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The Internet has become one of the most important sources of information for consumers. More and more consumers are trading information on products in blogs, forums and other networks and are addressing sustainability-related aspects with increasing frequency. Telekom launched a new corporate campaign in 2012 to meet this demand for information. The Digital World campaign has replaced our previous sustainability campaign but is still addressing the same topics. Numerous international subsidiaries also promoted a sustainable approach during the reporting period.

Digital World campaign replaces sustainability campaign.

Telekom ended its sustainability campaign and launched its Digital World corporate campaign in September 2012. Telekom posted information on current sustainability topics at the company on the sustainability campaign's website year-round, including:

  • Media skills competition: In February 2012, Telekom launched a media skills competition as part of its sustainability campaign. The winner of the competition was featured on the campaign website.
  • Call for donations: In October 2012, we used the campaign website and invoice inserts to let our customers know about our continuing support for the BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder" charity and asked them to participate in a virtual donation drive.

The Digital World corporate campaign presents Deutsche Telekom's innovative products and services in a broad framework. The campaign also focuses on topics that are important to the environment and society beyond what they offer the individual including smart metering, e-health and virtual newspapers, books and music.

We will be encouraging different target groups to embrace sustainability in 2013 as well, another step in fulfilling our corporate responsibility.

We Care app playfully teaches people how to live green.

Telekom uses various communication channels to report on its ecological and social commitment. For example, we have been providing the We Care app as a free download since 2012. With the app, we address target groups that have had little exposure to the topic of corporate responsibility. The app provides answers to questions such as: How many trees have to be planted to compensate for a 1,000 kilometer-long flight? How would a more environmentally friendly alternative look like? The app takes a playful approach to informing people about the areas in which Telekom is active, gives people insight into the company's philosophy and shows how each individual can do their part. Hosts Katrin Bauerfeind and Christian Mürau guide users through the content and discuss critical topics and offer different points of view as well.

The "We Care" app provides information on climate protection, social commitment, connected life and work and Telekom as an employer. Complex topics are explained using multimedia and interactive content. The app uses 3D animation to explain how the greenhouse effect works, for example. This makes it possible to illustrate the factors involved in global warming in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The basic approach of the app is for users to have fun as they learn about CR topics. That's why the app primarily features simple illustrations complemented with games and intuitive navigation. The app also provides information on the latest CR report.

The "We Care" app received the German CSR prize in the special Innovation category from the International Forum for Sustainability and Future Viability. The app also received the "Goldener Funke" business communication award as the best CR communication tool as well as the Econ Award in gold for corporate communication in the "Digital Applications" category. Sustainability you can enjoy.

Deutsche Telekom's online portal is targeted at people who want to combine being green with enjoyment. The portal provides information and tips at a glance on environmental, social and health-related themes. Topics range from nutrition, health and fashion to energy, the environment and travel.

Customer communication through social media.

We want to give our customers and other Telekom stakeholders a variety of options for getting in touch with us. In addition to our service offers, we also engage in dialog with these groups on different online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. More and more people are following us in these networks. Deutsche Telekom AG's Facebook page already has around 31,100 fans (last update: December 2012) and some 36,700 people follow our Twitter profile, Deutschetelekom (last update: December 2012).

Customer assistance through the Feedback Community.
The website has been the place to go for all of Telekom's social media offers since June 2012. The website offers content across all media. The Telekom service team—otherwise known as our Feedback Community—answers questions about products and services on the site. In addition to our Facebook and Twitter pages, the website also features our Telekom blog, which we started in 2010. The blog complements the Group's traditional press activities. People can also access a number of current reports on innovations at the Group on our YouTube channel.

Magyar Telekom: Integrating sustainability into sales activities.

Magyar Telekom, Deutsche Telekom's Hungarian subsidiary, published for the first time in April 2012 a mobile device catalog that provides information about the sustainability aspects of different products and labels the mobile devices' sustainability features.

These include:

  • Mercury and arsenic-free display
  • PVC-freeFree of nickel, brominated or chlorinated elements and antimony trioxide
  • Packaging made of 100 percent reusable materials
  • Charger more energy-efficient than even the highest standards
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Made of 100 percent reusable materials
  • Reminder to pull out the charger
  • Designed for disadvantaged people (e.g., the elderly, people with disabilities, etc.)

Magyar Telekom indicates the sustainable features in its device catalogs. The sustainability evaluation of the mobile devices comes from the supplier, however, who is also responsible for such statements.

Cosmote—"Our world is you."

Cosmote's corporate campaign in the reporting period was once again its "Our World is You" Program, which serves to enhance the company's contribution to society and bonding with customers. Through this corporate campaign Cosmote invited its subscribers to send their wishes "for a better world" via Facebook to inspire the company to take action in the field of social work and volunteering.

More than 13,000 people responded and made suggestions via Facebook to show Cosmote how to "make the world a little better". The company selected a number of ideas for a better world that were to be realized with their help. In this context, Cosmote launched a groundbreaking Family Support Program in 2012 in collaboration with the Solidarity and Support Center of the City of Athens (KYADA) to provide in-kind and psychological support to families in distress. Through the Program Cosmote provided food, clothing and other necessities, toys, books, Internet access, as well as support by psychologists and KYADA social workers to a total of 200 families for a whole year. What's more, 40 Cosmote employees contributed to the "Our world is you" program by participating in the renovation of the KYADA building and by collecting things like clothes, books, etc.

The "Our World is You" program also has an internal dimension. Several of the wishes mailed by Cosmote employees have already come true. In May 2012, for example, the walls of the Customer Care building were painted in bright colors and with striking designs to cheer up both employees and customers.

OTE & Cosmote: Tracking surveys show CR leadership in telecom sector.

In a mobile telephony tracking study conducted in 2012, 46 percent of the participants—residents of Athens and Thessaloniki—mentioned Cosmote as the most socially responsible mobile telephony company in Greece. The mobile telephony company ranked second in this category scored a mere 10 percent while 37 percent of the respondents did not select any mobile telephony company in the "Social responsibility" category. The Cosmote score was 13 percentage points higher than the previous year, when the company also came out top.

In a tracking study for fixed telephony/Internet providers conducted in 2012, 28 percent of the participants—residents of Athens, Salonica, urban, semi-urban and rural areas in Greece—mentioned OTE as the most socially responsible fixed telephony company/Internet provider in Greece. The company ranked second in this survey was chosen only by 5 percent of the participants, whereas 55 percent were unable to mention any socially responsible company. In the 2012 tracking study for 2012 OTE achieved the same score as in 2011 in this category, and was ranked first both years.

A campaign for the hearing-impaired in Slovakia.

During a Hearing-Impaired Week in September 2012 Slovak Telekom ran a "Love does not need words" campaign with the aim of raising public awareness of the presence of hearing-impaired people in society, and to mark the tenth anniversary of the company's support for this group of people. On International Hearing-Impaired Day (30 September) all Slovak Telekom's commercials were shown in sign language —the first time any company had done this in Slovakia. "We would like people to think more about the hearing-impaired in everyday life. They are just like us, but simply have a few more obstacles in life," says Andrej Gargulák, head of Corporate Communications at Slovak Telekom.

During the campaign almost 35,000 people visited a dedicated website and Slovak Telekom undertook several activities on Facebook to bring the significance of this issue home to people. One was a "Read my lips" app in which people can try to guess what a person is saying by reading their lips. People could also put a badge in their profile picture saying "I love you" in sign language. Although sign language is not international, this "I love you" sign is familiar to all hearing-impaired people around the world. Slovak Telekom also posted the sign in all its shops where the basics of sign language are spoken so people can easily identify them. Last but not least, a special mood film the company shot about a hearing-impaired girl was posted on Facebook and YouTube.

Slovak Telekom also ran a fund-raising campaign for the hearing-impaired from September 19 to October 31, 2012. A special online app enabled people to draw a picture and the company promised to donate one euro for every drawing in order to pay for a special course for hearing-impaired business people. A total of 1,066 drawings were submitted and Slovak Telekom tripled this sum to enable the course to take place.

Information on environmental protection in the Czech Republic.

T-Mobile Czech Republic: informing customers about eco-friendly activities.
In 2012, in a customer brochure entitled "Partner solutions" T-Mobile Czech included a two-page article focusing on the environment, cutting CO2 emissions and reducing a customer's environmental footprint through telecommunication services and remote work products (e.g., home office, teleworking, etc.). The company regularly included in the invoices sent to customers specific information about the need to recycle cell phones and the possibility of switching to online billing. The number of online bill activations is continuously increasing and has now reached a total of around 550,000.

The company's environmental activities are also being communicated on the T-Mobile Czech CSR webpage and at several conferences focusing on this topic.

Green ICT  in the Czech Republic.
ICT is an intrinsically energy-consuming business—and a challenge for most companies. Green ICT , in contrast, is a win-win situation for both business and the environment because a company's entire ICT technology is moved to a virtual data center ("cloud computing") with dynamic hardware allocation and operation systems, database and web server management. T-Systems Czech held various Green ICT  presentations at the Czech-American Chamber of Commerce for interested public and business representatives where the focus was on green solutions and security issues.

In the reporting period, T-Systems Czech also translated and modified an international sustainability and ICT report in order to make it available to a broader Czech audience.

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