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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Safer Internet for Kids

Telekom Romania Mobile developed an educational campaign in social media through the educational project “Online, being informed is being protected”. The campaign is built around celebrating the international Child Online Safety Initiative. The educational campaign Safer Internet for Kids targeted parents and their children on the assumption that parents are primarily responsible for children’s education. 

The campaign was run on the Facebook and Linkedin pages of Telekom Mobile during February and March 2022. It consisted of six video tutorials and a poll supporting the topic. Each video incorporated subject-related facts and data along with useful advice from an expert – psychotherapist Simona Nicolaescu. The campaign topics were: 1. How to talk about cyberbullying, 2. How to increase online security, 3. How to spend less time online, 4. How to prevent cyberbullying, 5. Kids, online ads, and negative messages, and 6. How to use the Internet in a safe way.


75 000 beneficiaries (video views)
071 522 (reach on fb and Linkedin)