GRI Telecommunications Sector Supplement.

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IO1 Capital investment in infrastructure broken down by region icon
IO2 Costs for extending non-profitable services to remote areas and low-income groups; description of statutory provisions icon

This indicator is not relevant to Telekom.

Health and Safety

IO3 Practices to ensure health and safety of personnel involved in infrastructure installationicon

Progress in implementing HSE management

A health, safety and environmental management system will be rolled out across the Group based on the OHSAS 18001  and DIN ISO EN 14001 standards.
The direct customers are those local business units that are integrating the end-to-end management system into their structures. Employees benefit from the system, as systematic occupational health and safety management alongside quality and environmental management makes workflows easier and minimizes health risks and factors that are harmful to the environment.
Communication on health, safety and the environment exists throughout all levels of the company.

IO4 Compliance with ICNIRP standards on handset radiation icon
IO5 Compliance with ICNIRP standards on base stationicon
IO6 Actions with respect to SAR values of handsets icon


IO7 Actions with regard to siting of transmission masts icon
IO8 Number of stand-alone and shared sitesicon

Telekom records the number of radio sites used individually or shared. In future the number of shared locations is to be further increased.

Providing Access

Access to telecommunications products and services: Bridging the digital divide

PA1 Strategies and actions in low population density areas icon
PA2 Strategies and actions to overcoming barriers to access and use icon
PA3 Strategies and actions to ensure the availability and reliability of products and servicesicon
PA4 Level of availability and market shares for products and services icon
PA5 Number and types of products and services made available to low and no income sectors of the population icon
PA6 Programs and actions to provide and maintain services in emergency situations icon

Access to content

PA7 Strategies and actions to manage human rights issues relating to access and use of telecommunications products and servicesicon

Protecting minors

Ensuring compliance with human rights is an integral part of Deutsche Telekom's corporate policy.

Customer relations

PA8 Strategies and actions to publicly communicate on EMF-related issuesicon
PA9 Investments in activities in electromagnetic field research icon
PA10 Initiatives to ensure clarity of charges and ratesicon
PA11 Initiatives to inform customers about responsible, efficient and environmentally preferable product use icon

Technical applications

Resource efficiency

TA3 Changes in customer behavior caused by use of the above products and services icon
TA4 Impacts of use of the above products and services and lessons learned for future development icon