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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

CR strategy

Sustainability and social responsibility have been firm components of our corporate activities for more than two decades. We see ourselves as a responsible company and have enshrined this in our Group strategy. As such, we are committed to implementing sustainability along our value chain – and to playing an important role in meeting today’s environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Group strategy: Leading Digital Telco

You can find additional information on our Group strategy in the 2022 annual report.

CR Strategy

Our CR (Corporate Responsibility) strategy is derived from the Group strategy.

In the year under review, we continued to hone our CR strategy and identified four key areas where we want to lead through exemplary actions: 

  1. Our strict commitment to climate-neutral business practices: We want to play a pioneering role on the way to a climate-neutral future and enable our customers and society as a whole to complete this journey together with us by 2040.
  2. Our determined efforts to ensure our products and services are compatible with the circular economy: We want to make all of our technologies and devices compatible with a circular economy across the entire value chain by 2030.
  3. Our pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as our investment into future skills: We want to provide a safe, supportive environment where we promote equity among people with different backgrounds.
  4. Our determination to help shape a digital society that is based on our fundamental democratic values and in which all people can participate safely, competently, and with autonomy: We want to make the digital world a tolerant, safe space for everyone and enable society to bridge the digital divide.


  • data protection and security,
  • cultivating a powerful corporate compliance and risk management system,
  • engaging with the fundamental principles of digital responsibility,
  • upholding human rights, shaping sustainable supply chains,
  • investing capital based on ecological and social criteria, and ensuring communication about our environmental and social sustainability activities is transparent also remain additional meaningful aspects of good governance for us.

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Reporting against standards


Global Compact

  • Principle 7 (Support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges)
  • Principle 8 (Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility)
  • Principle 9 (Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies)
  • Principle 10 (Work against corruption in all its forms of, including extortion and bribery)