ITC Iberia,

Osmar Polo
Managing Director
T-Systems Iberia, S.A.U.

The greatest contribution T-Systems Iberia has made is its creation of the Syrah solution. This is a platform to help our public and private customers, and ourselves understand how they are achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda. This solution uses data to measure milestones on the journey to reaching this status. I am particularly proud of this achievement. The Iberia Team has worked together with customers to create an efficient tool designed to help them master the enormous sustainability and energy efficiency challenges that lie ahead.

Moreover, T-Systems Iberia is naturally also pursuing the group's principles of sustainability and neutral emissions. Since last year, we have only been using renewable energy and we are working to increase the energy efficiency of our facilities, from our datacenters to the company’s headquarters. Furthermore, we have announced the creation of a new headquarters in Spain. This will be a fully digitalized building with designed-in sustainability where we can boost our creativity and continue creating technological solutions that help our customers to grow and become more sustainable.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

T-Systems Iberia is the IT outsourcing provider that generates the highest overall satisfaction among its customers and is the leader in cloud, data center and infrastructure services as well as end-user services according to Quint and Whitelane. T-Systems Iberia also has been recognized as Spain’s leading Cloud provider for the seventh consecutive year by PENTEO. During the last 20 years, it has become a trusted technology partner that offers high value-added IT solutions and services, developing end-to-end projects with a comprehensive approach, relying on its highly secure data centers, a complete Cloud ecosystem with standard platforms and global agreements with the main hyperscalers such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud. After hundreds of digitalization projects developed in Auto, Health, Retail and Oil & Gas industries, as well as the Public sector, T-Systems has become the necessary bridge between the technology and business areas to drive value, productivity, and competitiveness for any company or government.

Number of customers   642
Number of employees   2 693
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2001

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001 img:2015 
ISO 20000-1:2018
ISO 22301:2020
ISO 27001/27017/27018

Please refer to the internet for further information   www.t-systems.es
Local CR reports  

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Awards, memberships and collaboration/participation in political dialogues (national/international)

The 44th edition of awards for the “100 Best Ideas of the Year” recognized our Syrah and ENAE solutions as one of the 100 Best Ideas of 2022. These awards from business magazine Actualidad Económica recognize solutions and projects that stand out for their innovation and contribution to social and economic development, enabling companies to accelerate their growth rate and improve the rate of job creation. This year, Syrah was one of the ideas selected in the Sustainability category and projects linked to the SDGs img and the Spanish Urban Agenda. ENAE was selected in the Industry 4.0 img category (digital innovation in the industrial field). In the 2021 edition, the award-winning companies included Danone, Sothis, Enaire, Bergé and Henkel.

Founded in 1958, Actualidad Económica is the dean magazine for business information in Spain. It is owned by the Unidad Editorial Group, leading publisher in Spain.

The “VIIIth edition of the Digital Era Awards” organized by Computing (TIER1 technology outlet) saluted the T-Systems digitalization project with the Tarragona Council as an example of best practice for joined-up digitalization and sustainability. The council representatives received the award for the best project on Digitalization and Sustainability in the Public Sector.

Every year, Computing celebrates these awards acknowledging the best IT projects in fields like cybersecurity, digitalization, customer experience, etc. This year’s edition involved 400 IT executives.

The “Google Sovereign Cloud Hackathon img” was organized by T-Systems and Google on 27 and 28 April. The T-Systems Team Cloud Drivers from the automotive sector won the auto challenge and the hackathon with their solution Auto Concierge “Cloudy”. This App img helps the driver and passengers who want to adapt their trip to suit all manner of different conditions (weather, crying child, etc.) by minimizing annoying challenges in advance and enhancing the travel experience with enjoyable moments.

The Marshmallow retail team also achieved success by winning the retail challenge.

Carbon Footprint Register

This initiative is led by Process Quality and IT (PQIT) and was developed at T-Systems Iberia with the aim of registering the carbon footprint in the national registry of the Ministry for the Environmental Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Ministerio de Transición Ecológica y Reto Demográfico).The integrated project was included in the Environmental Management Program 2022 and has been developed in different phases: planning (February 22), data collection and evidence, methodology GHG Protocol img, and emissions quantification (March 22), calculation report (April 22), external verification audit img by AENOR, audit report (May/June 22), and registration (July 22).

The verification scope has been established for the activities involved in marketing products and services related to telecommunications and information technologies within Spain.

The period under review is 2021 for the Office and Datacenter at the Barcelona Headquarters, the Office Building in Madrid and the Datacenter in Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona).

This project highlights:

  • the company’s commitment to climate change, and 
  • alignment in relation to:
    •  the Deutsche Telekom Group’s Sustainability Strategy
    • Energy and Climate Change Policy Framework 2021 2030
    • Green Deal Europe
    • Climate Change Law (Spain)
    • ODS (Focus on ODS 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13
  • assistance for the company in obtaining competitive advantages
  • emissions reduction plan 

Energy Efficiency

This initiative is led by Facility Management and was developed at T-Systems Iberia with the primary aim of reducing energy consumption at the Barcelona Headquarters and the Madrid Office. The integrated project was included in the Environmental Management Program 2022. A plan is in place for the Barcelona Headquarters to move to a new Smart Building Headquarters. This includes home-office work and gradual closure of facilities. “We Work New” activities are planned for the Madrid Office (new office model, space optimization and reduction of occupation; decrease in square meters required for occupation area). 

The goal in the Barcelona Headquarters: reduction in consumption (compared with 2019) related to: 

  • Electricity: 39 percent 
  • District cooling: 32 percent 
  • Water: 47 percent
  • Natural Gas: 26 percent

The goal in the Madrid Office: reduction in consumption (compared with 2019) related to:  

  • Electricity: 59 percent 
  • Water: 61 percent
  • Natural Gas: 50 percent

These activities will help T-Systems Iberia to achieve the Climate Change Goals and hence decrease the company’s carbon footprint.


This initiative is led by PQIT and was developed at T-Systems Iberia with the aim of reusing electrical and electronic equipment, and increasing its useful life. The project was included in the Environmental Management Program 2022. The goal is to:

  • reuse CISCO phones (1006 phones have been sold)
  • reuse laptops (86 percent buyback by our employees)
  • reuse mobile phones (960 mobile phones have been returned). For each mobile phone returned, one tree is planted. This action is part of a worldwide program of the Orange Group.

This initiative helps to minimize our environmental impact by reducing waste generation and promoting the development of a more sustainable environment through the circular economy. 

This initiative aims to raise awareness throughout society about the environmental benefits that can accrue from recovery of this equipment and its constituent materials, since 86 percent of these materials are reusable.


Included in the Environmental Management Program 2022. Internal community integrated by volunteers who are committed to implementing the initiative to improve sustainability performance.

The group is working to define an electronic poster or video in order to improve awareness of employees within the company and at home. The aim is to increase sustainability culture and awareness.

Travel Mobility

This initiative is led by Travel Management with the aim of prioritizing the use of the train for business trips relating to Barcelona-Madrid (80 percent). The project was included in the Environmental Management Program 2022. The measure is intended to adapt travel policy and prioritize travel by train. The project has been running since October 2022. This initiative will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint in scope 3.

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