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Walter Goldenits
Director of Technology
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2022 was one of the most challenging periods we have experienced as a society. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic were subsiding across the world, then the war in Ukraine began and the associated energy crisis arose. However, 2022 also taught us that the most important thing is to know how to get together and give help at the right time where it is needed.

This is why I am delighted that by implementing the Group's Corporate Responsibility Strategy we are also able to provide meaningful help locally in the places where we operate as DTSE. I am proud that DTSE responded quickly to help refugees from Ukraine. 

I believe that we have at least ameliorated the consequences of this dreadful conflict for some people by setting up the rescue tent at the border, catering for basic hygiene needs, providing essential items, and by colleagues from our company lending voluntary assistance.

In 2022, our Corporate Responsibility initiatives also focused on supporting other vulnerable groups. We launched cooperation with the educational program for seniors run by the University of the Third Age. This focused on new technologies, the telco environment, and safety on the Internet. We also donated 264 pieces of IT equipment for educational purposes to increase digital literacy. However, we also perceive the need to support diversity and inclusion within our company and in society. That’s why we have become an Ambassador for the Charter of Diversity in Slovakia, and at the same time we are setting up other initiatives to develop these topics further.

And finally, I would like to highlight the work of our colleagues from DTSE, who collect ESG img data and consolidated reports for the Deutsche Telekom Group. Thanks to precise definition of our goals, we are able to make improvements in these areas, which are undoubtedly so important to all of us.

Dr. Guillaume Maisondieu


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Deutsche Telekom Services Europe GmbH (DTSE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. DTSE combines the areas of human resources, finance, procurement, and reporting under one roof. Our strategy focuses on customer satisfaction, quality and innovation. We use our know-how and experience to streamline and simplify processes.

Number of customers   We serve all the employees in Germany and major regions of Europe within 180 entities in the Group.
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Awards, memberships and collaboration/participation in political dialogues (national/international)



  • DTSE Romania – Employer of the Year Award 2022 (Less than 800 employees)
  • DTSE Slovakia – Sewa certificate - This document is a confirmation that our company takes a responsible approach to environmental protection and proper sorting of waste
  • DTSE Slovakia – Business Superbrands Slovakia 2022 – winner (Marketing & Communication category)
  • DTSE Slovakia – Slovakia Prestige Awards 2022 – winner (Company of the Year)
  • DTSE Czech Republic – ABSL DIAMONDS Award 2022 (The winner in the Value Creation category)

One DTSE – Joint CSR Projects

Being a responsible employer goes beyond supporting our immediate environment and society. It also entails giving support to our employees. DTSE focuses on both areas by running several projects at all its locations. In 2022, our staff were all engaged in planting trees, promoting the paperless office, and tackling environmental issues, reducing poverty and implementing health programs to promote wellbeing. For more information about each project, see additional details below.

Less paper with digitalization
DTSE is continuously trying to reduce its environmental footprint and always encourages the sustainable behavior of its employees at all DTSE locations. In 2022, the following activities were conducted:

  • All locations aim to reduce their footprint in Slovakia by recycling paper along with plastic, aluminum, and small electronic waste (up to 50 centimeters). On this basis, the Slovakian location was awarded the Ecological Company Certificate.
  • Plastic-free office – DTSE is constantly improving internal products and offices. DTSE Slovakia created new sustainable newcomer packages comprising eco-friendly elements. It also swapped plastic water bottles and cups in kitchenettes for glass ones. Events are organized with eco-friendly cutlery, so only steel/wooden cutlery and reusable eco-plastic cups/glass are used.

DTSE Health Days
Health Days and DTSE Health Week were also organized for our employees in 2022. The whole format of Health Days was hybrid (online and offline format). In 2022, employees were able to participate in online workshops, health screening, exercise classes and lectures. We concentrated on different types of health topics, exercises at home during mobile work, preparation of healthy meals, health prevention, and much more.

Around DTSE in 18 days
An international project for all DTSE employees involved running or walking the distance between all DTSE locations. The main aim of the project was to connect up all the locations and promote health. The location with the highest number of kilometers donated the prizemoney to their selected NGO.

DTSE Romania donated EUR 885 from the international competition “Around DTSE in 18 days” to the C.O.P.I.I. Association.

DTSE Romania participated in the “One Earth – One Ocean” CSR campaign – For every topic-related post with one of the hashtags, Telekom donates EUR 1 to “One Earth - One Ocean” up to a maximum of EUR 10 000.

Connecting the Unconnected

Adopting a socially responsible approach sometimes requires thinking outside the box and connecting seemingly disparate topics to achieve fascinating results. The most significant projects of 2022 were:

  • Obsolete IT & office-equipment donation – DTSE Slovakia donated 264 items of obsolete IT equipment and 47 pieces of obsolete furniture to selected NGOs. These were donated to crisis centers, schools for students with mental disabilities, orphanages, etc. 
  • DTSE Slovakia – Furnished university study rooms in dormitories 
  • DTSE Slovakia – Donated a customized and fully equipped rescue tent with heating and lighting to the Slovak Red Cross, together with all the necessary technical equipment.  This unit was located in the region of East Slovakia on the border near Kosice. The aim was to support humanitarian units and help Ukrainian refugees.
  • DTSE Slovakia’s Christmas tree of wishes – During December, employees take Christmas wishes from children in crisis centers and orphanages, and fulfil them. The gifts are in the price range from EUR 2030. The company doubled the amount employees paid for the gifts and used the money to buy equipment for orphanages and crisis centers. In 2022, DTSE Slovakia together with employees donated more than 150 gifts for children from orphanages and crisis centers. DTSE Slovakia doubled the amount donated by employees to buy gifts for more children. 
  • DTSE Slovakia – launched cooperation with the educational program for seniors run by the University of the Third Age (14 lectures focused on new technologies, the telco environment, and safety on the Internet).
  • DTSE Czech Republic – donated 30 laptops to and EUR 3 590 to various NGOs to support charitable purposes, diversity, and people in need from Ukraine 
  • DTSE Czech Republic – Planting trees in Vracov
  • DTSE Czech Republic – Christmas Charity collection for Christmas gifts and donation of essential food for vulnerable families in collaboration with Caritas.
  • DTSE Romania sponsored the ‘‘MOMS Academy” association with school supplies for vulnerable children.
  • DTSE Romania relocated its headquarters and donated most of the office furniture and many office supplies to an NGO and some of our colleagues.
  • DTSE Romania organized Secret Santa donations – collected money from colleagues and donated it to the ‘‘The tree of good deeds” Association. DTSE also donated the amount of EUR 500
  • DTSE Romania and its employees donated money and bought gifts for vulnerable children.
  • DTSE donated EUR 5 000 to Red Cross Romania. The donated amount will be used to help Ukrainian refugees.
  • DTSE Romania supported the Ronald McDonald Association: hygiene products, skincare products worth EUR 1 200 were donated to Ukrainian refugee families.

Being a responsible employer

DTSE is aware that its employees deserve care, attention, and a healthy lifestyle. The main focus is therefore on the mental and physical wellbeing of the employees. It is vital for people to feel well inside their bodies because a well-kept body leads to a healthy mind, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Reading and sporting activities are the right step forward in this direction.

  • Get fit online – Yoga, stretching and mindfulness classes are offered to employees on a regular basis in all four countries. DTSE Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Romania make strenuous efforts to look after the health of its employees because they are the company’s biggest asset. All locations started online yoga classes during remote working.
  • Mental health is important – DTSE Slovakia, DTSE Romania, DTSE Czech Republic and DTSE SE employees and their family members can use the services of a psychologist 24/7 over the phone.
  • Diversity – DTSE Slovakia became an Ambassador for the Charter of Diversity in Slovakia. DTSE Romania organized Diversity Month events, offered online beauty vouchers to our female employees for Women’s Day, and made arrangements for an option to donate the vouchers to an association helping Ukrainian refugees (many employees donated their vouchers).
  • Support for participation at sports events - DTSE Slovakia paid the entry fees for more than 100 colleagues, enabling them to participate in various external sports events under the T brand. DTSE enrolled colleagues for the Color Run Romania Marathon in Bucharest and Timisoara. 
  • COVID-19 – DTSE Romania supported the COVID-19 vaccination campaign with a day off. This involved giving our colleagues a day off to get the COVID vaccination and they had to give us proof of their COVID vaccination status.
  • DTSE Romania organized blood donation campaigns involving benefits from the company (meal vouchers, day off, coverage of 50 percent public transportation for one month).

Low Carbon Society

Climate change and environmental protection at DTSE is in line with the DT CR strategy. In 2022, apart from going 100 percent on renewable energy consumption, DTSE supported a low-carbon society through several projects.

  • E-waste collection – DTSE Slovakia created a collection point for electronic waste of up to a size of 50 centimeters directly on the premises of their two locations. This year employees collected 350 kilograms of e-waste. The collected waste is recycled by the company we cooperate with.
  • Volunteering – DTSE Slovakia and DTSE Czech Republic organized volunteering days for employees in order to help NGOs in Bratislava, Košice, and Brno. A total of 80 employees participated.
  • International Earth Day contest – DTSE Romania raised awareness of this day by allowing our colleagues to take a quiz and have an opportunity to win lots of eco-friendly prizes.
  • Planting event – DTSE Romania organized a planting event – we went and helped an association to plant a large number of trees in an area undergoing afforestation. DTSE also donated EUR 780 to this initiative.
  • CSR communication and workshops – DTSE Romania provides CSR communication and organizes workshops for our colleagues dealing with issues relating to protection of the environment. They receive information on donating clothes and essential supplies, recycling schemes and locations, involvement in eco-social activities, reduction of carbon footprint, etc.
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