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Digital privacy


What the internet knows about you, and how to protect your privacy.


  1. The transparent user

    Cache me if you can

    Ben the software developer knows that a world like that in Orwell's novel "1984" is even today technically possible.

  2. Eight tips on how you can protect your privacy

    Protect your privacy with these eight simple tips without becoming a digital outcast.

  3. Five very private questions

    What's no one's business, how you still reveal it, and what you can do to protect your data.

  4. Digital privacy

    Dive into the darknet

    A beginner’s diving course in six stages. And why even you should surf in the darknet.

  5. Smart data

    Data Sharing is Caring

    How data and algorithms will soon de­ter­mine our future, and how the in­ven­tor of the Internet wants to save his creation.

  6. Come right in

    A world without privacy: Incon­ceiv­able or a blessing? The post-privacy move­ment under the microscope