Sports sponsorship.

  • 15,000 school students participate in project days held by the New Sports Experience initiative.
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  • Program launched to help athletes plan later careers.
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Telekom's sports sponsorship philosophy is centered around the values of fairness, tolerance and team spirit. We promote these values, which also apply to our company, as part of long-term commitments and collaborations. Acting on our social responsibility, we are now more active than ever in supporting mass sport, school sport, sport for the disabled and talented young athletes. Our support of top athletes and our collaboration with the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and the German National Paralympic Committee (DBS) also played an important role in our sponsorship activities in 2012, the year of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. We ended our partnership with the German Olympic Sports Confederation at the end of 2012 but continue to support Olympic sports through our involvement with the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation.

"New sports experience" initiative.

In 2012, the year of the Paralympic Games, we conducted numerous special projects as part of our "New sports experience" initiative. In these projects, students from grades seven through ten had the chance to experience first-hand what athletes with disabilities can do. During the reporting period, around 15,000 students throughout Germany participated in the project day events, which were integrated into their normal school day. We have been able to reach some 60,000 school students since the initiative was launched in October 2009.

Training with Paralympic medalists.
On August 24, 2012, Telekom hosted a Paralympic training day in Cologne where wheelchair basketball players Mareike Adermann and Annika Zeyen trained school students in their sport before going on to win a gold medal in the 2012 Paralympics. Holger Nikelis, reigning world champion in wheelchair table tennis, also conducted a training module. 2012 Olympic silver medalist in fencing, Britta Heidemann, participated in the training as a guest. Blind soccer players from the German national team gave training at a secondary school in Augsburg and national team members and Paralympic athletes gave training in wheelchair basketball in Frankfurt.

Upcoming reporters at the Paralympics.
In cooperation with the German National Paralympic Committee (DBS) and the Cologne school of journalism, Kölner Journalistenschule, Telekom also hosted the "2012 Paralympics upcoming reporter" competition in 2012. Interested students were asked to submit a 60-second film on "Respect—The 2012 Paralympics." The winners, four teams comprised of a total of 16 students, were invited to go to London where they reported live online on the Paralympics from August 29th to September 9th.

In 2012, Telekom also provided all secondary schools in Germany with classroom material entitled "High performers with a disability" as part of the "New sports experience" initiative. The course material was developed under the patronage of Hubert Hüppe, the German federal government's commissioner for people with disabilities.

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In collaboration with the German National Paralympic Committee, DBS, and the German association for wheelchair sports, Deutscher Rollstuhlsportverband (DRS), we launched an unprecedented school project in Germany called "New sports experience" in October 2009. Students attending grades 7 to 10 are given the chance to experience first-hand what disabled sports are like. The kids can play sports that they would not normally find at their schools, including wheelchair basketball, goalball and blind soccer. Getting this unusual perspective makes it easier for them to understand and respect people with disabilities. Project days are held at around 150 secondary schools each year.

Partnership with the German National Paralympics Committee.

As a partner of the German National Paralympics Committee (DBS), Telekom has been involved in disabled sports since 2006. To celebrate the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Telekom extended its partnership with the organization in 2012 for two more years. It also provided the communication infrastructure at Deutsches Haus, a meeting spot for guests from the worlds of sports, politics, business and society, during the games, including the media lounge for journalists.

As a sponsor, the Group helped select the Disabled Athletes of the Year in November 2012. The group of candidates comprised medalists from the Paralympic Games in London. Track-and-field athlete Birgit Kober, table tennis player Jochen Wollmert and the women's wheelchair basketball team were chosen as the 2012 Disabled Athletes of the Year.

Telekom supports careers after professional sports.

In cooperation with the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation, Telekom initiated the Dual Career Planning Program in 2012. The goal of the program is to make it easier for former athletes to start new careers. Twelve top German athletes attended a professional applicant training at Telekom Headquarters in Bonn in October 2012, including hockey Olympic medalist Benjamin Weß, Sara Goller, who came in fifth place at the Olympics in beach volleyball, Katrin Mattscherodt, Olympic gold medalist in speed skating and top gymnast Kim Bui. A second applicant training was held for ten athletes sponsored by the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation at the Allianz Arena in Munich in November 2012. Both training sessions were conducted by human resources experts from Deutsche Telekom.

The focus of the Dual Career Planning Program are internship offers for which interested athletes can apply at Deutsche Sporthilfe. Each athlete's particular situation is taken into consideration during the selection process, including additional time needed to spend on training and competitions as well as any lack of job experience. Several Olympic athletes have already participated in the program.

"Your name for Germany."
Telekom has been supporting the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation's "Your name for Germany" campaign as one of four German sponsors since 2011. The campaign offers any German resident interested in sports the opportunity to personally sponsor top German athletes with three euros a month as an official sponsor. In 2012, Telekom advertised at 20 offices throughout Germany as well as with various internal communication platforms to get employees interested in the program. Top marathon runner and Olympic athlete, Susanne Hahn, ran in the 2012 Bonn Marathon for the Telekom team as a project "ambassador." Some 4,000 employees signed up as Olympic sponsors during the campaign.

Sponsoring the Bonn Marathon.

Telekom is a sponsor of the annual Bonn Marathon and has its own team at the starting line. Many employees travel to Bonn from different cities to attend the event. This year, a total of 700 Telekom employees participated in the marathon. In 2012, top marathon runner and Olympic athlete, Susanne Hahn, and three Telekom employees formed a Telekom-Sporthilfe team that advertised for the Deutsche Sporthilfe campaign, "Your name for Germany." Deutsche Sporthilfe was also at the marathon with its own truck and advertised for people to sponsor the initiative of which Telekom is a partner. In 2013, we will again be supporting the Bonn Marathon and are preparing our employees for the race with our "Staying in shape in the winter" training program 2,000 employees signed up in 2012.