Economic performance indicators.

Indicator Reference Status

EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed icon

Net value added
Corporate volunteering & corporate giving
2012 Annual Report > Financial data of the Group

The net value added of Telekom shows how company performance is distributed among the various stakeholders, for example in the form of wages or taxes.

EC3 Coverage of the organization's defined benefit planicon
EC4 Financial government assistance icon

2012 Annual report > Notes to the consolidated statement of financial position

The German federal government holds shares in Deutsche Telekom.

EC5 Entry level wage compared to local minimum wageicon

Deutsche Telekom is commited to fair pay

Despite some necessary adjustments to market level, entry-level salaries of our employees are still attractive compared to the sector average, especially in Germany.

EC6 Locally-based suppliers icon

Procurement volumes and regions
Implementng the sustainable procurement strategy

As an ICT company, Telekom relies on suppliers from around the world. That is why we do not have Group-wide policies giving priority to local suppliers at our locations.

EC7 Local hiring icon

The prerequisite for customer-centric products, solutions and services—that means for Telekom's current and future business success—is having highly qualified personnel. For this reason, the selection of personnel at Telekom is not based on nationality or proximity to place of work but on the qualifications and skills of the candidates. To enable the cross-border transfer of expertise and skills and internationally harmonized global personnel development demanded of a global player, Human Resources (HR) develops the necessary structures, processes and measures within the HR strategy.