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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Social Activities around Christmas

Christmas Donation
Instead of giving Christmas gifts to customers, in Austria and Switzerland we now regularly opt to donate EUR 1 000 or CHF 1 000 to a not-for-profit organization. In 2022, we made donations to Hektar Nektar. This organization enables companies to sponsor beehives in direct cooperation with a beekeeper, and/or arrange for beehives to be set up on their company premises. Hektar Nektar is working to achieve a ten-percent increase in the honeybee population by 2028. With our donation, we have taken over the sponsorship of 20 000 bees.

Christmas Package Campaign
For the first time, we are offering our employees in Austria and Switzerland the opportunity to take part in a “Christmas package campaign for needy children.” In Austria, we plan to do this through the organization #TeamChristkind, while in Switzerland we will work with the organization Kinderhilfe Petite Suisse. Employees took part by packing small gifts for boys or girls in an age group of their own choosing in festive wrapping. The packages were collected at our various locations and then delivered to the organizations’ own collection points. We were able to hand over a total of 30 packages to the organisations.