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Status 2022

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A friendly voice at the end of the line is important because it immediately makes the conversation much more pleasant. New technologies shorten the wait time. And competent expertise is essential, but truly good service goes far beyond that. Approximately 30 000 people in Germany head to work at Telekom Service every day to make our service even better. Together, customer advisors, engineers, and many other specialists have worked day in and day out to reduce customer complaints by over 80 percent since 2017. And the percentage of canceled engineer visits was far below one percent in 2022.


Approximately 30,000 engineer visits are conducted by Telekom Service in Germany in one day.

90 million times a year

Telekom Service employees in Germany handle the concerns of consumers and business customers. These customers use our wide-ranging mobile, fixed-network, and broadband offerings and contact the service team approximately 90 million times a year. That equates to around 430 000 contacts day in, day out. It is a demanding task. After all, our customers are entitled to expect expert advice on the very latest products and technologies at all times. To deliver an excellent customer experience, we offer a wide range of services: consulting, installation, and service from mobile and fixed networks to bespoke business customer solutions.

The service slogan: Think digitally, guide empathetically! There are aspects of service work where even the most advanced machines and artificial intelligence can’t match humans and their natural intelligence. Picking up on nuances, showing empathy, finding creative solutions, giving customers a sense of being looked after – all these are things only real people can do! Ferri Abolhassan, Director of Service

Many roads lead to service

We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers in Germany to contact us: whether by phone, app, chat, email, or at a Telekom Shop.

MeinMagenta app

We made further improvements to the MeinMagenta app in 2022. Our customers can now use the app to display their current data usage directly on their main smartphone screen, and it is possible to optimize their Wi-Fi and devices. The app also provides an overview of usage and costs, bills, contracts, and order status plus a help and service section.

“Telekom hilft” (Deutsche Telekom helps)

The „Telekom hilft“ community is primarily a place where customers help each other. Our customer advisors get involved whenever no solution can be found without their help or when customer data is needed to solve the problem. Tens of thousands of users are reached every day through the community.

Booking appointments online

The online appointment booking function makes it incredibly easy for customers to book consultations and service appointments. They themselves decide their preferred form of contact, from a traditional appointment at a Telekom Shop to a convenient home visit. Customers can book a slot with a Deutsche Telekom engineer online, too. They can also use the tool to arrange a time for a phone call or video chat.

Personal callback service

If customers have contacted our hotline and wish to speak to the same member of the service team again within 28 days, they can use our personal callback service. After the phone call, customers receive a text telling them the same person they’ve already spoken to will call them back at their request between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Callback instead
of waiting

If customers call our service team and find that the declared waiting time is too long for them, they can request a callback from Deutsche Telekom in the voice menu. The callback will then be made within the previously announced waiting time.


The Sales & Service team is stepping up Deutsche Telekom’s regional approach and getting ever closer to customers. In April 2022, we opened the last of a total of 14 Regiocenters. To resolve all customer issues on the first contact if possible, the Regiocenter teams offer the combined expertise of hotline, technical customer service, and field staff.

Telekom Techniker“ (My Telekom Engineer)

Customers using this app can see with a tap on their smartphone when they can expect our service engineers to arrive. They will also be sent a text message in advance, reminding them of the scheduled visit. This message includes a link to access near real-time updates on the engineer’s anticipated arrival time. If customers’ plans suddenly change, they can reschedule appointments with just a few taps on their phone. And once a job is underway, it is also possible to monitor the service engineer’s progress step by step. This can be helpful, for example, when excavation work is required.

Digital Home Service and Digital Office Service

From problems with the Wi-Fi network to preparations for working from home and help with IT security, our Digital Home Service provides comprehensive expert advice for consumers. Our Digital Office Service helps business customers establish new consulting and sales channels, offering assistance with all hardware and software issues on a device-independent basis and across a range of systems.

Concierge service

With the new Concierge Service, one specific employee will look after a customer who wants to switch to Deutsche Telekom from a competitor or who wants to install a new Deutsche Telekom line when moving into another house or building a new home. When one of these customers calls the hotline, he or she will always reach the same person. These personal consultants can also be contacted by text.

Deutsche Telekom „Ideenschmiede“ (think tank)

Since 2018, our Ideenschmiede has been offering interested parties the opportunity to help shape Deutsche Telekom’s products and services. The community now has around 18,000 members working on approximately 280 projects.

Digital protection package

Hacking attempts on private households have also been on the rise for years. The Digital protection package provides our customers with reliable, comprehensive protection in the digital world, offering everything from data recovery to protection from cyberbullying, data theft, and attacks on their home network.

PASSWORD via voice ID

The internet is not working and you need to look for the customer password for the service hotline. No need to do so with us: After a one-time setup, you can verify yourself with your voice – and it is as tamper-proof as your fingerprint.

Rethinking customer service

Alongside well-established methods, our service also relies on innovative technologies to make contacting us even faster and more convenient. One example: Callers to our customer service in Germany no longer need to identify themselves with a customer number and password. Voice ID simplifies the process with the tamper-proof voiceprint, for which callers say a given sentence three times. When they next call, they simply repeat the sentence and are immediately identified by their voice.

Our “Frag Magenta” digital service assistant also shortens waiting times. It’s an automated text chat and voice bot that is available around the clock. If the problem can’t be solved in this way, customers will be put through to our staff, who will continue the chat seamlessly.

MagentaService Live offers advice to individuals via video. Our skilled advisors provide live audiovisual information about products such as broadband, MagentaTV, home networking, and the mobile network – it’s almost as if they’re right there with the customer.

We allow ourselves to be measured

How satisfied are our customers with us really? Like many large companies, we use the international analysis system “TRI*M” to measure customer satisfaction. We use the “TRI*M index”  img to continuously gauge the strength of Deutsche Telekom’s customer relationships. Data is gathered based on a survey that is conducted in all markets where we are active, with the exception of T-Mobile US. In addition to service, network quality and the cost-benefit ratio also play a role. The Group-wide TRI*M index was 76.0 points in the 2022 reporting year, which represents a clear improvement compared to the previous year’s score of 72.6. Detailed information about the TRI*M index in 2022 can be found in the  Management & facts section.

Award-winning service quality

We aim to provide the best service. We have received multiple awards for our service in 2022. Here are a few examples:

TÜV quality seal for “tested customer satisfaction” 2022

In 2022, we once again received the TÜV “tested customer satisfaction” quality seal. A total of 2 550 customers were asked how they rated Deutsche Telekom’s service with regard to competence, reliability, and friendliness.

“connect” mobile network hotline test 2022

The magazine “connect” carries out an annual review of the broadband/fixed network and mobile network hotlines of the various providers. In 2022, it was once again confirmed that Deutsche Telekom has the best customer service and therefore the best broadband/fixed-network and mobile-network hotlines.

CHIP mobile network shop test 2022

The trade magazine CHIP has conducted its first ever survey of the customer experience in mobile network shops, and Deutsche Telekom came out on top. The general appearance and tidiness of the stores made an especially good impression, as did the service provided by the helpful staff. Deutsche Telekom also achieved the best ratings from respondents in the cell phone and rate plan advice categories.

“connect” mobile network shop test 2022

In 2022, we once again achieved first place in “connect” magazine’s mobile network shop comparison, with 14 shops obtaining the “very good” rating for their consulting quality and six even being rated “outstanding” in the test.

“King of Service”

In 2022, Deutsche Telekom once again took first place in the telecommunications sector category of the customer satisfaction survey conducted by “Focus Money”. The trade magazine collected some 314,000 customer votes for its survey.

“Computer Bild” top digital assistant 2022

For the fourth time, IT magazine “Computer Bild” and online portal “Statista” tested digital assistants (service chatbots) from four sectors – telecommunications, insurance, finance, and utilities & transport. In late 2022, it was confirmed that Deutsche Telekom has the best digital assistant in the telecommunications sector and is also leading in this category across all sectors. User guidance, functionality, user experience, security, and ethical aspects were evaluated.

You can view all our awards for our service here.

On hand quickly in an emergency

We often don’t realize how much we take telecommunications for granted until the service is not available. The network can experience an outage when storms cause severe damage to Deutsche Telekom lines. In Germany, for example, our crisis team convenes via conference call within 15 minutes of an emergency coming to light. The team works closely with security services and disaster management bodies to ensure that the public can be reconnected as quickly as possible. Deutsche Telekom also has a team of specialists that steps in when the network infrastructure is severely damaged. The catastrophic flooding in summer 2021 caused devastation in central Europe, including to our networks. Among other things, we built mobile central offices to provide temporary coverage during the mobile-network and fixed-network outages. After a week, the mobile network was completely back to normal again. At the end of 2021, over 97 percent of fixed-network lines that were damaged during the catastrophic flood in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia were fully functional again. In particularly hard-hit regions, we are building a new, more efficient network infrastructure with fiber-optic cables, in close cooperation with the municipalities and other utility providers. To keep everyone connected during the work to rebuild the network, our engineers arranged interim solutions. In Eschweiler and Stolberg, for example, street cabinets were fitted with a free Wi-Fi solution. We were able to disband the crisis team in April 2022. Since then, reconstruction work – especially the fiber-optic infrastructure expansion – has continued as part of our ongoing operations.

Always available

Not every emergency is caused by destructive weather conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown once again just how important fully functional networks are for our society and industry, particularly in times of crisis. During the pandemic, we ensured our customer service consultants were available to assist our customers and were able to work from home as needed. We equipped our technical field staff with hygiene products so they could safely continue to provide on-site assistance to our customers. Our employees showed enormous commitment and this was reflected by the positive customer feedback. Our customer satisfaction ratings have never been so high – among our consumer and business customers and in the public sector.