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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Optimization of our Circular Economy for Devices

Sustainable circular economy for fixed-network devices
In 2022, we completely refurbished a total of one million customer devices. Most of the devices were fixed-network devices (routers, TV set-top boxes and WiFi repeaters). We sold/leased a total of 500 000 fully refurbished fixed-network devices, and offered our customers some 500 000 refurbished devices for replacement purposes.

Purchases and sales of used smartphones
Devices enter our sustainable smartphone circular economy by being sold to us at a Telekom Shop or online. Customers can use our “TradeMyMobile” service to save money and reduce their resource consumption. Provided they are suitable for refurbishment and reuse, the used mobile devices are professionally and certifiably refurbished and then resold. Instead of being replaced, their displays are durably restored using a new, innovative, deep-polish process. This conserves resources. Refurbished “ReUse MyMobile” smartphones cost up to EUR 130 less than new phones, and they come with a 24-month guarantee. The newly developed packaging is biodegradable. In addition, a new full-service mobile-phone insurance package, including “AppleCare Service,” is now available for ReUse MyMobile smartphones. 

We are working to build our circular economy for smartphones with the help of attractive offers and additional bonuses. Currently, we sell Samsung/ iPhone smartphones with 24-month guarantees in all of our German Telekom Shops and in other certified stores (both in the ReUse MyMobile framework).

Recycling: Electronic waste
In 2022, we collected and recycled a total of 1.15 million used devices. That figure consists of 1.05 million fixed-network devices (primarily, routers and TV set-top boxes) and 100 000 smartphones that were collected by partners (such as churches, social institutions, etc.) at our cellphone collection center. Details are available at