• engagement@telekom as a central platform for social commitment.

The fast technological change taking place in society offers a range of opportunities. However, at the same time, it represents a risk for social cohesion. As a responsible enterprise, our aims must therefore include enabling as many people as possible to participate in the information and knowledge society. This is one of the goals involved in our action area "Connect the Unconnected," which we have set forth in our CR strategy. To allow us to reach people in different phases and situations of their lives, we have placed our social commitment on a broad basis and focused it in our engagement@telekom program.

The activities conducted as part of the engagement@telekom platform during the reporting period focused on corporate giving and corporate volunteering. Various projects to promote media skills were launched in this context. For example, we provided school students with information about data privacy and security, provided training on how to use cell phones for people with disabilities and conducted campaigns for the European Year for Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations.

The engagement@telekom platform was one of our focal points in 2012 in our collaboration with international subsidiaries. The agenda of the CR Manager Network meetings, held in Bonn in April and in Vienna in November, included workshops lasting several hours and an opportunity to share best practices on how to conduct corporate volunteering and corporate giving. Between the meetings, the Manager Network worked on introducing standardized relevant performance indicators.

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engagement@telekom: This platform shows our broad commitment to supporting the society we live in—both as a company and through the volunteer efforts of our employees. Overall, the engagement@telekom platform provides support at three levels: