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Telekom Romania Mobile Communications

The common goal of the entire Telekom Romania Mobile team is winning and keeping the trust of our customers. By caring for our customers and putting their interests first, we provide them with the mobile experience they want. Our claim “Mobile as you want it” is our guiding principle. This customer journey starts with the following promises: Same offer whether you are a Telekom client or you port in, simple unlimited tariffs with no surprises: residential = business. We know how important it is for customers to be connected wherever they are, on any device, for their business, children's school, or family. 

2022 has involved a constant effort day after day, made with consistency and dedication. All our business achievements are robust confirmation that Romanians appreciate honest offers with no hidden costs, but most of all they value fair treatment.

Sustainability remained an integral part of our strategic planning and operations based on the mainstays of enabling digital responsibility, literacy and inclusion, and improving energy efficiency by pushing for zero CO2 emissions. Since 2021, the Telekom Romania network has run 100 percent on green electricity. Significant steps were also made toward lowering energy consumption and CO2 emissions by our company. Over 500 base stations were equipped with photovoltaic panel solutions by the end of 2022. As part of Deutsche Telekom’s Good Cause Initiative, we also worked together with employees and external volunteers to facilitate reforestation along the banks of the Danube near the municipality of Giurgiu –000 trees were planted on the riverbank.

On the digital front, we continued the campaigns for digital inclusion and availability relating to children, seniors and citizens, along with security solutions to stop identity theft. Our educational initiative to support elite students resumed with scholarships for STEM img students in a new call for applications in 2022-2023. 

Sustainability is a continuous journey, and our mobile mission and manifesto – Mobile as you want it – supports sustainability efforts by offering customers products and services for a digital era from an energy-conscious company.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

Until 30 September 2021, Telekom Romania comprised the two entities Telekom Romania Communications and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications. In September 2021, Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A. (“OTE”) announced that the sale of its 54 percent stake in Telekom Romania Communications S.A. (“TKR”) to Orange Romania had been successfully completed. Telekom Romania Communications (Telekom Fixed) is therefore no longer part of the Deutsche Telekom Group. Dina Tsybulskaya was appointed CEO of Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S.A. (Telekom Mobile), effectiveSeptember 2021. The projects reported in the CR Report 2022 relate to Telekom Mobile.

About Telekom Romania Mobile Communications
Part of Deutsche Telekom Group, Telekom Romania Mobile Communications has been providing mobile communications sinceOctober 2021, when all fixed operations (fixed internet and telephony and television) were separated into another company.

Number of customers   4.16 million (Q4 2022)
Number of employees   The headcount on  31 December 2021 was 876 employees.
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2008

ISO 9001:2015   
ISO 14001 img:2015
ISO 45001:2018  
ISO 37001:2016
ISO 31000:2018
ISO 22301:2019
ISO 37301: 2021
ELOT ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Please refer to the internet for further information 
Local CR reports  

Telekom Mobile continued to place sustainability at the center of its strategy in 2021 and 2022. All the climate-protection initiatives are available in the 2021 Sustainability Report issued by Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S.A. in 2022 in compliance with the rules of corporate governance. In the report, Telekom Mobile reviews all initiatives, projects and results in the direction of sustainability, such as reducing the effects footprint over the environment while contributing to the society and community. The 2021 non-financial indicators report is available here.

Awards, memberships and collaboration/participation in political dialogues (national/international)


  1. In December 2022, Telekom Mobile was awarded the Gold Level in the Romanian CST Index img ranking for its 2021 sustainability reporting.

    Telekom Mobile is therefore at the top level together with companies such as Kaufland, Coca-Cola HBC, CEZ Romania, Raiffeisen Bank, Banca Transilvania, and Heidelberg Cement.

    Romania Corporate Sustainability & Transparency INDEX (CST Index), is the most important and complex ranking for the sustainability field in Romania. The ranking includes companies that have +500 employees (+750 companies), and companies that have fewer than 500 employees that apply to be evaluated on the basis of the scorecard.

    The full report and ranking can be accessed here:

  2. Telekom Mobile’s Futureproof project was awarded the Silver Level in the Community Index of the Education for Career category.

    The Community Index was launched in 2019 and it is the first and only index for programs and projects run by companies in Romania that invest in communities.

    The mission of the ranking is to highlight high-performing CSR projects that put enhanced emphasis on aspects such as stakeholder img dialogue, project sustainability, and measuring medium and long-term impact. The Community Index is part of the Romania CSR Index ranking (as the parent index). It is the most important analysis for the level of transparency and performance from the perspective of corporate sustainability.

    A total of 850 projects were enrolled for the 2022 evaluation.
    The evaluation methodology uses scorecards based on three international benchmarks considered to be among the most important in the field: The Business for Societal Impact Framework (a global standard in measuring and managing corporate community investment), the International Finance Corporation – Strategic Community Investment Guide and the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards).


  3. Telekom Mobile was recognized by business magazine Biz for its customer-oriented organizational culture in September 2022. The recording of the complete conference is available here:

  4. Telekom Mobile received the award for Best Digital Customer Experience from Comunicatii Mobile – business online magazine and TV channel – at their 2022 Annual Gala held on 9 December.


  • Romanian Advertising Council (member since 2015)
  • Romanian Mobile Operators’ Association (member since 2008)
  • Full rights member of the GSM img Association, through Deutsche Telekom

Safer Internet for Kids

Telekom Romania Mobile developed an educational campaign in social media through the educational project “Online, being informed is being protected”. The campaign is built around celebrating the international Child Online Safety Initiative. The educational campaign Safer Internet for Kids targeted parents and their children on the assumption that parents are primarily responsible for children’s education. 

The campaign was run on the Facebook and Linkedin pages of Telekom Mobile during February and March 2022. It consisted of six video tutorials and a poll supporting the topic. Each video incorporated subject-related facts and data along with useful advice from an expert – psychotherapist Simona Nicolaescu. The campaign topics were: 1. How to talk about cyberbullying, 2. How to increase online security, 3. How to spend less time online, 4. How to prevent cyberbullying, 5. Kids, online ads, and negative messages, and 6. How to use the Internet in a safe way.


75 000 beneficiaries (video views)
071 522 (reach on fb and Linkedin)

Telekom Scholarships 2022-2023

Telekom continued the support its gives to elite students with a call for applications to win scholarships in 2022-2023. Ten students with exceptional academic results in STEM img subjects and an impressive commitment to extracurricular projects and volunteer activities receive a monthly scholarship worth RON000 (approximately EUR 600), in the six-month period from January to June 2023.

164 students enrolled in the competition. They had a place at a state higher education institution in Romania and were undergoing full-time education in the field of automation and computers, cybernetics, informatics, math, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, and information technology. The jury selected 20 finalists for the interview session and 10 winners were chosen from the final round.

"We are proud of all the winners. The ten young people are keen to achieve outstanding results in the specialization they are training for. The winners also want their performance to contribute to the evolution of Romanian society. We have great pleasure in congratulating all the students who have enrolled in the program and wish them every success in all their projects. We would also like to thank all the universities, student associations, and journalists who have promoted our program this year too", commented Ruxandra Vodă, Corporate Communications Director, Telekom Mobile.

The jury of the 2022-2023 edition of “Telekom Scholarships” was made up of professionals in the field of communication and specialized academic staff: Emil Cazacu – Professor of Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Alexandra Marola – Associate Partner, AIMS International Romania, Cristina Bazavan –  Journalist, Sorin Psatta – Associate Professor, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Bucharest, Paula Covrig –  Head of Learning Experience, Romanian Commercial Bank and Ruxandra Vodă – Corporate Communications Director, Telekom Mobile.

"Telekom Scholarships" is a corporate responsibility program run by Telekom Mobile, organized with the aim of identifying young people with leadership potential. They are passionate about their chosen field of study, have outstanding school results and have already established excellent career goals. They stood out from their peers by virtue of extracurricular projects and volunteer activities. The program was launched in 2010 and over the years has supported outstanding students with excellent results in their studies. To date, 120 scholarship holders, who are students at prestigious universities in Romania, have benefited from financial support provided by Telekom Mobile.

Direct beneficiaries: 10 students

Media reach:  569 127 (FB, Instagram, Tik Tok)

Safer Internet for Seniors 2022-2023

Telekom Romania is committed to the Group mission of ensuring that everyone takes part in the digital society. Everybody should have access to the multifaceted opportunities afforded by digitalization.

Our services connect people and we know that the Internet is full of possibilities and opportunities to learn, make new friends, and even find love. However, it’s also the perfect place for people to take advantage of the anonymity offered by a computer screen. The majority know that young teenagers are the ideal target for predators, but not many people think about online safety for older people.

Loneliness is one of the biggest issues confronting seniors, and while the Internet can offer individuals a social life it also increases their vulnerability. Social media usage is steadily increasing among retirees as it is becoming a significant platform allowing people to connect and share their experiences.

But if something or someone seems too good to be true, then that is in fact usually the case. So staying safe online should be a top priority.

Our campaign Safer Internet for Seniors – “Online, being informed is being protected” aims at offering educational digital pills for seniors: short video tutorials to be published on Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn targeted to reach audiences aged over 55 years.
Topics: 1. Password and data safety (personal information shared on unknown websites), 2. Clicking links (email, messages) and safe downloads, 3. Identify and avoid scams; 4. Online health and wellbeing information, 5. Fake news, 6. Being mobile savvy (sharing content/information, permissions given to Apps, share location, etc.).

Additionally, seminars are held with participants at centers for seniors belonging to DGASPC (General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection) in Bucharest. 

The campaign was developed in the fourth quarter of 2022 and it will be deployed online, in social media, and on-site in the first quarter of 2023.

Deutsche Telekom EU Good Cause Initiative – Reforestation with the Mai Mult Verde Association in 2022

Deutsche Telekom EU addresses societal concern about climate change, generates positive impact on the environment, and links it up with Take Back schemes for mobile devices (Romania’s 2022 mobile devices collection target:876 units). 

Telekom Romania Mobile collaborated with the Mai Mult Verde (More Green) Association for reforestation of a riverbank in the Giurgiu area on 26 November 2022. At least000 trees were planted on one hectare near the Danube riverbank. Employees could volunteer to take part in the reforestation.

The MMV Association promoted the planting activity within their communities (websites, social media, previous volunteers) and gathered volunteers using an online form. People wanting to join the planting were invited to subscribe.

This reforestation initiative is also part of a pilot project run by the Mai Mult Verde Association launched in fall 2022 to plant the first community forest in the municipality of Giurgiu, Romania. This is a unique concept in Romania, which has the potential to become an example of best practice in establishing urban forests directly involving the communities and local authorities they serve.

The Cama Community Forest is being established on the banks of a Danube canal in the urban and peri-urban area of Giurgiu. The land proposed for development by the Mai Mult Verde Association in collaboration with landscape architect Alexandru Gheorghe forms part of the banks of the historic Cama Canal, which offered access to the medieval port and the "Citadel of the Island" of Giurgiu. The canal is located at the southern edge of Giurgiu and stretches between two protected natural areas – Natura 2000 sites: downstream Cioroiu Island/ Mocanu Island and upstream Slobozia Island/ Cama Dinu Island. The Cama Canal has the potential to become a physical link between the habitats located in these protected natural areas.

The Cama Community Forest is located 10 minutes from the historical center of the town. Indeed, one of the main access points is the area where a large number of architectural, historical and industrial heritage buildings are located, and the main road to the Danube waterfront (source: Mai Mult Verde).

#WhatWeValue Campaign in Romania, part of Deutsche Telekom’s global campaign

Deutsche Telekom developed #WhatWeValue, a free-to-access global digital platform where socially engaged Gen Z communities could connect, learn from experienced social action leaders, amplify their own volunteer projects, discover opportunities, and have the chance to access additional personalized and individualized support from Telekom. The platform uses NFT img technology to turn digital connectivity into real value.

The #WhatWeValue Campaign 2022 was deployed in Romania and targeted individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 who were socially engaged and could present their social projects in the areas of environment, mental health and wellbeing, animal welfare, migration, education, and equality. DT developed a dedicated App for project enrolment and casting votes.

Each month, two winners were selected on the basis of the votes cast on the platform. In July 2022, the Aluziva Association from Romania won first place and is receiving financial aid in the amount of EUR 35 000 to implement its project. The aim of the organization is to support disadvantaged communities, especially mothers and children from vulnerable backgrounds, education in rural areas, and any other causes that cannot change the world, but can change someone’s life. They intend to build libraries in some disadvantaged areas of Romania.

Over 2.5 million unique viewers were reached through the digital media campaign and more than 417 000 unique viewers from Romania accessed the WWV platform.

Ukraine Support through Donations and Discounted Tariffs

As the Ukrainian refugee crisis deepened in late February and early March 2022, many Romanian people and companies volunteered to provide support and sanctuary to people in distress fleeing the war to the neighboring country. 

Telekom companies contributed with their products: donations of SIM cards to ease communication for aid volunteers and refugees. They also called on employees to donate essential items. 

Telekom Romania Mobile was one of the first companies to express support and make a concrete contribution to this effort by the entire Romanian society. 

A summary below outlines the communication and the results of the actions Telekom Romania Mobile has taken to support refugees from Ukraine:

  • Nearly 14 000 people benefited from international calls and texts to Ukraine for free,
  • Nearly000 people benefited from roaming in Ukraine, Internet traffic, calls, and text messages for free,
  • Donation of 20 000 unlimited prepaid SIM cards with a EUR 5 credit valid for one month were given to the Romanian Red Cross for passing on to Ukrainian citizens entering the country,
  • Sponsorship for the charity concert We are One, organized by SAGA Festival and Pro TV to support victims of the conflict in Ukraine – all the proceeds from the sale of tickets and advertising space on Pro TV were donated to the Red Cross. Telekom Romania Mobile provided support by placing advertisements during commercial breaks at the event,
  • Donation lines using texts were opened (e.g. UNICEF, the Romanian Red Cross).


Solar Panels for Base Stations

Telekom Mobile continues to invest in renewable energy for a green future and is implementing an ambitious plan for connecting its base stations to solar panels with the aim of replacing the current power sources with renewable energy. In 2022, more than 500 base stations were equipped with photovoltaic panels. This is an investment that contributes to ensuring a greener future for Romania. It will considerably reduce the company’s carbon footprint in upcoming years.

“The effects of climate change are already visible and we aim to make our contribution by building a sustainable future for our planet. Climate protection is one of the core pillars in our strategy and we are acting on it,” said Florina Tănase, Chief Human Resources, Legal, and External Affairs Officer at Telekom Romania Mobile.

Since 2015, Telekom Mobile has been installing photovoltaic panels, accelerating this process year on year. The deployment sites for the panels are located all over Romania in large urban settlements or smaller rural settings. The company is committed to continuing the program until all feasible locations benefit from green energy solutions.

Following installation of the panels, the energy consumption of the respective cellphone can decrease by up 90 percent depending on the meteorological conditions. The difference to 100 percent is represented by air-conditioning cooling systems that still use energy from the national electricity system and other location-specific constraints.
Operating with practically zero-carbon emissions, Telekom Mobile’s base stations working on renewable energy will also considerably reduce the costs of power, contributing to improved cost efficiency for the company.

The solar panels convert natural light radiation to electric power. They only need light and can operate under any weather conditions, albeit generating lower amounts of electricity on cloudy days.

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