Indicator Reference

1. Strategy and analysis

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2. Organizational profile

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Group Profile

Deutsche Telekom AG

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3. Report parameters

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Imprint /Contact form

Birgit Klesper,
Senior Vice President Group Transformational Change & Corporate Responsibility

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About this report
CR key performance indicators
Independent assurance report
Facts & figures

Telekom has an internal reporting and indicator management system that allows us to incorporate the entire Group, i.e., all international subsidiaries and all strategic business areas, in almost every topic area.
Since early 2010, we have been using a CR database to systematically collect and manage relevant data for our CR reporting activities.

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User help

If information from previous reports is re-stated in the 2012 CR Report in a modified form, this will be indicated in the relevant places.

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4. Governance, Commitments and Engagement

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Strategie and management

As part of Corporate Communications and thanks to the Board Representative for Sustainability and Climate Protection, the CR unit is firmly integrated in the Chairman’s department. Sustainability performance is managed by means of targets.

4.10 Process for evaluation of the board's sustainability performanceicon

2012 Annual Report > Corporate governance report

The Telekom Board of Management is responsible for the operational management of the Group and strives to constantly improve the company’s sustainability performance.

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Risk & opportunities management
2012 Annual Report > Corporate governance report

Risk management, compliance management and the CR KPIs provide approaches for proactive action at Telekom.

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