Employee recruitment.

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We need competent and creative employees at all levels and in all areas of our company, whether apprentices, students on cooperative programs, young people at the start of their careers, or experts and executives with professional experience. Our forward-thinking human resources and talent policies help make our company more attractive. We are intensifying our profile on the global job market with our The Great Experience campaign. The international subsidiaries are also honing their message of exactly what it is that makes them attractive as an employer, showing future employees why they can gain unique, valuable experience at Telekom.

Successful recruiting.

Deutsche Telekom's image as an attractive employer continues to grow, as attested by the host of awards received in Germany and Europe during 2012. The Career's Best Recruiters study gave us the silver seal in 2013 as the best telecommunications company. The Austrian government commended T-Mobile Austria for being the country's best training provider in 2012. Our Hungarian subsidiary, Magyar Telekom, was crowned Best Employer in 2012. The company has regularly received awards for its reputation as a quality employer since 2008. What's more, Telekom was also the recipient of many awards in Germany during 2012, especially for its diversity activities diversity activities and online communication with talented young people using social media, the external Telekom career website and Telekom Job World. Telekom was able to successfully hire on 3,970 new employees in 2012.

Deutsche Telekom is also further expanding its international recruiting activities systematically to compensate for the lack of skilled workers in Germany. At the start of 2012, we launched a new international career website, the Global Career site with links to numerous countries. 70 percent of the website's users are international. The website also features our global job search. Employees can use the search to find any available positions at 19 international subsidiaries. The website also includes a link to the Facebook fan sites of nine international subsidiaries.

Internal and external recruiting standards are regulated throughout the Group by the Global Recruiting Declaration. 95 recruiters from 16 countries use the international recruiting community to share experiences and best practices. Our recruiting experts continue their development in international projects within the scope of the X-Change exchange program as well. This program gives employees in Germany the opportunity to spend between three and six months working at one of our international companies and for employees from our international companies to work in Germany.

Targeted recruitment of female applicants.

We address female applicants with numerous activities in order to tap the potential of this target group and, in particular, to recruit more female junior staff. This helps us increase the number of women at our company and, as a consequence, diversity at the Group. We are also working to up the number of women in managerial positions over the long term. We conducted the following measures to encourage this development in 2012:

  • We proactively offered internships in cooperation with the bachelor's program in computer science and economics for women at the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.
  • Our official partnership with the career network, Femtec, started in January 2012. We gave potential female applicants the opportunity to get some insight into what it's like in the professional world at different contact events.
  • Female applicants were targeted through innovative job offers on our Careers website.
  • "The most successful woman at Telekom" ad campaign was launched to increase women's self-confidence at the workplace.
  • T-Systems participated in the "Dream job: IT expert" contact event in April 2012. There, T-Systems campaigned for more women to apply for jobs in the information technology sector.
  • Deutsche Telekom participated in the women&work and womanpower career trade fairs. The visitors at the woman&work trade fair voted for us to receive the Female Recruiting Award for our excellent advice and consulting efforts.
Employee recruitment: Leader in the use of social media.

Unlike a few years ago, today's applicants expect to be able to get direct insight into a company and what their future job could entail by using social media. Telekom has been one of the top German DAX 30 companies for years now with its Web 2.0 involvement. We were able to further solidify this position in 2012 by taking first place for the third year in a row in the HR social media activities of DAX 30 companies. In the Online Talent Communication study conducted by Potentialpark, a consulting firm, which assesses corporate activities on social media, career sites, online applications and mobile recruiting, we improved our ranking from 5th place in 2012 to 2nd place in 2013. We were also ranked second in the subcategory, social medial communication, which focuses on a company's Facebook and Twitter activities as well as the overall appearance of the career blog. Potentialpark surveyed around 30,000 people looking for employment worldwide for the study. We also came in first place in the "Social web activities" category in the Careers Best Recruiters study in 2012.

After receiving first place in 2012, Telekom launched an initiative of the same name, Careers Best Recruiters, on its Facebook careers site. Recruiters regularly introduce themselves there and present career-related topics, such as getting a job at the company through the Start up! program, the German federal government's grant program or internship opportunities at Telekom. The recruiters also answer users' questions. Fourteen recruiters gave advice in 2012 within the scope of this initiative. We were able to reach some 48,000 users from June through December alone. Our European subsidiaries are also increasing their use of Web 2.0 to communicate with their customers and other external stakeholders.

Deutsche Telekom was one of the first companies to reach a new level in HR marketing with the Your Idea! crowdsourcing project, which was completed in 2012, by having the target group develop an application aimed at itself. Telekom asked students and graduates to come up with an idea for an application for the TelekomKarriere Facebook fan page and a way to incorporate it into the online Careers website. We received 82 suggestions. The winning concept, Join Telekom—Match! was incorporated onto our Facebook fan page and our Careers website in May 2012. With the app, applicants can learn more about the corporate culture by taking a playful quiz on the Guiding Principles.

Telekom Job World: Apply in just five minutes.
Deutsche Telekom launched its new Telekom Job World initiative in May 2012. The initiative speeds up the application and recruiting process. Candidates with job experience only need five minutes to apply for available positions. Thanks to links to external job portals like Monster and StepStone and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, our job offers are reaching a considerably larger number of applicants than ever before. Another attractive feature is the inclusion of recruiting videos so that managers can address the applicants personally. Recruiting experts can also upload their personal Xing profile with the job description, making the offer more authentic and tangible. The fact that the Telekom Job World initiative is highly innovative and user friendly was confirmed by the Online Talent Communication study with second place in the online application subcategory.

Jobs for friends initiative.
Telekom has had very good experiences with its Jobs for Friends initiative, which was launched in Customer Service in 2010. Employees are asked to recommend people they know for available positions at the company. Telekom guarantees that those recommended will be invited to an initial interview and, if we decide to hire them, the person who made the recommendation receives a voucher or bonus. Our success rate is around 55 percent. Out of 445 recommendations made by employees in 2012, we hired 246 new employees.

Pros Looking for Pros.
The T-Systems program, Pros Looking for Pros, is also based on Telekom employees recommending Telekom as an employer to their friends. In 2012, 183 recommendations made by T-Systems employees led to a total of 92 new hires—a high success rate as well.

Successful start for students and graduates.

We successfully continued our entry-level offers for graduates in 2012: the entry program, Start up!, and the direct entry program, Jump in!.

Start up! is our Group-wide entry program for ambitious university graduates. Participants benefit from project placements at home and abroad, with mentoring provided by experienced executives. Graduates of Start up! gain a comprehensive insight into our Group and build their own interdepartmental network of contacts.

In 2012, 29 graduates from different countries, 13 of whom were women, began working for Telekom through our Start up! program. Over the course of the 15-to-18-month program, participants tackle challenging assignments in different business areas in line with the corporate strategy, Compete—Transform—Innovate. A personal mentor works with them closely during this time.

We also offer Jump in!, i.e. direct entry into a preferred job field at Telekom, where new employees receive special support during the first 24 months with accompanying measures.

Flexible internships.
The Bologna university reform substantially restricts the timing options for students doing internships. In order to give students the opportunity to make the connection between theory and praxis, Telekom has developed an internship model, the Flexikum, which gives students the chance to do an internship with flexible hours. The hours spent at the office are customized in consultation with the area the intern is working for to meet the intern's personal needs. In 2012, Telekom increased awareness of the new offer with a communication campaign.

360 grants in Germany by 2014.
Deutsche Telekom has been supporting the German federal government's grant program since the 2011 summer semester. In 2012, a total of 94 grant recipients received financial support, a third of whom were involved in master's programs and two thirds of whom were in bachelor programs. They were also encouraged with individual internships, network events and regular dialog with the Telekom management. The program focuses on promoting STEM  degree programs. The Group will have sponsored a total of 360 students under the German grant program by 2014.

Actively targeting potential candidates.

Telekom uses a series of events and programs to recruit students, graduates and people with job experience. Our goal is to position Telekom as an attractive employer and show potential candidates the variety of career opportunities available at our company.

Ambassadors at universities and field trips to the company.
Telekom had a network of more than 500 ambassadors in 2012, i.e. experts and managers who give guest lectures or talks at universities. The personal contact that results contributes significantly to improving our image as an attractive employer. In 2012, we also continued to pursue the new Insights@Telekom format that gives students the chance to really see what it's like to work at the company with field trips to selected Telekom departments. Some 280 participants took advantage of this offer in 2012 by attending a total of 13 Insight events.

Campus BeatBreak: Dance performance in the cafeteria.
Telekom launched a guerilla marketing campaign in the 2012/2013 winter term with Campus BeatBreak, which was combined with a Facebook application. Dancers gave what appeared to be a spontaneous performance in the cafeteria at different universities during the main lunch hour. The dance was a humorous interpretation of what it's like to look for a job and then finally starting a career at Telekom. The performance was also an invitation for students to participate in a Facebook competition with their own dance video. The Telekom Facebook community helped rate the submissions, which also helped us attract a large number of new Facebook fans.

Applicant numbers increasing thanks to school student marketing.

Telekom is getting increasing numbers of applicants for technical cooperative study programs as well as applications from young women thanks to its successful marketing activities among school students. We offer information on career choices in our award-winning magazine for young people, reif, which is published in an engaging format. We invite students to take a virtual, playful look behind the scenes at Telekom by visiting our Knowledge changes everything platform, which we set up in November 2010. The platform is based on the needs and user behavior of our target group. Our participation this year in the major Ideenpark event in Essen was also well-received. The organizers of the family event describe it as being Germany's largest event for experiencing innovation and technology with around 320,000 visitors in 2012 alone. Telekom encouraged visitors to explore, presented itself as an attractive company and employer and talked about the importance of encouraging the study of STEM  subjects at two trade fair stands and in two workshops with around 170 participants in total. The highlight of Telekom's stand was a digital waterfall where visitors could display their SMS messages.