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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Systems Mediabox

In October 2022, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the T-Systems “Mediabox” project, sited at the Theodor-Körner-Hof residential complex in Vienna. The Mediabox is housed in a branded container, that was located in Leopold Rister Park in Vienna’s fifth district (Bezirk), and was formally opened on  23 October 2012. The Mediabox’s initial equipment suite consisted of 14 laptops, WiFi, a beamer, and a printer. The aim of our effort is to offer the residents of the Theodor-Körner-Hof, a social housing project, barrier-free access to modern computers and the online world.

In 2016, the Mediabox moved to the premises of the “5er Haus” youth center. In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, it received an additional suite of 13 computers, for distance learning. In 2021, we purchased a 3D printer and a plotter, and the Mediabox mentoring staff are now teaching the young people visiting the facility all about how to use this new equipment.

In 2022, the mentoring staff discovered that the children they are assisting had fallen significantly behind in their learning as a result of the pandemic. We have therefore budgeted for funding an additional mentor who is now helping the children to catch up. These efforts are already yielding initial successes.

We also handed out presents at our ten-year-anniversary celebration. The social workers at the facility are introducing the children to the world of programming with two of the presents – the robot “Dash,” and a book about the programming language “Scratch”. At the anniversary celebration, we have arranged for a food truck and an ice-cream van to be on hand to serve all our guests, both young and old. The project was originally planned to run for only one year. Ten years later, it was being renewed yet again, to the delight of all those involved with it.

In December 2022, the center celebrated again the “Nikolofest” – a traditional St. Nicholas festival. The party had to be canceled for two years in succession, due to the pandemic. Nikolo brought the children all kinds of candy and goodies, provided by T-Systems.