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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Energy Efficiency

This initiative is led by Facility Management and was developed at T-Systems Iberia with the primary aim of reducing energy consumption at the Barcelona Headquarters and the Madrid Office. The integrated project was included in the Environmental Management Program 2022. A plan is in place for the Barcelona Headquarters to move to a new Smart Building Headquarters. This includes home-office work and gradual closure of facilities. “We Work New” activities are planned for the Madrid Office (new office model, space optimization and reduction of occupation; decrease in square meters required for occupation area). 

The goal in the Barcelona Headquarters: reduction in consumption (compared with 2019) related to: 

  • Electricity: 39 percent 
  • District cooling: 32 percent 
  • Water: 47 percent
  • Natural Gas: 26 percent

The goal in the Madrid Office: reduction in consumption (compared with 2019) related to:  

  • Electricity: 59 percent 
  • Water: 61 percent
  • Natural Gas: 50 percent

These activities will help T-Systems Iberia to achieve the Climate Change Goals and hence decrease the company’s carbon footprint.