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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Impact measurement: Improved information exchange with Airport Collaborative Decision Making

International air traffic accounts for a large share of global fuel consumption. “Airport Collaborative Decision Making” (A-CDM) is a European concept for improving communication and coordination between airports, air traffic control, ground handling services, and airlines. T-Systems offers airport operators a software system that supports the implementation of this concept, thereby helping to make airport operations more efficient. More-efficient processes mean shorter turnaround times, and fewer delays in air-traffic management, and thus help save fuel and reduce air pollution. Also, reductions in delays benefit passengers.

On average, use of A-CDM can save up to 92 kilograms of CO2 emissions per takeoff. Also worthy of note is that T-Systems developed the software with electricity from renewable energies (SDG 13).

The service also contributes to the following SDGs:

  • SDG 17: The solution enhances collaboration, and it saves time by optimizing operational and resources management.
  • SDG 11: The A-CDM solution also helps reduce air pollution. 

We have awarded this solution the #GreenMagenta label.