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Status 2022
Digital privacy

Dive into the darknet

A beginner’s diving course in six stages. And why even you should surf in the darknet.

How dangerous actually is this "dive" into the dark­net? Is it only shady characters and criminals who lurk there? The answer is surpris­ing: surfing the darknet can occasion­ally be safer than surfing the "normal" Internet, provided that you heed the tips below. How so? Let's take the plunge and go on a small expedition into the darknet!

1Am I already there?

Using the Tor browser, you can visit normal websites of the so called "Surface Web" as well. The access then happens anonymously.

In the entire internet, there are about 6000 nodes of the Tor network. Only the connection behind the last node in unencrypted.

For using the darknet, or simply for browsing anonymously, you can use the free Tor browser.

2Playing telephone

Websites in the darknet can be recognized by their ending .onion. They can only be open with the Tor browser. Their also called "hidden services". Some of the contain illegal things.

3On the Onion’s secret service

4Is the darknet illegal?

5How anonymous am I really?

6Who invented it?