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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Network – Our Tool for Connectivity

Our network is our tool to connect everyone across the world, so investing in our network infrastructure is the number one priority for Makedonski Telekom. We’re working hard in the field on fixed and mobile networks, investing millions to pave the way to our digital future.

2022 was a big milestone for 5G. This is the year when Makedonski Telekom launched the first 5G network and within only a year built a very large network covering 26 cities. Three years ago, we started initial preparations for fifth-generation technology, and today we have the first commercial 5G network. Over the past years, we have been preparing, investing, testing, building and talking about the future, so we can now say that 5G is here. In February, we launched the first commercial 5G network in Macedonia, enabling the use of 5G services based on spectrum sharing with 4G. In March we covered the capital Skopje and we are continuing to extend the network. In June, Telekom acquired the 5G radio frequencies to enable gigabyte speeds. In line with expectations, 26 cities were able to use 5G services in October 2022, making this technology widespread throughout the country. In September 2022, we joined forces with many other DT NatCos to launch the first Telekom 5G smartphones – T Phone and T Phone Pro – at a very competitive price, making digital connectivity accessible for everyone. 

These new devices empower our customers to enjoy the possibilities of our ever-expanding 5G network, ranging from entertainment to countless digital products and services.

We have built the first and largest 5G network in North Macedonia in order to make this technology accessible to as many customers as possible and to enable the development of unprecedented services reliant on high-performance and failsafe Internet connections to facilitate data transmission in real time. This technology will be the engine for developing new functionalities, and unparalleled services and products that will simplify and improve our lives in all spheres. 

In order to enable fast Internet connections everywhere, we rely on fiberoptics: we operate the largest fiberoptic network in the country which is expanding year by year. The optical network is growing and developing in parallel with the mobile network. At the end of the first nine months of 2022, more than 267 000 accesses to optics were enabled, which is 11 percent more compared to the same period in the previous year. We remain committed to developing the best network and creating innovative services and solutions so as to provide an optimum user experience.