Financial indicators.

Net value added.

The figures on net value added indicate the extent to which individual stakeholders of the Group participate in the company's performance in the form of wages or taxes, for example. Deutsche Telekom’s net value added is the result of adding sales revenue to cash inflow from the sale of assets less operating costs and other expenditure. Net added value increased to EUR 31.2 billion in 2012 from EUR 31.1 billion in the previous year.

Net value added.

Reporting against standards.
With this KPI, we fully cover the EC 1 GRI performance indicator (Direct economic value generated and distributed).

Net revenue, EBITDA and net profit.

A detailed definition of our financial KPIs is available at

Net revenue, EBITDA/EBITDA margin (adjusted for special factors), and net profit of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Personnel costs and personnel cost ration.

The personnel cost ratio came to 23.2 percent during the reporting period, the same result as in the previous year.

Personnel costs and personnel cost ration for the Deutsche Telekom Group worldwide.

By operating segments, per employee (FTE), in thousands of EUR.

Revenue per employee.

Group‐wide revenue per full‐time equivalent (FTE ) increased during the reporting period to EUR 250,000.

Revenue per employee.

In thousands of EUR.