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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Environment: Commitment to Climate-neutral Practices

We are committed to climate-neutral practices and the circular economy. We look at all the ways our products, services, and activities impact the environment throughout the entire value chain, and we support and motivate our customers in their actions to facilitate the climate-neutral circular economy. 

We invest in new technologies which are working to combat climate change. We are committed to helping our customers preserve resources and reduce their energy consumption through solutions such as our growing offer of sustainable products and services. By using software and IT infrastructure directly in the Telekom Cloud, our highly efficient datacenters consume up to 80 percent less energy compared to customers using their own infrastructure. 

Our investments are continuously directed toward financing digital services and solutions that will help businesses in their operations, and directly contribute to environmental protection (such as Virtual Server, Electronic Signature, Electronic Seal, etc.). 

Digital solutions also improve the quality of life and allow urban life to become more sustainable by reducing energy consumption, pollution, and CO2 emissions. This is a matter of urgent priority because cities are responsible for more than 70 percent of global CO2 emissions. Makedonski Telekom is a pioneer in smart city solutions in R.N. Macedonia.  

We were the first on the market to introduce the replacement of plastic SIM cards with electronic ones. In addition to the technological innovation, the environmental aspect is especially important because the replacement of plastic cards and packaging will contribute to preserving the environment.

Over a period of years, we have focused on promoting electronic bill payment (online payment using Web or App img). The company promotes this by investing in an application and in marketing to encourage uptake of the service and educate customers about environmental protection through the use of e-bills. From 2021 to 2022, the consumption of paper for bills decreased by more than 10 percent, i.e. about 1.5 metric tons of paper. 

In addition to the contribution through daily operations and new technologies, we also take care of the environment by collecting old cellphones and recycling them as electronic waste.