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OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)

OECD was founded in 1961 with its head office in Paris. It is a an international organization of 31 countries, which are committed to democracy and the market economy. It consists almost exclusively of industrial countries, and is dedicated to sustainable growth, employment and free world trade. It supports a best practice exchange and is seen as one of the most reliable sources for comparative studies on economic and social trends. In its guiding principles for multinational corporations, OECD defined the rules for responsible corporate activities, thereby helping to establish the term CR.

Oekom (oekom research AG)

Since 1993, the oekom research rating agency has assessed and compared national and international organizations, thus paving the way for sustainable investment in Europe.

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001  (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) is the internationally recognized specification for occupational health and safety management systems. OHSAS 18001  is compatible with ISO 9001  and ISO 14001  and aims to support organizations with fulfilling their obligations in regard to health and safety in the workplace in an efficient manner.

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001  (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) is one of the most significant standards worldwide for operating occupational health and safety management systems and is used as the basis for certification in many countries.

Omnibus survey

An omnibus survey is a survey "for everyone" (Latin = omnibus). It is used in empirical field research and compiles questions from different clients in one survey.