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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Solar Panels for Base Stations

Telekom Mobile continues to invest in renewable energy for a green future and is implementing an ambitious plan for connecting its base stations to solar panels with the aim of replacing the current power sources with renewable energy. In 2022, more than 500 base stations were equipped with photovoltaic panels. This is an investment that contributes to ensuring a greener future for Romania. It will considerably reduce the company’s carbon footprint in upcoming years.

“The effects of climate change are already visible and we aim to make our contribution by building a sustainable future for our planet. Climate protection is one of the core pillars in our strategy and we are acting on it,” said Florina Tănase, Chief Human Resources, Legal, and External Affairs Officer at Telekom Romania Mobile.

Since 2015, Telekom Mobile has been installing photovoltaic panels, accelerating this process year on year. The deployment sites for the panels are located all over Romania in large urban settlements or smaller rural settings. The company is committed to continuing the program until all feasible locations benefit from green energy solutions.

Following installation of the panels, the energy consumption of the respective cellphone can decrease by up 90 percent depending on the meteorological conditions. The difference to 100 percent is represented by air-conditioning cooling systems that still use energy from the national electricity system and other location-specific constraints.
Operating with practically zero-carbon emissions, Telekom Mobile’s base stations working on renewable energy will also considerably reduce the costs of power, contributing to improved cost efficiency for the company.

The solar panels convert natural light radiation to electric power. They only need light and can operate under any weather conditions, albeit generating lower amounts of electricity on cloudy days.