GRI index.

Telekom's CR reporting is based on the requirements defined by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Telekom’s CR Report 2012 fully complies with the GRI guidelines (G3). This also applies to the GRI Telecommunications Sector Supplements (applicable to companies in the telecommunications industry) in the pilot version of 2003. Conformance with both requirements catalogs was checked by GRI, which issued the highest application level A+ for it.

The GRI index below indicates the scope to which we take the GRI indicators into account and the places in this year’s CR Report where the corresponding information is available. The index also contains references to GRI-relevant text passages in other Telekom publications. The GRI index also states why Telekom does not report on individual GRI indicators.

Additional indicators that we have taken into account in the CR Report 2012, but whose fulfillment is not compulsory for level A+, are printed in grey.