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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Wellness Activities for Employees

A healthy work environment is a key contributor to a positive workplace. T-Systems Singapore and DT Global Business Solutions Singapore constantly make efforts to raise employees’ awareness in health-related areas. Our company also promotes physical and sports activities to ensure that its employees are able to work in a healthy workplace ecosystem. At the beginning of 2022, the company participated in the Team-based National Corporate Step Challenge with the aim to encourage each other to stay fit and healthy. Subsequently, we rolled out physical activities such as evening walk-and-jogs, and gym-for-lunch sessions, “Learning to self-manage and stay recharged” workshop and “Mental wellbeing workshop for supervisors”, which focus on mental healthcare to help employees manage stress/anxiety and achieve better focus at work.  

In line with our Guiding Principle – “stay curious and grow”, we rolled out the ApriLearning Fest to all employees with the aim to nurture self-directed and empowered individuals to upskill and power higher performance. 

In line with 2022 Living Culture Day theme – #thepowerofwe, we ignited our “Team Together – Team Apart” guiding principle through engaging and meaningful activities such as Bubble Soccer Team Challenge and introduction of WEGROW – Team & Peer Feedback Exercise.    

In 2023, we will continue our holistic employee-centric activities to support an engaged, motivated and healthy workforce.