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The AA1000  (AccountAbility 1000) standard developed by the non-profit organization "Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility" has the goal of increasing the credibility and quality of sustainability reporting and improving reporting processes and systems.

The core element of the modules offered by AA1000  is the integration of stakeholders into the internal sustainability process of the company/organization. It requires the adherence to three principles:

  1. Inclusivity: Integration of relevant stakeholders in the development and implementation of CR activities
  2. Materiality: Definition of essential topics and their relevance and significance for the organization and its stakeholders
  3. Responsiveness: The response to topics which are relevant for its stakeholders within the scope of corresponding actions and activities as well as accompanying communications measures
ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line)

ADSL for private end-customer lines: Technology used to transmit data at fast rates (between 16 kbit/s and 640 kbit/s upstream, up to 8 Mbit/s downstream) via standard copper wire pairs in the local loop within a radius of approx. three kilometers. Also see DSL.


ADSL2+: Successor product to ADSL that raises the maximum data rate to 16 Mbit/s (downstream) or 1 Mbit/s (upstream). See also DSL.

All IP

All-IP  is a data transmission technology enabling all media services such as TV, telephony and Internet to be operated in an IT network that is based on the Internet Protocol (IP ). All applications are transmitted in standardized data packets so that devices and services can exchange data and communicate with each other.


App  stands for application and denotes any type of application program. In the narrower sense, apps are programs that can be directly downloaded to a smartphone or tablet PC from an online shop. They offer diverse functions such as timetable information, games and translations.

Apple iOS

Apple iOS  is the operating system for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices by Apple. It is based on the computer operating system Mac OS X.


ATM  (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is a transmission standard in which data is encoded and transferred in small packets (cells).


An audit is a systematic examination of products, processes or systems. An audit checks whether the quality-related activities and their results correspond to the requirements and are suitable for achieving the set objectives. Audits are performed by internal or external auditors specifically trained for this purpose.