Telekom Nyrt.

Tibor Rékasi, CEO, Magyar Telekom Nyrt.

Tibor Rékasi
CEO, Magyar Telekom Nyrt.

Magyar Telekom’s commitment to sustainable development with a focus on preserving the environment – especially climate protection – is situated at the center of its mission. Magyar Telekom Plc. has therefore purchased 100 percent renewable electricity since 2016. This goal is now a mandatory requirement for all subsidiaries in the Deutsche Telekom Group. We have a strategic goal of000 MWh on-site green energy production by 2030 for energy security and decarbonization purposes. The new climate target for the sustainability strategy (84 percent emission reduction by 2030 in scope 1 and 2 location-based) of Magyar Telecom Plc. has now been extended to T-Systems Hungary Ltd. Alongside emission reduction, compensation is still a key element of the strategy. Hence, this is the eighth year that the Hungarian companies have remained climate neutral and Magyar Telekom will continue this strategy in order to contribute to the 2025 climate neutral target of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Digitalization is the core business of Magyar Telekom and it is well-known that this contributes to climate protection. Our target for 2030 is for 100 percent of our customers across the country to be provided with gigabit access.

In 2022, the 3G phase-out was successfully completed. All mobile and controller equipment was switched off. This amounted to a total of100 base stations and 9 RNCs, and all this was carried out without any customer dissatisfaction. 3G img phase-out also results in significant energy savings, simplified network structure, and efficient frequency utilization.

The mobile network modernization is an ongoing issue at the company, where 60 percent of upgrades will already have been completed by the end of 2022. Modernization entails benefits through significant energy savings, and of course improved network capacity and better quality.

Many other innovations were implemented in the mobile network for enhanced energy usage and saving (e.g. switching functions based on usage and/or time of day). This resulted in an additional energy saving of two percent. Fiber rollout is also continuing. Gigabit coverage is growing rapidly. In 2022, fiber was taken to another 400 000 households. Lake Balaton and a number of big cities are now covered by 5G. 18 percent of Hungary’s population will have 5G coverage by the end of the year. Digitalization is not simply about technical targets. We are also aiming for six million people to have digital maturity by 2030. Two million people have already achieved digital maturity through our programs like Being a Digital Parent relating to online child protection, Become a Member of Generation Now! Program for seniors’ digital inclusion, or the Mobildonor Program to help digital inclusion on the access side.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

Magyar Telekom is Hungary’s leading ICT img provider and the Group offers various products and services to its customers such as phone, broadband, TV, and IT. Magyar Telekom is a hallmark for high quality, reliability and a uniquely broad range of services. Magyar Telekom aspires to lead and shape the market through innovative solutions. The operations of the Magyar Telekom Group cover three basic business areas:

  • Fixed-line and mobile communications services for residential customers (Telekom)
  • Services for SMB customers (Telekom)
  • Corporate services supplied to enterprise customers (T-Systems).

The company’s management structure empowers it to capitalize on innovative service and business opportunities by responding flexibly to changes in customer demand and market challenges, and by delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art products and services efficiently. The companies in the Magyar Telekom Group operating in Hungary manage content, media and other non-access services provided under various brands. The Group’s international member companies operate in the markets of South-Eastern Europe as integrated and alternative telecommunications service providers.

Number of customers  

Telekom Hungary:

  • Mobile services – number of customers: 5 950 457
  • Fixed-line services – total voice access: 1 308 071
  • Internet services – total retail broadband customers: 1 539 939
  • TV services – total TV customers: 1 378 608
Number of employees   073 (Magyar Telekom Group, including all Hungarian subsidiaries)
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2000

ISO 9001:2015   
ISO 14001 img:2015
ISO 45001:2018  
ISO 50001
ISO 27001
ISO 22301
ISO 37001

Please refer to the internet for further information   Website
Local CR reports  

One of the Magyar Telekom Group’s commitments is to publish an annual report about its sustainability performance. Reports are prepared in accordance with the GRI standards (GRI Standard from 2016) on comprehensive level. The reports therefore comply with the principles of transparency and international comparability. Each year since 2007, Magyar Telekom has achieved the highest level of compliance in accordance with international principles. All reports have an independent assurance that they have been completed with the GRI criteria applied in accordance with the comprehensive level and certified by PricewaterhouseCoopers to the ISAE 3000 img international standard. Furthermore, our sustainability report contains data that partly meets the requirements of SASB.  Further details on the company’s sustainability performance can be found in the annual sustainability reports.


Awards, memberships and collaboration/participation in political dialogues (national/international)

  • FTSE4Good Index img membership, FTSE Russel ESG img Ratings
  • CECE SRI img sustainability index membership
  • MSCI ESG rating: AAA (scale: CCC-AAA)
  • ISS ESG rating: B Prime (scale: D – A+)
  • CDP img rating (climate change): A-
  • Best Sustainability Report 2022 – Deloitte Green Frog Award
  • Hungarian Telekom and T-Systems Headquarters – BIG SEE Architecture Award 2022 (public and commercial category)
  • Kreatív Magazin – Content+Marketing Award (CMA) 2022: “Your message has arrived” (“Üzeneted érkezet”) POKET x Telekom publication – Bronze Award
  • Kreatív Magazin – Influ Award: “Your message has arrived” (“Üzeneted érkezet”) POKET x Telekom publication – Bronze Award
  • Hungarian PR Association – PR Excellence Hungary Award (PREXA) – “Your message has arrived” (“Üzeneted érkezet”) POKET x Telekom publication – Gold Award

Diversity-related awards:

  • PwC Award: Most attractive company in telco sector (fifth year in a row)
  • Most Attractive Workplace in telco sector 2022 – initiating organization: Randstad
  • Zyntern Jobportal Big Beginner Survey #1 choice for youngsters: Most attractive employer #1 place
  • Family-friendly Workplace Gold label – Családbarát Ország Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. (Family-friendly Country Nonprofit Ltd.)
  • “#Mutiholdolgozol (#showmewhereyouwork) Day” #1 Winner Enterprise Category
  • Hrpwr – Open Minded Companies Award „Most Tolerant Company” Prize

Diversity-related memberships:

  • Egyenlítő Foundation for Women’s Equality
  • HBLF Diversity Charter Hungary
  • Employers’ Equal Opportunity Forum

WWF Hungary

WWF Hungary has implemented a project for natural water conservation in five small towns in partnership with the residents. The aim is to reduce water scarcity due to climate change. Magyar Telekom is supporting the program by setting up a monitoring system to ensure that the data collected can be used for successfully implementing the environmentally friendly solution in as many places as possible. The accelerating pace of climate change is responsible for the extreme weather phenomena that we are already experiencing today. Sometimes we experience sudden, torrential storms accompanied by excessive rainfall causing flash floods. At other times, there are weeks on end without a drop of rain. Severe drought can occur in any season and this is compounded by heat waves in summer. These extremes are also experienced by urban dwellers, but for people living and farming in small villages this unpredictability and these extreme weather conditions cause huge problems in their everyday lives. Nevertheless, there are natural solutions to help adapt to the negative impacts of a changing climate. The most effective way to deal with water scarcity caused by climate change is to store water naturally in appropriate locations, rather than channeling sudden rainfall away in drainage systems.

Cellphone Donor Program

Magyar Telekom and the NIOK Foundation have launched a joint not-for-profit initiative to distribute smartphones to people in need.

Many of us have unused smartphones lying around at home, while other families don’t have a single working device. This means that a lot of people in Hungary are suffering serious disadvantages in the era of mobile telecommunications.

These individuals are not able to participate in digital education. They can’t access information, medical care, or even find a job. We recognized this situation and decided to join forces with a not-for-profit organization out of a sense of solidarity in order to address the lack of tools for people in need. In 2022, 1 276 devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) were handed over.

Climate Protection at Magyar Telekom

Community Solar Project for Employees
In 2022, we continued the Community Solar Project. Our colleagues were able to rent 200 panels from our own solar power capacities. They received benefits such as an extra day off as a reward for their efforts and their contribution to our climate protection activities.

Green 1 GB
We would like to offer a choice of service to our customers who consider fighting against climate change as important as we do. Since 2019, they have been able to pick a service that protects the climate. This is the globally unique ExtraNet Green 1 GB option.  If a customer went for the ExtraNet Green 1 GB option in 2022, we continued to guarantee that we will generate the equivalent amount of energy needed to transmit their data using our own solar PV system. Every year, an increasing proportion of our customers has chosen this option.

In order to reduce the harmful effects of waste on the environment: 

  • We make sure that unused equipment gets reused within the company, by selling it to employees or external partners, or by renting, leasing, or transferring it without compensation (donation)
  • We collect waste selectively at more sites
  • We improve the equipment’s effectiveness by upgrading our existing contracts, regularly updating collection points, and through communication

The principal aim of the company is to carry out its operations with minimum impact on the environment. We pay special attention to upgrading, repairing and reusing the equipment in our network. The reuse rate of CPE img devices is more than 30 percent.

We comply with statutory regulations in force and inform our customers about the various waste-disposal options for used equipment and batteries on our websites. The volume of such waste showed a decreasing trend even though we provide customers with an opportunity to exchange returned waste and receive a discount on the price of new devices.

All of the products we sell are certified with energy efficiency certificates in conformity with the requirements of the European Union. They are also in compliance with the environmental standards defined by Hungarian law. Manufacturers’ statements with detailed information about life cycle, reuse, recycling of the product, used materials, and repairability features are available in all our stores. All of our procured network equipment needs to meet our high standards of energy efficiency.

Diversity and Inclusion

The key points of our new Sustainability Strategy created in 2021 are to create a 100 percent inclusive workplace and provide 100 percent accessible services in 2030. 

Key results and developments in 2022:

Closing the gap
We are continuing to experience the actual business benefits engendered by the advancement of a corporate diversity culture. In 2022, we maintained a stable 50 percent female ratio in our senior management and strive to achieve a 35 percent female ratio throughout management by 2025. Since September 2020, we have maintained our female quota showing at least two qualified female candidates on shortlists for all management-level positions. 

Parental leave and return
Another major step toward retention of the female workforce was development of a new process for parental leave and return to work. The key points of this process are assisted preparation for the parental-leave period, development of stay-in-contact channels, and a back-to-work scheme. Colleagues are provided with a step-by-step guide leading them through the process. It is designed to give support with information about employee and family benefits and the official preparation process for parental leave. The process also has a strong career-planning feature, encouraging employees to plan their parental leave and return period.

On the first day of the summer vacation, we organized the #ShowMeWhereYouWork event for employees with children. They were invited to come to our HQ building and engage playfully with their parents’ everyday working activities. We hosted about 500 children in the headquarters, showing them robotics, playing with AI and VR, educating them about the wires, glass fibers and the Internet, showing our mobile Internet access support vehicle – which we deploy at music festivals. We also had a virtual Minecraft Playground where children had the opportunity to build the Future Telekom Workplace with tutors from Logiscool. 

Unconscious bias e-learning for all
Our open-source Unconscious Bias Training material in Hungarian has helped many companies here develop their inclusive culture. We are continuing to support the wider public by sharing this material openly and free of charge.

After a few years we were happy to re-engage in support for the Romaster Foundation, where we provide mentorship and tuition support for two talented Roma students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Throughout the academic year in 2021/2022, we supported two high-school students and we began the academic year 2022/2023 with a high-school student and a university student. Both of them are supported with a monthly stipend and a personal mentor.

In line with the good practices of our Disability-Friendly Workplace processes, we have hired a rehabilitation mentor who joined our People Unit as a DE&I specialist focusing on accessible hiring and workplace environment development. In the fourth quarter, we launched an employee communication campaign to inform our colleagues about disability and health-related employment benefits and procedures. Guidance was also offered to managers in disability-friendly team management. We support our colleagues who decide to undergo the procedure for receiving a complex classification about their impaired working capacity with an extra day off to undergo the health examination, along with financial support.

In 2022, we kicked off our employee resource groups, involving a diverse range of Telekom Communities. Our LGBTQ&Allies Community – the Magenta Pride Community – was very active throughout Pride month. They organized a community event inviting a Rainbow Family, where two fathers and their twins shared the experience of same-sex parent adoption in Hungary. They also organized this year’s Budapest Pride parade attendance. As our first employee community, the members of the Magenta Pride Community offer mentoring and knowledge sharing support to the other employee communities. 

In June 2022, the Women@Telekom Community was formed with an after-work virgin-cocktail garden party and a roundtable discussion about the current female experience at Telekom. The event and the community are sponsored by Telekom’s female Leadership Team members and several C-suite female managers.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, we are having an all-employee year’s end campaign focusing on our shared values and taking the opportunity to form additional employee communities: Accessible Telekom, Savale! Roma Support Community and Families at Telekom.

In 2022, we continued to focus on the topic in our inclusive leadership development practices and we also stressed the importance of maintaining a safe space for mental resilience throughout our annual Pulse Survey communications campaigns. In 2022, we updated our secure compliance reporting online site, and used the rollout communications campaign to provide further information for employees about all systemic and cultural efforts that help us maintain psychological safety in the workplace.

Corporate governance
We introduced and implemented the renewed DT Group level Employee Relations Policy and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy. 2021 saw the launch of our new 2021-2025 Equal Opportunities Plan and this continued to run in 2022.

Hello Biznisz Education Platform, “D Plan” Digitalization Program (SOHO, SMB)

Telekom is launching a program under the name “D Plan” relating to its Hello Business educational platform. The aim is to help the digital development of SMBs. The pandemic demonstrated that digitalization on its own is not a way to become successful more easily. However, it can often be the only way for businesses to realize the importance of digital tools and solutions in the modern world. However, not all small businesses are confident about how to use these tools and solutions, or they are reluctant to take up the challenge. Telekom Hello Business D Plans provide businesses with easy-to-use, copyable, practical guidance, and proven, ready-made digital case studies which are freely available to anyone on the program website.

The digital plans for businesses – or D Plans – were developed for responding to actual customer expectations. They are also intended to address actual problems and issues that small businesses are confronted with. These approaches have been monitored by Telekom over recent years. Our representative survey shows that since the pandemic, customers have higher expectations for the digital presence of businesses owing to the fact that they are increasingly searching for businesses online. Transparent and reliable presence on the Web is absolutely crucial when selecting a business. Web searches reveal information about pricing, contact information and customer ratings. The practical guides now available empower businesses to take digitalization steps themselves without outside assistance or even major investment. Frequently, the necessary steps required are not at all significant.

All Telekom Hello Business D Plans are based on an existing success story. They enable anyone to draw inspiration and turbocharge the digital development of their own enterprise. The examples include proven recipes for success. The interested Small Offices/Home Offices (SOHOs) and SMBs are also provided with additional digitalization plans. They can use these as a blueprint for taking simple steps to improve their profitability. This can be achieved simply by copying solutions from other businesses and learning from them.

The D Plans project started in August 2021, and since then 28 plans have been completed.

Topics include email marketing, content marketing, invoicing, time management, data analysis, and data management. During this time, the project yielded 10 960 conversions, i.e. downloading the template. The conversion rate is very high at 36.1 percent.

Being a Digital Parent

Magyar Telekom launched an educational program entitled “Being a Digital Parent” in partnership with the Hintalovon Foundation, an organization protecting children’s rights. Raising children in the 21st century entails being a digital parent. Our children often encounter unforeseen dangers in the online community and as parents we are responsible for creating a safe virtual environment, similar to the safe physical environment in our everyday lives. After all, keeping children safe online is part of parental responsibility. We have few best practices and experiences of digital parenting, but online parenting can be learned in the same way as ordinary parenting. We are trying to help you with learning virtual parenting so that parents will be able to use digital tools, platforms and solutions more consciously, and more effectively, and be more supportive of their children in this area too. 

Protecting children properly is a challenge in real life, and there is much to learn about it as well in the online environment. The aim of the “Being a Digital Parent” campaign is to achieve an informed, confident digital presence, searching for answers to questions such as: Whose responsibility is it to ensure children’s digital safety? What can parents do? What settings do we need to have on our child's device to stay safe online? What should we think about before posting on social media? 

The campaign film clips are running online and on social media from 20 October, while the professional content on the topic and a step-by-step guide for parents on how to set up children’s devices is available on the website 

The objective of the previous “Being a digital parent” campaign was to draw parents’ attention to the potential threats posed by their kids’ presence in the online space and provide them with guidance on how content can be consciously and safely shared on social media. Parents can complete our online survey on the dedicated parents’ microsite and this enables them to assess their own posting habits and receive help in this area from professionals. Our role was to highlight the issue, identify cause and effect, raise important questions, and generate a social dialogue. Several popular Hungarian opinion leaders with a sense of responsibility for proper online conduct supported the cause. Their posts and the issues they raise have proven very effective in increasing our reach and in engaging people. This program reached more than four million people and over 30 thousand people have filled in the questionnaire. The program generated a lot of discussions during the campaign and this interest has continued.

Become a Member of Generation Now!

In 2019, Magyar Telekom launched a new program – digital education customized for retirees – delivered by students. Our goal is to enable everyone regardless of their age to access the benefits offered by digitalization, by providing access and by developing seniors’ digital competence.

A representative survey conducted by Magyar Telekom highlights the specific needs of retirees open to innovation. Many of them already have some digital skills. 53 percent of people above the age of 65 surf the Internet regularly, and 35 percent do so on a daily basis. Senior citizens mainly read the news (74 percent), correspond by email (67 percent), and 26 percent visit media sites, while 14 percent also make online purchases.

Respondents all believe that life is harder if you have no Internet skills. 55 percent of respondents agree entirely with that statement, 28 percent partially agree with it. However, only six percent of respondents have adequate knowledge about the Internet. Those who do not use the Internet would like to learn about it, but they admit that they need help with the learning process. What’s more, they would be happy to get such help from young people. So much so that as many as 38 percent of seniors not using the Internet would be willing to accept help from teenagers. Even among people above the age of 80, 40 percent would be open to the help available under the initiative.

In 2022, we continued the program in a hybrid approach. We gradually restored face-to-face sessions, while retaining the option of creating online learning materials. 220 short videos and illustrated guides on eight topics were published on the program’s own website The “Become a Gen NOW Grannie!” Program was rolled out nationwide from 6 November 2019 and it now covers several schools and retiree communities in 16 towns. This transformation and the opportunity provided by online training allows anyone to join the initiative from any location. The program has reached more than 750 000 people, and 53 000 seniors and students were participating in the program through face-to-face sessions and online platforms.

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