Corporate volunteering & corporate giving.

  • The Millionen Lauf run pulls in one million euros in donations to benefit the "Ein Herz für Kinder" children's charity.
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  • 14,829 employees participate in 380 Social Days.
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Telekom supports and encourages the volunteer efforts of its employees (corporate volunteering) and uses the positive effects of team activities to promote human resources development. We also make corporate donations (corporate giving) worldwide to support non-profit organizations, to recognize our employees' volunteer efforts and to provide fast aid to the victims of disaster. We frequently give our employees the chance to help us decide where our donations will go, as we did in 2012 when we asked them to decide where we should donate the proceeds from this year's Christmas campaign. This year our employees also decided where we should donate the penalties paid by users of high-emissions cars from our company car fleet with higher mobility costs and higher pollution levels (see Green Car Policy).

Corporate volunteering program in Germany.

As part of the engagement@telekom initiative, we have set up an Internet platform to encourage our staff to do voluntary work. In addition to providing information on current projects that employees can participate in, the platform also gives them the chance to suggest their own projects and find people who want to volunteer. They can also apply for funding for their volunteer projects. Many employees take advantage of this offer. By late 2012, more than 300 projects, project suggestions and requests for volunteers had been posted on the portal. engagement@telekom supports these projects with up to EUR 250,000 each year.

Employees can also use our volunteer mosaic intranet tool to present their volunteer activities and talk about what motivates them to volunteer their time. Employees had posted more than 158 entries there by the end of 2012. The mosaic was used to spell out the word DANKE ("THANKS") on Volunteer Day and then used in internal communication. We also gave the BBE organization (Bundesnetzwerk bürgerschaftliches Engagement) access to the mosaic tool for their 10-year anniversary. The BBE is using the tool as a community involvement mosaic.

Integration into training programs.
In 2012, Deutsche Telekom continued to expand its corporate volunteering activities under the engagement@telekom program and optimized the integration of corporate volunteering into the company's training programs. Many of our 9,300 trainees and students on cooperative degree courses volunteered for a good cause this year as well. We present an award to the most effective project each year at our Responsibility wins! competition as a way of honoring the community involvement of our trainees. At the awards ceremony in February 2013, a team from Rottweil received first place for coming up with suggestions for improving barrier-free access at three Telekom shops in the region.

Award for taking responsibility.
Deutsche Telekom once again received numerous awards in 2012 commending the quality of its involvement in the community. In June 2012, Deutsche Telekom received the internationally renowned Ethical Cooperation Award 2012, presented by the online magazine, Ethical Corporation, for its successful cell phone recycling campaign in 2011 to benefit the children's charity organization, Ein Herz für Kinder. The German Red Cross (DRK) blood donation service also presented the company with the Helping Hand award for its many years of support. Deutsche Telekom also received the Tafelteller award from the German Tafel food bank (Deutsche Tafel) for the third time. The SOS Children's Village project received two awards, one at the Deutsche Telekom Responsibility wins! competition and first place in the U21 category for participants ages 21 and under in the regional competition held by the Deutscher Bürgerpreis organization (prize presented to German citizens for their involvement in the community).

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In fall 2010, Telekom in Germany introduced a comprehensive corporate volunteering concept as part of engagement@telekom, which consists of three main components:

  • An intranet portal gives employees tips on volunteering in their free time as well as contact information for participating in activities and the opportunity to talk about their experiences with other involved colleagues.
  • Corporate volunteering is being integrated into employee training and development.
  • Employees can apply at Deutsche Telekom for funding for charitable projects. 1,000 applications submitted by employees within the scope of engagement@telekom are approved each year, and the company makes donations totaling EUR 250,000. To receive funding, employees have to be involved in volunteering for the organization in their free time and the organization's activities need to relate to one of the three strategic CR action areas.
Special events for volunteering.

Our employees were once again able to volunteer their time at numerous special events. Deutsche Telekom supported the Community Volunteering Week held by the BBE organization (Bundesnetzwerks Bürgerschaftliches Engagement) from September 24 through October 3, 2012, as well as International Volunteer Day on December 5, 2012.

Community Volunteering Week.
This year, the third Group-wide Guiding Principles Day, which is devoted to living out Deutsche Telekom's corporate values, took place during the BBE's Community Volunteering Week from September 24 through October 3, 2012. Numerous employees throughout Germany used the opportunity to support Deutsche Telekom partner organizations. Trainees from Saarbrücken donated EUR 350 earned in a button sales campaign to the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS). During Community Volunteering Week, Telekom trainees in Berlin spent a day working together with the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and employees from the Randstad temp agency in the neighborhood of Berlin-Marzahn on the BolleKids project sponsored by the Straßenkinder e.V. organization to help children living on the streets. In Bonn, Deutsche Telekom employees conducted a cell phone workshop for mentally disabled residents of the Lebenshilfe organization centers, and Telekom teams helped the Bonn city forestry department get the Bonner Stadtwald park ready for winter.

The joint campaign conducted by Deutsche Telekom and the BBE organization within the scope of Community Volunteering Week was presented as an example of best practice at the BBE Government and Business stakeholder day on December 10, 2012. Deutsche Telekom has also been supporting the BBE network development project since July 2012 within the context of its membership in the BBE organization. The goal of the project is to better mobilize the network's current resources and potential and make these easier to use.

International Volunteer Day.
Telekom used the occasion of International Volunteer Day on December 5, 2012, to motivate its employees to get involved and to recognize those who already volunteer. Partner organizations presented their activities and their collaboration with Telekom in Germany at company headquarters in Bonn. Representatives from the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS), the Bonn Tafel food bank and the Deutschland Hilft non-profit association as well as the Telekom Foundation attended the event. Numerous employee volunteer efforts were also presented at an exhibition. Head of Human Resources at Telekom Deutschland, Dietmar Welslau, recognized ten "life savers" whose bone marrow donation gave leukemia patients the chance at a new life in 2012. Two Deutsche Telekom employees also got to meet the recipients of their donations within the scope of International Volunteer Day, a four-year-old boy and a sixty-five-year-old man.

Telekom employees also donated high-quality, non-perishable foodstuffs to the Bonner Tafel food bank at the event. The Group had asked its employees to contribute a donation to needy people in the region. Donations were handed in on December 5.

14,829 volunteering employees.

In the context of the engagement@telekom program, 14,829 employees did volunteer work in 2012, e.g., as part of one of the 380 Social Days. They volunteered at schools and day care centers, conducted initiatives to improve media skills, participated in typing drives for DKMS, the German bone marrow donor center, and volunteered for the environment. Such volunteering work often results in long-term involvement and regular joint activities.

In April, for example, eight Telekom employees painted the classrooms at a school in the German Rhein-Sieg district; in May, twelve Telekom managers helped volunteers of the food bank in Dortmund. We also took part in various activities as part of our partnership with the Lebenshilfe organization, in which we have been involved for many years. Telekom employees redesigned the garden and patio at a residence for people with mental disabilities within the scope of our Social Days, for example. In addition, employees initiated and conducted many additional projects on their own. Employees from the international subsidiaries volunteered in numerous projects as well.

Employees volunteer for the climate and environment.
Other activities focused on the environment and climate protection. In May 2012, around 70 managers helped plant oak, beech and birch trees in a forested area near Heide, Germany and in October, Telekom employees planted new fruit trees in the Siebengebirge area with advice from the nature conservation organization, Rhein-Sieg Biologische Station.

Widespread corporate volunteering worldwide.

There is a long tradition of corporate volunteering throughout the Deutsche Telekom Group. The year under review was no exception.

Valuable contribution to society in Hungary.
In June 2012, some 200 Magyar Telekom employees and their families took part in Volunteering Day. By the end of December 2012, 596 employees had been involved in seven different volunteering projects. A total of 4622 volunteer working hours were invested and their contribution to society was valued at HUF 21.7 million (EUR (74,366). The volunteering activities undertaken included renovation work in kindergartens, collecting waste, and preparations for a festival (e.g. building a locker for bicycles and building tables and chairs from reused material).

In the context of the Hungarian Digital Bridge program, whose aim is to provide people in remote villages with the possibility of using modern ICT technology and thus counteract the digital divide in society, Magyar Telekom participated in the local art festival at Kapolcs, which took place between 27 July and 5 August 2012. 23 employees of the company were involved in providing internet access and help for the guests at the event.

Volunteering network initiated in Slovakia.
In 2012 T-Systems Slovakia initiated its own volunteering network and organized a variety of activities in which a total of 113 employees were involved. The activities included helping in a dog shelter in spring 2012, participation in Our Town volunteering events in June 2012 (e.g. planting trees and repairing buildings), blood donations, rebuilding a wagon for Košice Children's Railway, a St. Nikolaus Day for children in need, and collecting material things for families in need in December 2012.

During the reporting period, Slovak Telekom organized a volunteering weekend up in the High Tatras where around 50 employees helped to clear roads in a nature preservation area. Volunteering weekends in the High Tatras have been a tradition at Slovak Telekom since 2004.

National Day of the Nature Parks in Bulgaria.
In Bulgaria Globul's annual National Day of the Nature Parks initiative motivated over 2,200 volunteers to collect more than 10 metric tons of waste from the country's natural parks.

"Building a Dream" in Albania.
"Building a Dream" is an employees' team-building and community responsibility program at AMC, the OTE Group's Albanian subsidiary. In 2012, the employee teams involved in "Building a Dream" were assigned to implement childcare and development projects in a number of childcare institutions within a limited timeframe and budget. The teams had to develop a meaningful solution to a problem identified in the chosen institutions, thus improving the lives and contributing to the development of these children. The three teams were made up of 13-14 AMC employees and each one was assigned to work at one institution. Most of the work, e.g. painting, assembling, dissembling, building, etc., was done out of working hours and by the team members themselves.

Furthermore, AMC organized a clean-up campaign on a beach in Spille, Kavaja. 150 employees took part and some also invited their friends or family to join in as well. A tree-planting and cleaning activity involving 50 AMC employees was staged in December 2012.

T-Mobile for Macedonia Foundation involved in humanitarian projects.
In the reporting period the T-Mobile for Macedonia Foundation was involved in the following humanitarian projects:

  • For the tenth year in succession, T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom employees took part in the New Year Caravan project, organizing plays and distributing presents – personal New Year packages they had put together – to 1,000 needy children throughout Macedonia during the last week of December.
  • In 2012 T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom employees once again took part in a Humanitarian Giant Slalom where their participation fees were donated to an NGO known as "Give us wings", which helps people with dysfunctions, handicaps, rare diseases and special needs.

Volunteering Day in Croatia.
During the reporting period Hrvatski Telekom organized a volunteering day involving over 80 employees, with each one working for four hours to refurbishing the playground of a kindergarten that accommodates some 200 children. The company donated EUR 3,500 to this project.

T-Mobile USA: Huddle Up community outreach program.
T-Mobile Huddle Up is T-Mobile USA's national community outreach and employee volunteer program that connects kids, primarily from single-parent families in high-need, urban communities, to positive people, places and programs, especially during the after-school timeframe. In the reporting period ten T-Mobile Huddle Up service days were held. Between June and September 2012, T-Mobile embarked on its annual Huddle Up community outreach program, beautifying and donating to ten schools, community centers, and Boys and Girls Clubs around the country. In all 1,650 T-Mobile employees were involved in this community work and performed a total of 13,200 hours of community service. $40,000 was donated in grants.

Projects all over the Czech Republic.
T-Systems Czech supports a variety of projects in the cities it operates in. Employees can propose and vote on which organizations are to be supported. In the reporting period 67 employees – around 10 percent of the company's workforce – were involved. The projects supported included the planting of trees in all cities where the company has an office, help for dear or elderly people and children, a charity football cup and fund-raising campaigns in Prague, support for a children's project in Brno, IT support and a fund-raising campaign in České Budějovice, and support and IT training for elementary school teachers in Mladá Boleslav.

625 employees from T-Mobile Czech participated in a volunteering project known as One Day For People in Need. The project enables employees to volunteer to work at an NGO for one day and get paid by the company. In many cases, the employees in question share their know-how with people from specific communities.

CR intranet site keeps employees informed.
Telekom Iberia has an intranet site that is used to publish reports on selected employee volunteering projects, details of all solidarity activities and calls for help if some emergency or disaster occurs. During 2012 reports on two solidarity projects were published. Operacion Kilo, a campaign that involves donating food to the needy, is organized by a Telekom Iberia employee. Another Telekom Iberia employee is involved in the Turkana project, which aims to improve the health and nutrition of 800 under 6-year-olds attending 12 nutritional units in the Turkana area.

Collecting pens for recycling to support Adiflor.
A partnership with an association known as Adiflor enables equipment to be purchased for schools in Cameroon through T-Systems France employees handing in their old pens for recycling and the money being donated to Adiflor to purchase the school equipment. This recycling campaign is naturally a good move in sustainability terms as well. T-Systems France has built up a strong relationship with Adiflor, e.g. through publishing one of their advertisements in the company's Best Practice magazine which is distributed to all its customers.

1,000 Days for Charity in the UK.
Every T-Systems employee is permitted one day per year to dedicate to helping a charity of his or her choice. A simple system for booking the time has been devised so the number of days that charities have been supported can be easily recorded. Employees who give their time to charity can voluntarily blog about their day of helping on the T-Systems intranet. To date, nineteen charities have been assisted across the UK, some of these by multiple employees.

Christmas charity activities in Poland and Austria.

Christmas is traditionally a time of giving, and Deutsche Telekom employees are no exception, as the following examples show.

A Christmas Charity Auction organized by PTC, Deutsche Telekom's Polish subsidiary, for the 11th time raised around EUR 35,000 for NGOs working to help children from dysfunctional families or communities. In October and November 2012, 90 employees and their children took part in art and craft workshops where they designed and made 60 cuddly toys and 40 works of art or crafted items. They were auctioned off in the first half of December 2012 at the Christmas Charity Auction where employees could also offer "gifts full of passion", e.g. a free dinner or babysitting evening. Around 1000 employees took part in the auction and PTC doubled the amount of money raised.

Christmas campaign in collaboration with DEBRA.
For Christmas 2012, T-Mobile decided to support the work of the DEBRA Austria self-help organization for "butterfly children" instead of giving Christmas presents to business partners and employees. "Butterfly children" are children whose skin is as sensitive as the wings of a butterfly because of a serious illness. Even the slightest friction can cause their skin to break out in painful blisters or tear open completely.

The T-Mobile seasonal punch stand also toured through Austria for the first time during the Christmas season, earning more than EUR 5,000 that went to help those affected. The donations are being used to help develop a therapy for the serious skin disease, EB (Epidermolysis bullosa).

New donation policy and employee donations.

In 2011 we revised our donation policy in consideration of our CR strategy. The new policy was approved by the Group Board of Management at the end of November 2011. The policy provides guidelines for our company's donation activities, laying the foundation for corporate volunteering and corporate giving activities in the context of engagement@telekom. Under the engagement@telekom program, Telekom donates a total of EUR 250,000 each year to non-profit organizations for which our employees volunteer.

Employees donate to people in need.
Our employees also initiate a number of their own donation campaigns. A total of 27 charities in Germany were presented a donation this year by Telekom customer service to help in their work. The management had given employees the opportunity to support a charity of their choice from their region. Customer service employees throughout Germany were able to distribute a total amount of EUR 40,000. Recipients included the Deutsche Krebshilfe organization to fight cancer, the Bethel hospice for children and young people, the Vestische Klinik hospital for children and young people in Datteln, and the Kinder Hannover e.V. organization for children with cancer.

Employees of the Telekom Shop Gesellschaft had the chance to donate a specific amount based on revenues generated to a non-profit organization for the first time in 2012—a total of EUR 30,000. Telekom employees also donated proceeds from a party in the amount of around EUR 6,000 to day care centers in Bonn, while other employees held a bake sale where they earned EUR 752 that went to support the "Yes, I can!" initiative.

Many employee donations also went to the DKMS, the German bone marrow donor center, with which Telekom has been working for many years. Employees in Oldenburg donated the proceeds from an employee party in the amount of EUR 3,030 to DKMS and apprentices in Berlin donated EUR 500. One employee and his family rode their bikes on a bike tour from Bonn, Germany to Portugal and earned EUR 3,600 in donations for DKMS. The bike tour was sponsored by Telekom under the engagement@telekom program.

Donating time and money to those in need.

Throughout the Group Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries made donations and employees gave time or money to help the needy in their local communities.

Big donations to Greek NGOs.
For the 13th consecutive year, Cosmote offered a share of the revenues from the New Year's SMS & MMS to NGOs for children. This Custom of Love SMS & MMS Campaign resulted in a donation of EUR 320,000 to nine NGOs.

For the 10th consecutive year, OTE donated part of the revenues generated from voice calls on specific dates during the holiday season in 2012 and three NGOs – one of them consisting of 10 charitable non-profit organizations – received a total sum of EUR 230,000 as a result.

NGO donations from customers and employees in Poland.
PTC continued its cooperation with NGOs in Poland in providing a dedicated text messaging service that enables its customers to donate money to charity projects. In 2012 PTC cooperated with 20 NGOs. Last year PTC's customers donated approx. EUR 1 million. SMS charity campaigns are provided free of charge for the NGOs, and 100 percent of the collected resources are always distributed to the beneficiary.

The company's "Together for others" campaign allows employees to donate money to projects of their choice by having the money deducted straight from their paycheck to the United Way Poland Foundation. In 2012, the company collected donations totaling more than EUR 20,000. Through this initiative PTC and its employees have contributed to the financing of over 60 different projects run by the United Way Poland Foundation.

PC and notebooks donated in Czech Republic.
T-Systems in the Czech Republic donated three desktop PCs and one notebook to an organization supporting the deaf; 15 desktop PCs to Říčany u Prahy High School and 20 desktop PCs and 20 notebooks to Mladá Boleslav School to promote higher educational standards through new multimedia projects; and 12 desktop PCs to Bernartice Basic School to open up new educational opportunities for the pupils there.

Various donation activities in Hungary.
In December 2012 Magyar Telekom employees and members of the Sustainability Media Club the company set up sold home-baked cookies. Magyar Telekom matched the money raised in this way and gave a total of HUF 6,037,695 (more than 20,000 EUR) to the SOS Children's Village Foundation. The money raised will go towards funding a therapy room in one of the facilities of the Foundation in the Kecskemét region.

During 2012, Magyar Telekom launched three donation campaigns focusing on specific themes of particular relevance to life in Hungary today: sustainable cities, the power of communities, and sustainable education.

Furthermore, Magyar Telekom's donation line gives individuals the means of supporting a cause that is important to them.

Globul: Bulgaria's biggest corporate donor.
During the reporting period, Globul's social commitment was once again demonstrated by its donations, which were so generous that Globul won a competition for Bulgaria's biggest corporate donor in two categories (Largest Amount of Financial Grants and Most Generous Donor). Over the past year, Globul has invested over EUR 500,000 in programs and initiatives in the key areas of environmental protection, education and social development.

Chocolate Auction in Macedonia helps visually impaired youngsters.
Pozitivo, the T-Mobile for Macedonia Foundation and Tea Moderna organized the third Chocolate Auction in Skopje. 400 guests participated and placed bids for unique chocolate exhibits that were made especially for this occasion. The funds from the auction were donated to the reconstruction of the Dimitar Vlahov School for visually impaired children and young people in Skopje. The T-Mobile for Macedonia Foundation donated a total of EUR 5,000 to the auction and a further EUR 3,000 for Braille machines. Another EUR 5,000 were raised through the Chocolate Auction itself and an auction of pictures so the sum of EUR 13,000 was ultimately donated to the Dimitar Vlahov School.

"Together we are stronger" – annual donation project in Croatia.
Hrvatski Telekom runs an annual donation project entitled "Together we are stronger". It encourages the company's employees to propose ideas for appropriate donation projects. The best ones are selected in line with the Group's CR action areas of "Connected life and work ", "Connect the unconnected" and "Low carbon society" and then communicated to the public via TV commercials, social networks, etc.

The project started at the beginning of May 2012 when all employees were invited to propose suitable projects over a period of two months. A total of 125 projects were proposed and 20 selected. The TV campaign featuring these donation projects commenced in December 2012 and ran until mid January 2013.

Austrian subsidiaries collect donations for AIDS LIFE and the Vienna food bank.
T-Mobile Austria set up an Austrian donation hotline for the third time on May 19, 2012 to benefit the AIDS LIFE organization. Profits went to support a Life Ball donation campaign for the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). The organization's goal is to reduce the number of babies born with HIV in Uganda and Sambia as far as possible by 2015.

The Life Ball is a charity event held in Vienna to support the fight against HIV and AIDS. T-Mobile Austria has been supporting the event as the main sponsor for four years and plans to continue its involvement in 2013.

T-Systems Austria has been supporting the Vienna food bank Wiener Tafel since 2010 in line with its guiding principle "I am T—Count on me." The organization collects consumer goods from industry and retail that cannot be sold due to minor visual defects and brings them to people who need them the most, to more than 9,000 socially disadvantaged people at 80 social facilities like homeless shelters, refugee shelters and shelters for women and children. Up to 3 tons of high-quality food and other "survival goods" are delivered every day. That's five fully loaded delivery trucks driven by volunteers.

In 2012, T-Systems Austria collected goods to sell at the largest flea market in Vienna to benefit the Vienna food bank. They made a total of EUR 1,323 on four different days. Wiener Tafel used the money to help cover fuel costs for 2013.

T-Systems Malaysia Jumble Sale for Charity.
In June 2012 T-Systems Malaysia employees initiated a charity jumble sale over three days and successfully collected RM 11,124 (EUR 2,799) from the sale of home baked cookies, cakes, a variety of rice dishes and noodles as well as items such as bags, books, balloons and many more. 100 percent of the proceeds from this event went to the Malaysia Association Help for the Poor Terminally Ill. This money was used to purchase wheelchairs and other medical supplies and equipments to support the needy across hospitals in Malaysia.

The "Millionen Lauf" charity run and other campaigns to benefit Ein Herz für Kinder.

Staying in shape and helping others is the idea behind the Millionen Lauf charity run with which Deutsche Telekom generated one million euros in donations to benefit the childrens' charity organization, Ein Herz für Kinder, from October through December 2012. Anyone could sign up to participate via a free app to support the common goal - to run a total of one million kilometers together while the campaign was underway. More than 41,000 people signed up throughout Germany. That made the Millionen Lauf the largest charity run to have ever been held in Germany. Deutsche Telekom donated one euro to Ein Herz für Kinder for every kilometer run. Participants could keep track on the campaign website of the current number of kilometers that had been run, which helped them stay motivated. The Bundesliga Stiftung soccer league charity foundation supported the campaign as well. They logged every kilometer that the pros from all of the clubs ran between the 8th and the 16th game day on the Telekom initiative site. The distance totaled around 20,000 kilometers and the Bundesliga Stiftung foundation donated an additional euro for each kilometer run by the athletes. The players from FC Bayern and the Telekom Baskets Bonn as well as boxing world champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko participated in the Millionen Lauf run as well.

Other campaigns to benefit Ein Herz für Kinder.
Deutsche Telekom supported the children's charity organization, Ein Herz für Kinder, with other campaigns in 2012 as well.

  • We donated EUR 10,000 for each goal scored by the German national team during the 2012 European Football Championships, a total of EUR 100,000.
  • 19 teams from 13 countries played each other at the international Telekom employee tournament in Cracow, the World Cup United, on the occasion of the 2012 European Football Championships. Deutsche Telekom donated EUR 100 for each goal scored to Ein Herz für Kinder for children's projects in Poland and Ukraine. The teams scored a total of 169 goals and Deutsche Telekom rounded its donation up to EUR 20,000.
  • Instead of handing out gifts to participants on Capital Markets Day for investors and financial analysts, Deutsche Telekom made a EUR 2,000 donation to Ein Herz für Kinder.

Deutsche Telekom donated a total of EUR 1.2 million to Ein Herz für Kinder in 2012. The money was presented to the organization at the ZDF broadcasting network's gala charity event. Several hundred Telekom employees also worked at the event to accept calls for more donations.

Award for the 2011 cell phone recycling campaign.
Deutsche Telekom was presented with the internationally renowned Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Award in June 2012 for its cell phone recycling campaign, where the company generated donations totaling EUR 1.5 million within the context of a Germany-wide competition, collecting around 600,000 used cellphones. The company won first place in the Best Consumer Engagement category. Telekom was the only international ICT company to win an award in one of the 13 categories.

Charity runs in Europe bring big donations.

Charity runs are a popular fund-raising activity, combining the fitness-enhancing fun of a run with doing something for a good cause.

  • In November 2012, 510 OTE and Cosmote employees ran the 30th Athens Classic Marathon or the 5 or 10 km races. For every employee kilometer run Cosmote promised to donate a specific sum to the Athens Public Nursery. In all, this charity run resulted in a donation of EUR 27,000, which will be used to buy 27,000 meals for children from 600 undernourished families in 47 Athens primary schools.
  • In Hungary, Magyar Telekom organized a charity run with the employees who took part in this Vivicittá raising money for the SOS Children's Village. The total amount donated was calculated by multiplying the number of kilometers run by each employee by 100 Hungarian forints.
  • In Poland, PTC employees took part in a "T-Mobile around the world" campaign in July and August 2012. The amount of money donated depended on the distance covered, either running or cycling. The 300 employees who took part covered 92,000 kilometers and raised a total donation of around EUR 20,000.
  • Since Slovak Telekom's volunteering weekend took part during the European Mobility Week, the company was keen for its employees to walk a bit more and gave them the chance to take part in a prize competition to find out who walks the most in three weeks. Depending on the distance covered by the participants, the company promised to donate a sum of money to plant trees. Employees could order a special pedometer or count their steps via a smartphone app. In all, the company's employees walked 15 million steps – a distance of 10,300 km – and the employees who walked the most got interesting prizes. As more than 10 000 km were walked, Slovak Telekom will be planting around 600 trees in the High Tatras in 2013.
  • On March 11, 2012 T-Systems France supported and participated in a charity run in Blagnac. The charity run was organized in support of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde, a humanitarian organization that enables children suffering from heart defects and cannot be treated in their home countries (for financial or medical reasons) to be operated on in France.