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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Employee Engagement

Traditional internal collection “Let’s help the Stories”, corporate volunteering “One Day for a Good Deed”, internal collection for people affected by war in Ukraine. These are just a few of the activities included as part of our employee engagement. In “Let’s help the Stories”, the employees nominate a total of 20 vulnerable people. After publication of their stories on the Intranet, the person nominating a particular story had to donate the first EUR 40 to prove their support for the story, invite colleagues to join in, and help raise the full amount required. T-Mobile pledged to match every donation. More than 300 employees participated and a total of more than EUR 41 000 were donated by employees and the company. This initiative resulted in support for people in difficult life situations. Most frequently this was due to illness or an accident. T-Mobile Czech Republic matches the amount collected by employees 1:1.

The second internal collection helped people affected by war in Ukraine. 961 employees participated and T-Mobile Czech Republic matched the amount collected by employees (every CZK 1 donated by an individual was matched by an additional CZK 2 from T-Mobile Czech Republic). The total amount collected amounted to EUR 328 000. 

Our volunteer program “One Day for a Good Deed” enables employees to spend one working day each year volunteering in a not-for-profit organization. This year, the scheme was expanded and employees were able to spend one day helping in any organization as usual, plus two more days for a good deed to help Ukraine. Around 300 volunteers took part in the program in 2022. They helped some 30 NGOs.