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  • EMF Policy signed by all of Telekom's European mobile subsidiaries.
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At Telekom we are convinced that mobile communications technology can be used without health concerns if specific threshold values are complied with. They are based on current findings of independent German and international expert committees that continue to evaluate all relevant studies and research results. Recognized expert organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) have repeatedly verified the current limit values for mobile communications over the past few years, thereby confirming the safe use of this technology.

Nevertheless, mobile communications continues to be a source of concern among the general public when it comes to possible health risks. We hope to ease these fears by providing scientifically sound, transparent information. We will only be able to run a successful business and systematically drive network expansion if our technology is widely accepted by the people. That is why Telekom engages in open dialog with all stakeholders involved in network expansion including communities, skeptical organizations, interested residents and customers.

Our principles on how to handle mobile communications and health responsibly are specified in Deutsche Telekom's EMF  Policy.

EMF Policy.

EMF  is short for electromagnetic fields, the physical requirements for transmitting any signals via radio. In order to ensure a responsible approach to the topic of mobile communications and health, we have set a clear framework for our related activities with our EMF Policy. The policy contains minimum requirements in the area of mobile communications and health. With it, we are committing ourselves to more transparency, information, participation and financial support of independent research on mobile communications, far beyond that which is stipulated by legal requirements.

Our international subsidiaries are following suit: the managing boards at all of Telekom's mobile communications subsidiaries in Europe have signed the EMF  Policy. We evaluate compliance with this policy in great depth every two to three years so that we can improve certain aspects and develop solutions in different working groups such as the EMF  Core Team and the EMF  Technical Working Group. These working groups also work to encourage Group-wide exchange between Group Headquarters and mobile communications subsidiaries. New initiatives are developed and experience gained in pursuing various strategies is discussed in this context. One of our areas of focus in 2012 was developing easily comprehensible information on DECT telephony, WLAN and safety. Internal and external experts from the areas of health, safety and measurement technology conducted training courses with internal specialists on the latest research findings in these areas. International Deutsche Telekom experts were also working to evaluate new technologies from a technical standpoint.

Download : Background document on the EMF Policy

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Telekom approved its EMF  Policy addressing a responsible approach to mobile communications and health in March 2004. It contains mandatory recommendations for the international subsidiaries. These are implemented in different markets in line with local circumstances and requirements. In 2011, Deutsche Telekom defined standardized minimum requirements for the mobile communications and health area in collaboration with the international subsidiaries. These requirements are also specified in the EMF  Policy.