digital Education and Magenta Experience Center

In our Digital Academy, we provide free courses in digital skills for NGOs. We had almost 400 participants in 2022. The Magenta Experience Center is a unique space where people can experience modern technologies and find out about a variety of different topics – by taking advantage of the facilities at the Center itself and by attending courses and events there. Camps for children were held in the summer (programming, education on the development of technology, 3D printing, etc.). One of the camps was provided free of charge for children from single-parent families.


Our volunteers organize courses presenting digital skills at centers for seniors and they help retirees with technology. We also have courses for seniors in MEC.

Mental Wellbeing

We cooperate with NGO “Nevypusť Duši!” (Don’t let go of your soul), and we sponsor their mental-health programs in Czech high schools. Around 160 workshops were organized throughout the Czech Republic in 2022. This year we also celebrated the Day of Mental Health at the Magenta Experience Center – panel discussion with experts, workshops for employees and for the general public. We also commissioned a survey carried out by research agencies on the topic of children’s mental health through the eyes of adults (parents, teachers, child psychologists). This was a big success – even public authorities use the survey as a valuable source of data. 

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