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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Digital Empowerment

From supporting community partners to investing in education initiatives and providing disaster relief, we empower people with the tools they need to make essential connections. 

Project 10Million
Project 10Million is our USD 10.7 billion commitment to end the digital divide in education. This program provides free Internet service and free mobile hotspots to under-connected households with school-aged children, aiming to reach up to 10 million eligible households over five years. As a result of our education initiatives, we had connected 5.3 million students through December 2022.

As we look ahead, we’re working to leverage partnerships like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to promote awareness of the program for more than one hundred thousand students and simplify registration.

Access and affordability
T-Mobile built our network to deliver the best 5G experience while providing more affordable options to families to support a more connected, equitable future.

  • Connect by T-Mobile: The plan provides a low-cost option to help connect millions of low-income families and individuals.
  • Small Town America: We plan to reach 99 percent of Americans with 5G coverage by the end of 2023.
  • Connecting Heroes: Our 10-year commitment to provide free service and 5G access to first responder agencies – all public and not-for-profit state and local fire, 911, police and EMS departments – saving them up to USD 7 billion.

Extending a welcome to refugees with Welcome.US
In early 2022, T-Mobile’s Mike Sievert joined 35 other CEOs to form the Welcome.US CEO Council. Through this public/private partnership, refugees being resettled in the US are provided with products, services, job training, and employment opportunities. T-Mobile is contributing up to 200 000 lines of free, unlimited talk, text, and data for one year to incoming refugees.

Philanthropic support
In 2021, we donated more than USD 1.89 billion to communities across the US and Puerto Rico, including USD 32.8 million in charitable donations from the T-Mobile Foundation and the business and USD 1.86 billion of in-kind product and service donations. We match employee giving up to USD 2 000 in donations or volunteer hours. We also seed employees’ giving accounts when they join the company and at select times throughout the year. In 2021, our employees donated nearly USD 3.7 million and volunteered over 52 000 hours.