Resource efficiency at the workplace.

  • 5,050 environmentally friendly multi-functional printers installed.
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  • Almost 100 percent of our paper consumption is now covered by recycled paper.
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Telekom wants to keep the negative impact of its business practices on the environment to an absolute minimum. We are committed to the responsible handling of natural resources throughout the Group. For example, we use our cell-phone recycling program to motivate our customers and employees to make a personal contribution to the conservation of natural resources. We also make our workstations environmentally friendly through measures such as using low-energy devices. Sustainability criteria also play a key role in the procurement of office supplies.

Using recycled paper.

We have been able to cover almost 100 percent of demand for paper in our offices with recycled paper since January 2012. This is the result of our modified paper procurement process, which we introduced in 2011. The new process requires individual approval for purchasing fresh-fiber paper, which was only given in two exceptional situations. The amount of fresh-fiber paper currently used at our offices is less than 0.0005 percent.

This measure is in line with the five-point statement that we support as members of the Pro Recyclingpapier initiative that promotes the use of recycled paper.

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Conserving resources with state-of-the-art printers.

By the end of June 2012, we had installed a total of 5,050 environmentally-friendly, multi-functional printers at Group offices in Germany, each of which can be used from several workstations. Almost 85,000 workstations have access to these printers. The printers bear the Blue Angel and Energy Star seals for being particularly low-energy and climate-friendly products. With the printers, we can reduce our energy consumption by 1,019.6 kWh a year, reducing emissions by 470 tons of CO2. They also help us save costs of around EUR 155,000.

Our Montenegrin subsidiary, Crnogorski Telekom, was able to reduce its consumption of paper by 30 percent, for example by changing printer settings.

T-Mobile USA reduced the number of printers (including fax machines, multi-functional printers, etc.) by 1,212, saving around 288,223 kWh or 191 tons CO2 annually. T-Mobile also optimized printer solutions (printers, scanners, fax machines and copy machines) at all offices in the U.S. and Puerto Rico (not including retail stores) in order to provide employees with expanded, secure printer features and improve the company's carbon footprint. Changes particularly included the introduction of cloud printing. With this technology, employees can send documents to be printed without having to select a specific printer.

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Multi-functional printers at Telekom in Germany have been configured to print on both sides as a default setting since November 2011. This printer function conserves resources and reduces costs by using less paper.

Green office supplies.

We encourage the purchase and use of green office supplies at Telekom in Germany by giving these products priority in our central ordering system, eBest. We also informed our employees and raised their awareness of green approaches at the office in 2012 via internal media such as the Telekom Social Network (TSN) and the intranet.

Our employees in Germany can use an intranet training tool called Green Office Supplies to find out more on the topic and use their new-found knowledge to earn a certification.

As a major purchaser of green office supplies, Telekom in Germany was awarded the special prize for the Easy Tree Award by our main supplier of office supplies, Staples Advantage. Staples Advantage also donated one percent of the money we spent with them on green and socially acceptable office supplies to fund the planting of 691 trees in Germany.

eBest offers a large selection of sustainable products. These products are labeled with a green tree to make it easier for users to choose environmentally friendly supplies. And our employees use the offer, too. Approximately 40 percent of the office supplies ordered in 2012 met Telekom's sustainability criteria. These criteria require the use of recycled or repurposed material, biodegradable material or paper that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC) or Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Our goal is to increase the number of office supplies that meet these criteria to at least 50 percent by 2015.

Our central ordering system, eBest, offers a selection of over 1,120 environmentally friendly articles. These include recycled products and refillable pens and pencils made from recycled material. Employees can easily find green supplies with the help of the search engine and then place their order.

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Tablets for troubleshooters.

To replace the previous paper-based documentation, technicians at Magyar Telekom who are responsible for troubleshooting and configuring services were provided with tablet PCs featuring applications developed by their specific unit (scanning, electronic signing features, etc.). This not only helps them to organize their work better but also results in cost, time and energy savings and reduces paper consumption.