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The research and development institute that Telekom opened in Berlin in 2005. It is an affiliated institute of Technische Universität Berlin and gives top scientists from all over the world the chance to work in an attractive research environment. The institute's work focuses on the development of innovative services and solutions for Telekom customers.


TDM  (Time Division Multiplex) is a method used for transmitting signals and messages in which data is compiled and then transmitted as bundled data.

Thin clients

Thin clients  are workstations whose operating system and software are located on central servers. Thin clients  only run software that is required for accessing the applications hosted centrally.

Three-pronged innovation strategy

Our "three-pronged innovation strategy" is designed to generate growth from innovation in three different ways: through in-house developments, partnerships and equity investments. The central focus is placed on benefit for our customers.

TRI*M (Measure, Manage, Monitor)

TRI*M is a worldwide leading customer retention and stakeholder management system. It is used to assess and manage stakeholder groups on a common basis. It offers a number of different tools. Probably the best known is the TRI*M™ Index. It uses a single indicator to show the quality of customer loyalty. Depending on individual needs, it is possible to analyze the entire customer base or merely defined segments.

Triple play products

Triple play is a marketing term that has been in use in telecommunications since around 2005 to refer to combined offers of three services: audio-visual entertainment (television, video on-demand), (IP ) telephony and Internet.


Twitter is a website through which short messages are disseminated in real-time. Private individuals, organizations, companies and media enter their so-called tweets here, which are text messages containing 140 characters or less.