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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Good Cause Initiative

Our Good Cause Initiative involves supporting a long-term project by the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague called Clever Forest Landscape. The project aims to design and implement measures for mitigating the consequences of climate change and adapting forests to the conditions projected to be common in Central Europe after the year 2050 (long droughts, higher temperatures, rains accompanied by flooding, etc.). A forest landscape (more than700 ha) along Jevanský creek is located in the model area of Jevany (near Prague). Research will be carried out here to establish how a variety of trees and plants interact with the forest ecosystem as a whole under different conditions and various types of irrigation. Pools and wetlands are being restored here, and ponds, reservoirs and dry basins are being constructed. A large number of different parameters are being measured and analyzed. Modern technology and ICT img solutions play a crucial role in collecting, transmitting and analyzing data, modeling the conditions, and automating processes such as irrigation. The project builds on the similar project Clever Agricultural Landscape.