Disaster relief.

  • T-Mobile USA and its customers donate a total of USD 850,000 to hurricane victims.
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Natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes often have devastating effects on the people affected by them. They lose everything they have from one day to the next and are dependent on help from others.

Telekom has been working with the Aktion Deutschland hilft alliance of German aid organizations for years in order to provide direct, fast help to the people affected. We provide equipment and money right after disaster strikes. Our employees are always ready to help people who have been affected by floods or earthquakes.

Collaboration with Aktion Deutschland hilft aid organization.

Telekom has been working together with the Aktion Deutschland Hilft alliance of German aid organizations for years to provide aid to victims of natural disasters. In 2012, we once again supported the organization by donating EUR 20,000 to help with reconstruction in Haiti after the disastrous hurricane Sandy hit the country.

Birgit Klesper, Senior Vice President for Group Transformational Change & Corporate Responsibility (GCCR) at Deutsche Telekom, became a member of the alliance's board of trustees in May 2012.

Disaster relief in Montenegro and Romania.

A severe snowstorm hit Montenegro and Romania in February 2012. Telekom Montenegro responded by donating EUR 10,000 to the Montenegrin Red Cross and installed a donation line where a euro would be donated for every call received. In all, the sum of EUR 13,269 was collected in the month the donation line was in operation. Besides, some 50 of the company's employees helped to clear roads in front of the Institute for Public Health in Podgorica, the main hospital and the company's headquarters. With many people cut off by the snow, mobiles were often the only means of communicating with the outside world. Here, the company's network maintenance teams worked round the clock to ensure services functioned properly or were restored. Their brave efforts were recognized by the Montenegrin public and the country's media.

When the severe winter weather struck Romania, Romtelecom and Cosmote Romania offered material support to the "Romania Needs You" campaign. Romtelecom and Cosmote Romania collaborated with PRO Media Group to deliver over 18 tons of food and materials to 13 affected communities. Thousands of people in the counties of Buzau, Vrancea and Ialomita benefited from the help offered by the two companies, e.g. basic survival foods and other goods delivered even by helicopter to the most isolated areas. Employees from both companies even drove or staffed eight off-road jeeps and two trucks to transport food to communities badly hit by the snow. Romtelecom supported the Romanian Red Cross campaign through the Foundation Romtelecom for Romanians. 55 tons of food and water were distributed.

Helping victims of "Superstorm Sandy".

When "Superstorm Sandy" struck the Northeast of the USA in late October, the unprecedented flooding and wind damage left many people devastated. All the region's cellphone provider networks were damaged, leaving customers disconnected for varying lengths of time. T-Mobile USA helped in various ways to relieve the sufferings of Sandy victims. 14,000 pounds of food, 1,700 cleaning supply items, nearly 100 winter coats and some 250 pairs of gloves for school children, as well as a cash donation of $10,000 were given to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Since the people living on a badly hit Long Island peninsular had no power for weeks after the superstorm and were thus unable to charge their phones, T-Mobile USA organized two coaches where people could charge their phones and watch TV and movies. Last but not least, T-Mobile USA provided the American Red Cross with hundreds of cell phones and donated $100,000 to help with the organization's storm relief efforts. Text-to-give opportunities were also opened up for T-Mobile customers, with the company saying it would match the next $100,000 in donations. The fact that that sum was reached within two days triggered another $100,000 donation from T-Mobile. In all, T-Mobile USA and its customers donated more than $850,000 to the Red Cross relief efforts.

Practical assistance for those in need in Malaysia and Montenegro.

At T-Systems Malaysia the company's community engagement took the form of support for people struck by natural disasters, several orphanages, the poor, and terminally ill patients in hospitals across Malaysia.

A further example of the practical assistance offered to the educational sector by Crnogorski Telekom came after a fire destroyed the building used by the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje: Crnogorski Telekom made its own premises available to the Faculty's students and teaching staff so that studies could continue.