• More than 20 years of sports and culture sponsorship.

Culture and sports are two areas where society gets its innovative strength. They create a feeling of community, encourage communication across borders and inspire people.

We have been involved in the world of sports and promoting the cultural landscape in Germany for years. In the meantime, we are among the largest sponsors in these areas in Germany. Telekom's international subsidiaries are also active in promoting culture and sports. This approach is an expression of how we see ourselves as an international company that accepts its corporate responsibility at all places where it does business.

Our cultural sponsorship activities are also focused on promoting music and fine arts. We help established artists and up-and-coming talents in various areas to foster diversity.

Regardless whether it is competitive sport, mass sport, school sport or sport for the disabled—what matters to us is team spirit, tolerance and our responsibility toward society. These values are at the core of our sports sponsoring activities.