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Małgorzata Rybak-Dowżyk

Małgorzata Rybak-Dowżyk
Corporate Communications & CR Department Director
T-Mobile Polska S.A.

Since T-Mobile Poland was launched, the way we do business has been important to us. We believe that a strong company can only be built through the passion and commitment of employees, the trust of suppliers and business partners, the quality of services provided to customers, and the favorable social environment. We have set ourselves the goal of nurturing a space where modern technology serves the sustainable development of society. This is a logical consequence for the responsibility of a company that makes innovative solutions available. Our aim is to follow the path of a more sustainable digital future in the area of telecommunications. We are also aware that digitalization offers us boundless possibilities and creates enormous potential for environmental protection and resource conservation. Our operations need to exert minimum impact on the environment. This is why we have invested in technologies that will allow us to meet our ambitious environmental targets. A strong commitment to advancing diversity in the workplace motivates us to tackle exclusion and keep network users safe. 2022 was a year when our business goals intersected with the objectives of sustainable and responsible corporate development.

Maintaining the highest possible quality of service and customer care required continuous investment, along with expansion of the network and technical facilities to enable the development of our offering with new and innovative services. Despite a number of external impacts and pressure on key costs in the technology industry, we were able to achieve revenue growth. This demonstrates the potential to grow our business and proves that we are on the right business journey. In the face of increasingly alarming signals about the state of the planet, the Deutsche Telekom Group decided to redefine the climate-protection targets within the Group last year. They are more ambitious than those set in previous years, as we are accelerating their implementation by up to 10 years! We will already achieve the goal of net zero for our own emissions in 2025, and we plan to be climate-neutral across the entire supply chain by 2040. We have therefore been working hard on solutions to enable us to meet this target. The solutions include installation of photovoltaic panels on our base stations, and 100 percent of the electricity we consume already comes from renewable sources. We have also focused on projects to extend product life cycles and reduce resource consumption. We have continued all our corporate responsibility (CR) activities based on a strategy that sets the direction for implementing corporate social responsibility principles in all areas of our business. “Act responsibly” – this slogan is embedded in the strategy of the Deutsche Telekom Group and it is expressed through our actions every day.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  


Number of customers   > 12 million
Number of employees   Almost000
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1995 operational shareholder, since the beginning of 2011, 100 percent ownership

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001 img:2015
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 27001:2013
ISO 22301:2019
ISO 37001:2016

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Local CR reports   https://raport-t-mobile-polska.pl

Awards, memberships and collaboration/participation in political dialogues (national/international)


  • CSR Gold Leaf – CSR Leaves are awarded annually by the editors of weekly magazine Polityka, in cooperation with consulting firm Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum. For the third year in succession, T-Mobile won the highest award, the “Golden CSR Leaf”. This is awarded to organizations with sustainable development as a key element of their strategic activities. Such organizations use best practices and international standards. The jury of “CSR Leaves” also saluted T-Mobile’s climate transformation activities and conferred an additional distinction on T-Mobile: the “Green Leaf of Politics”. This accolade was awarded for the first time this year. T Mobile received the award for having one of the most advanced environmental strategies in the market and for its activities aimed at reducing the company’s negative impact on the environment and the climate.
  • Service Quality Star – The Service Quality Star is an extremely valuable award, primarily because it is awarded by consumers themselves. Every year, the Polish Quality of Service Program conducts a social satisfaction survey, analyzing five factors that make up the relationship between brands and their customers – timeliness and service time, type of range and prices, and the NPS index img, i.e. the likelihood of a brand being recommended by its customers to other consumers.
  • Trustworthy Brand – The Survey of the Trustworthy Brand was created and carried out by the Kantar Polska S.A. Research Institute, commissioned by the publisher of monthly magazine My Company Polska. The aim of the survey was to find out the opinions of the magazine’s readers and subscribers, and internauts on the best brands, services, products or companies that target business. More than200 entrepreneurs took part in this year’s survey, which decided that T Mobile was the Trustworthy Brand in the “Telecommunications Operator” category.
  • The 50 Best Employers in Poland. Wprost Ranking – The ranking of the 50 Best Employers in Poland drawn up by “Wprost” focuses on the employment conditions of employees and the stability of the company’s situation. Furthermore, this edition saw the authors of the ranking asking companies questions about their support for Ukrainians in the face of the war taking place across our eastern border. The companies providing the most stable employment conditions were selected from more than 500 of the country’s largest companies. T-Mobile came seventh in the ranking and it is the only technology company to make it into the Top 10 of this year’s ranking.



We are a member of associations and organizations:

  • Global Compact Poland 
  • Chamber of Information Technology, Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Digital Poland Foundation
  • Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Confederation Lewiatan
  • Responsible Business Forum

Now Unity Matters More – Support to Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday 24 February. The scale of the migration crisis was the largest in modern world history. At T-Mobile Poland we knew that the unprecedented crisis required unprecedented commitment and we started to take action immediately. Right from the very first day of the invasion, Corporate Communications & CR, Commercial Teams (B2C&B2B), HR, Security and people from many other areas have joined forces and helped Ukrainians in need. Our mission at T-Mobile is to connect people. The first step therefore ensured that our clients could communicate with their relatives in Ukraine. But our help went much further than that – employees came together and coordinated assistance in all key areas: volunteering (also on the Polish-Ukrainian border), humanitarian aid, customer offers, cyber security, strengthening the network, simplifying procedures, international cooperation, and hundreds of grassroots employee initiatives that we supported. Unity has a unique meaning for us today. These are words that we identify with and they show the strength of the Magenta Team.

Planet Matters

A new initiative – “Planet Matters” –draws attention to the problem of inappropriate disposal of smartphones and encourages recycling. 

The Planeta Ma Znaczenie campaign began with a big jump into deep water. On the second day of the 29th edition of the “Clean up the World – Poland” campaign, divers from all over the country descended on Lake Durowskie in Wągrowiec. We joined forces with them and spent this September weekend doing a good deed for our planet. As much as a metric ton of rubbish was collected from the bottom of the lake, including phones that frequently fall out of our pockets and into the water. Some one thousand residents of Wągrowiec also joined the clean-up campaign as volunteers in order to clear up the promenade of Lake Durowski. Furthermore, anybody could drop their unused smartphones into a special container at the T-Mobile zone on the action site and pick up a plant in exchange. 

We also involved schools and kindergartens, encouraging them to dive into their drawers and recycle any unused phones in a nationwide campaign organized together with recovery organization Biosystem. There will be attractive prizes for the schools and kindergartens that collect the most equipment by the end of December 2022. The prizes include equipment for interactive language classrooms, game sets and vouchers for teachers. Applications for the competition are still open.

For more information, please visit www.planetamaznaczenie.pl where you can find educational materials and reports about interesting events.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

For several years, we have been actively working to support diversity and inclusion. One of the extremely important elements of the D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) strategy is to address the needs of people with disabilities.

We were the first telecommunications operator to introduce comprehensive accessibility for the Deaf. This means that our customers can already make use of a sign language interpreter service in all our showrooms and on our helplines.

From the start of 2022, deaf people have been able to use all available forms of contact. Using www.t-mobile.pl/c/migam, deaf customers can connect with an online sign language interpreter who will participate in a conversation between that person and an employee at a T-Mobile contact center.

This is not the end of the changes – we have also decided to extend the availability of the sign-language interpreter service from a selection of 120 stores to all 600 sales outlets across Poland. Customers at any of these locations can rely on a call being conducted by an employee at any outlet.

As part of the implementation of its D&I strategy and the project “WE LOVE DIVERISTY. The Power of Diversity”, we are carrying out a number of activities aimed at educating employees (webinars, training courses for managers, meetings for people with disabilities, classes on inclusive language). There are also activities designed to increase the number of people with disabilities who are employed within the company.

On the Winning Position

Already one in five teenagers admits to having experienced online heckling, most often about their appearance, the way they dress, and their tastes. After joining up with a trio of young influencers and experts from the Street Foundation, we worked hard to tackle the issue of complexes and dealing with online violence in the next installment of the “On the Winning Position” campaign.

The “On the Winning Position” project provided a guide to the world of modern technology, speaking in a language attractive to the young target group. The involvement of three young influencers building their careers online played a significant role in this approach. The selected creators talked about their experiences of hegemony and self-acceptance. Three outreach influencers have been invited to collaborate: Zuza Borucka, Colorowy and Billie Sparrow. 

As part of the campaign, the influencers persuaded their followers to take part in the #nawygranejchallenge. Young people were encouraged to face and accept their complexes by knocking the tool out of the hands of the haters. The initiative was intended to show them that they are not alone with their problems and that many people of their age – including their idols – face similar challenges. In the next stages of the campaign, the influencers conducted surveys and meetings where they talked to their fans about heckling and how to deal with it. At the end of the campaign, all three met up with fans in a live meeting on Instagram, in which they summarized the results of the campaign and talked about their experiences. At the same time, materials prepared for parents were available at www.nawygranej-pozycji.pl. Experts from the ULICA Foundation provide advice in these materials about how to recognize when a child is experiencing heckling and how to respond appropriately.

Confident in the Network

In recent years, many spheres of our lives have moved into virtual space. That’s where we increasingly work, educate ourselves, conduct official business, and connect with friends. The Web is now a large part of our lives. At the same time, research shows that as many as 80 percent of Poles are unable to assess whether a website they visit is safe. For this reason, we have decided to create a nationwide educational campaign at T-Mobile called “Pewni w sieci”. The campaign ensures that everyone will be able to feel confident and safe on the Internet – regardless of their age and digital competence. 

In 2021, Poland ranked fifth in terms of exposure to password-cracking attempts on computers operated by people working remotely. The rapid increase in the number of cyber incidents is also evidenced by the indicator for phishing attacks. These were up by 196 percent, almost double in 2021 compared with 2020. Meanwhile, four out of five Poles still lack sufficient knowledge to assess whether the website they are visiting is safe. The statistics are clear – every one of us will come across an online scammer sooner or later, but not all of us can handle this kind of situation.

The issues addressed in the campaign include the most common threats in cyberspace, such as phishing, smishing img, spoofing or disinformation and fake news. In addition, the initiative discusses the topics of data protection and online privacy, secure online shopping, strong passwords, social engineering and secure devices. The educational campaign includes a cyber course in the form of six short educational videos hosted by science popularizer Karol Wójcicki. The videos present him talking to experts about various aspects of cyber security. A new episode is broadcast on the project website each week on Wednesday, as well as on the official YouTube channel of T-Mobile Poland.

A series of educational articles is also available on the project website. All materials in the “Pewni w sieci” campaign are united by an accessible way of communicating content that everyone can understand.

All educational material for the “Confident in the network” project can be found at www.pewniwsieci.pl.

Magenta even Greener – Renewable Energy at T-Mobile Polska

T-Mobile’s climate strategy aims to achieve zero-carbon across the supply chain by 2040. In line with this, T-Mobile Poland has secured green energy production under the vPPA for the next 15 years. As part of the cooperation, the v-Ridium companies will build two wind farms and three photovoltaic plants. The first photovoltaic systems built under contracts concluded with our company will go into operation over the coming months. Wind turbines generating wind energy will also come on stream as early as the first half of 2023. The installations built as part of the cooperation will reach a total capacity of 98 MW, and the planned amount of energy generated is approximately 200 GWh each year. This covers most of T-Mobile Poland’s demand. It is more than the average annual electricity consumption of almost 70 000 households in Poland. The installations will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 145 000 metric tons each year.

These are not the only investments taking us closer to the target. Already since 2018, installations producing solar energy have been used by the station at the PTTK Hostel on Hala Ornak in the Valley of Five Ponds. They effectively support the operation of the facility there without access to the power grid. Further solar panels have been installed at telephone exchanges in Lublin and Rzeszów, and at 130 base stations across the country. Tests conducted by T-Mobile in this area over a period of more than two years have shown that photovoltaic panels not only relieve the burden on the environment, but also demonstrably reduce energy costs. The data collected on the basis of existing installations show that photovoltaic panels provide around 15 percent of the average annual demand of a base station. With the right configuration and use of energy storage, the proportion of solar energy in the total energy mix can be as high as 30 percent for the best sites.

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