“Yes, I can!” initiative.

  • "Yes, I can!" initiative sponsors 123 projects with up to EUR 10,000.
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  • The "Yes I can!" initiative receives the UN Decade Education for Sustainable Development award for the second time.
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With our "Yes, I can!" initiative, we fund projects in Germany that help give children and young people from difficult social backgrounds greater confidence. We want to help them pursue their own educational and professional goals. In 2012, we also supplied funding for various projects for children and young people from disadvantaged areas; 123 of the projects submitted to the initiative were supported with up to EUR 10,000. Since the initiative's launch in 2009, we have provided financing for over 350 projects, some EUR 2.5 million in total. We will be making over EUR 500,000 available again in the year 2013. Our "Yes I can!" initiative was awarded the UN Decade Education for Sustainable Development award for the second time on February 28, 2012.

The "Yes, I can!" initiative, an association founded the previous year by Deutsche Telekom employees, managers and board members, began working on projects officially in early 2012 and has been actively engaged in pursuing the work of the initiative launched by Deutsche Telekom in 2009 ever since. Founding the association provides more leeway for support. The association hopes to be able to support more institutions and projects that encourage young people in Germany through specific donation campaigns. The first member meeting was held in May 2012.

123 projects sponsored in 2012.

A jury selected 123 projects from among more than 600 applicants in 2012 to receive support of a maximum of EUR 10,000 each. The methodological focus was taking a peer-to-peer approach. Projects in which children and young people take on mentoring and advisory roles or teach each other specific skills were particularly welcome. The projects addressed the focal topic creatively in a variety of ways. Participants took part in mentor programs and different training courses, including qualification as nutrition and legal advisors, mediators and nature scouts. Projects in which children and teenagers learned how to identify their own specific skills and then pass them on to others were conducted as well.

2013 annual topic: Fairness and respect.
The "Yes, I can!" initiative launched its fifth call for submissions in 2013. Projects and institutions that are active in the community had the chance to apply for support from the initiative from February 20 through April 2, 2013. With this year's topic, "Fairness and respect," the "Yes, I can!" initiative hopes to help people learn to appreciate and treat each other with respect, thereby preventing abusive situations.

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The "Yes, I can!" initiative supports projects that allow children and teenagers to discover and explore their own abilities and in which they have the chance to develop personal and career perspectives. Open youth work projects for children and teenagers that are targeted toward young people from difficult backgrounds can apply to receive up to EUR 10,000 in financial support during the annual call for submissions. The projects supported range from teaching everyday skills and projects with a media-based or cultural focus to programs offering new experiences.

The "Yes I can!" project network.

During the reporting period, we continued to successively promote networking among the sponsored organizations and projects. As part of these efforts, we held the third "Yes, I can!" Cup in Berlin in 2012. More than 250 children and young people from sponsored projects all over Germany came to the capital and competed in 32 teams in the soccer competition. In addition to keeping track of the score, we also recognized fair play this year for the first time. The "Yes, I can!" initiative invited all of the highest scoring teams to attend a soccer game and a fair play workshop in Berlin in November 2012. A total of 62 children and teenagers attended the event. The initiative also launched the "Look what I can do!" competition. Children from the sponsored institutions had the chance to submit a photo, video clip or picture that they drew of situations where they learned something new and interesting or discovered a new ability that they or someone else has. The three winners, who were selected by a jury and via online voting, were invited to attend a two-day photography workshop in Berlin.

UN Decade award.

The "Yes, I can!" initiative received the UN Decade Education for Sustainable Development award on February 28, 2012, for the second time. The award is presented every two years. The chairman of the national committee, Prof. Dr. Gerhard de Haan, and the Secretary-General of the German UNESCO  commission, Roland Bernecker, presented the award at an international workshop in Bonn. At the workshop, experts from all over the world discussed a variety of topics revolving around education for sustainable development.

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