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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Deutsche Telekom EU Good Cause Initiative – Reforestation with the Mai Mult Verde Association in 2022

Deutsche Telekom EU addresses societal concern about climate change, generates positive impact on the environment, and links it up with Take Back schemes for mobile devices (Romania’s 2022 mobile devices collection target:876 units). 

Telekom Romania Mobile collaborated with the Mai Mult Verde (More Green) Association for reforestation of a riverbank in the Giurgiu area on 26 November 2022. At least000 trees were planted on one hectare near the Danube riverbank. Employees could volunteer to take part in the reforestation.

The MMV Association promoted the planting activity within their communities (websites, social media, previous volunteers) and gathered volunteers using an online form. People wanting to join the planting were invited to subscribe.

This reforestation initiative is also part of a pilot project run by the Mai Mult Verde Association launched in fall 2022 to plant the first community forest in the municipality of Giurgiu, Romania. This is a unique concept in Romania, which has the potential to become an example of best practice in establishing urban forests directly involving the communities and local authorities they serve.

The Cama Community Forest is being established on the banks of a Danube canal in the urban and peri-urban area of Giurgiu. The land proposed for development by the Mai Mult Verde Association in collaboration with landscape architect Alexandru Gheorghe forms part of the banks of the historic Cama Canal, which offered access to the medieval port and the "Citadel of the Island" of Giurgiu. The canal is located at the southern edge of Giurgiu and stretches between two protected natural areas – Natura 2000 sites: downstream Cioroiu Island/ Mocanu Island and upstream Slobozia Island/ Cama Dinu Island. The Cama Canal has the potential to become a physical link between the habitats located in these protected natural areas.

The Cama Community Forest is located 10 minutes from the historical center of the town. Indeed, one of the main access points is the area where a large number of architectural, historical and industrial heritage buildings are located, and the main road to the Danube waterfront (source: Mai Mult Verde).