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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Environment: Good Cause Initiative

We act together for the protection of the environment, as our priority strategic commitment. 

Makedonski Telekom, together with the other European subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom, is involved in a take-back eco-initiative for reducing e-waste and investing in the restoration of natural habitats in Europe. Our goal is to collect 500 000 obsolete electronic devices by 2024 through combined efforts and participation in the joint initiative.  

We started the local campaign in March 2022 to reduce electronic waste and achieve an even bigger goal – restoration of the areas that were affected by the big wild fires last summer. 

Our campaign to take back obsolete cellphones in any Telekom shop is our way of encouraging customers to get involved in this initiative and receive a discount for buying a new smartphone in return. 

This initiative is still in progress and has proven to be extremely successful! As many as 12 000 electronic devices had been returned by December 2022. The company has committed to plant a new tree for each collected device, but it has actually doubled this number and supported by employees the company planted 25 000 new trees over an area of 10 hectares during the forest campaign in the Kocani Region.

The aim of this initiative is for all of us to work together in order to reduce the harmful effects on nature and create a healthier environment and а better future for everybody.

Makedonski Telekom continues to uphold its commitment to achieving positive change in society through direct involvement in the process of preserving the environment and its resources. Extreme fires in recent years have ravaged large swathes of countryside and prompted calls for action that need to be answered with concrete activities.

We need a common vision and collective efforts to achieve a change. The company joined forces with customers and employees to contribute to the reduction and proper treatment of electronic waste, and the restoration of green spaces in the regions devastated by fire.