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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Digitalization: Opening up a Sustainable Future for SMEs

Digital solutions for sustainability management and reporting make it easier to fulfill sustainability-related reporting obligations. Telekom Nachhaltigkeitsmanager (Telekom Sustainability Manager) is a digital solution that Deutsche Telekom began offering in 2022. It is a modular kit that is continually being expanded in light of new requirements. On a central platform, the solution consolidates sustainability data, calculates emissions for all scopes, and supports legally compliant preparation of sustainability reports. By determining their environmental impacts, companies can define sustainability goals and suitably manage measures to reduce emissions. 

Other digital solutions in the Deutsche Telekom portfolio support companies in reducing emissions, saving energy, and closing sustainability-relevant cycles.

Telekom’s Device-as-a-Service powered by everphone program offers companies lease and service plans for smartphones and tablets. It helps companies keep track of their costs – and does much more as well. Devices returned at the end of their lease periods reenter the circular economy for such devices. Either they continue to be used, by other users, or – if reuse is no longer an option – they are properly recycled. Solutions for virtual meetings and conferences, such as video- and event-conferencing solutions, eliminate the emissions that would otherwise be generated during business travel or employee commuting. 

AR Field Advisor is an augmented-reality-based solution for remote collaboration that enables remote sharing of the fields of view seen by on-site persons for guidance and instruction purposes. This reduces the need for on-site service calls – and thereby cuts down emissions and costs.

Impact Measurement” is a group-wide method used to measure the impacts of our products on the environment and society. In addition, we use the method to analyze sustainable products and services for companies.