Our desire to be at the top of our industry as a responsible company calls for all units at the Group to work together and coordinate their activities. To help this process, we have created a strong control system at our various subsidiaries that we use to realize our key CR targets worldwide. Three strategic CR action areas from our CR strategy provide us with orientation. The majority of the some 20 international subsidiaries currently represented in the CR Manager Network have incorporated these action areas into their local strategy in the meantime.

International cooperation in the CR Manager Network.

The CR managers from the different business areas and international subsidiaries are responsible for operational implementation of the CR strategy. The international CR Manager Network was established in 2008 to intensify Group-wide collaboration. Around 20 international subsidiaries were members of the network in 2012. At regular meetings and teleconferences, CR managers discuss current topics and best practice examples. The international subsidiaries also work together in working groups focusing on specific topics.

In 2012, the network focused primarily on developing a strategic approach to reducing waste and increasing resource efficiency at the Group. The network also focused on the international roll-out of the engagement@telekom program at our international subsidiaries and continued to work on integrating our CR and annual reports.

CR manager meetings
Telekom held two CR manager network meetings during the reporting period:

The ninth CR manager meeting took place in Bonn on April 23rd and 24th. In addition to the focal points mentioned above, the managers learned more about the work being done by the international Climate Change Working Group and the Product Carbon Footprint project. Participants also discussed Telekom's stakeholder involvement strategy at several workshops. The results of the workshops were used to draw up a "Guide to successful stakeholder engagement."

T-Systems Austria hosted the tenth CR manager meeting in Vienna on November 19th and 20th. In addition to the priority topics to be discussed by the network, there were also two guest speakers on the agenda. A representative of the European Commission presented the new EU CSR directive. The second guest speaker gave a talk on corporate strategies and sustainability. They compared leading companies in terms of motivators, strategic intent, communication approach and innovative thinking to better illustrate the business benefit of sustainability.

2012 Earth Hour
On March 31, 2012, several international subsidiaries conducted numerous activities, participating in a symbolic act to raise awareness of the needs of our planet, 2012 Earth Hour. Telekom was a part of it on five continents when the lights were turned off for 60 minutes at numerous buildings and popular sights in the name of climate protection. Telekom's activities included having the lights turned off at the Fernsehturm Berlin and holding cultural events such as the unplugged concert organized by Magyar Telekom on the Budapest Chain Bridge. Based on time zone, T-Systems Malaysia was the first to turn off their lights at 8:30 p.m. MYT. T-Mobile US was the last 16 hours later at 8:30 p.m. PST in California.

CR is becoming increasingly important at many of our international subsidiaries.

New CR Managers appointed in USA, Czech Republic and Poland
The practical implementation of Deutsche Telekom's CR strategy is undertaken throughout the Group by suitably qualified CR personnel. To this end, several subsidiaries appointed new CR managers in the course of 2012.

  • T-Mobile USA, Inc. appointed a new Program Manager for CR & Supplier Diversity and a Senior Program Manager for Diversity and Inclusion
  • T-Systems Slovakia brought in a new CR manager to work in the Corporate Communications Department and manage all CR activities.
  • The Polish subsidiary PTC created new positions in their Corporate Communications Bureau and appointed a Corporate Responsibility Chief Specialist and a Corporate Responsibility Senior Specialist.

New CR Boards set up in Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania
The growing importance of CR within the Deutsche Telekom Group was underlined by the establishment of CR Boards in several countries.

  • At T-Systems Czech Republic a dedicated CR Board was set up within the Marketing Department.
  • T-Mobile Austria has also set up a CR board. It is comprised of representatives from all company areas.
  • Polish subsidiary PTC established a CR Board composed of the heads or managers of the departments most involved in CR – Corporate Communications, HR, Marketing & Sales, IT & Network, Facility Management, Procurement, Finance, Legal & Compliance, and Strategy & Regulatory – and an employees' representative.
  • The significance of the Internal Communications & CR Office of Cosmote Romania has been enhanced since April 2012 in that the Corporate Affairs Department, which includes the CR Office, now reports directly to the CEO of Cosmote Romania.

T-Systems Iberia: reorganization of CR Committee and CR Masterplan
The CR Master Plan and the CR Committee were reorganized at the start of 2013. During the new Committee's first year in office, it is meeting every two months to oversee a number of important changes in the implementation of CR at T-Systems Iberia.

New CR organizational structure at OTE and Cosmote.

In Greece, OTE and Cosmote have introduced a new organizational structure to reflect their common CR approach. In practice, this involves the OTE Group Corporate Communications Department, which includes the Corporate Responsibility Sub-Department as well as the Corporate Responsibility Section and the Environmental Management Section for Fixed and Mobile Telephony. The new organizational structure was also strengthened through the establishment of a joint OTE-Cosmote CR Team with 50 members acting as ambassadors across all the companies' operations for which a management-action plan was drawn up based on the specific strategy of "education-participation-amusement". In another important move a new OTE-Cosmote Environmental Committee was set up and work began on developing a common environmental strategic framework for OTE and Cosmote. The OTE-Cosmote CR strategy is tied in to the companies' core business strategy with the three major business objectives linked to specific CR projects or initiatives. Last but not least, CR KPIs have been embedded into the personnel evaluation and personal operational targets for specific colleagues from the interdepartmental OTE-Cosmote CR team. This particularly applies to colleagues involved in the environmental management system.

At Romtelecom, the Romanian subsidiary of the OTE Group, a significant start has been made in aligning CR activities with the OTE Group's CR Strategy. Although Romtelecom, does not have a cross-departmental structure to formally coordinate CR activities, which mainly involve sponsorships, they are managed centrally by the company's Corporate Communications Department and in individual cases by those responsible for the activity in question, e.g. HR when employees are involved.

First ISO 26000 CR audit in Poland.

During the reporting period Deutsche Telekom's subsidiary PTC became the first Polish company and also the first T-Mobile company to be audited on the basis of ISO 26000. This involved the company's internal practices being checked and evaluated by an independent auditor. Internally and externally, 33 stakeholders and 54 employees were interviewed in the course of this ISO 26000-based CR audit process. As a result, it has been possible to draw up a stakeholders' map, determine the expectations of employees and stakeholders, and communicate in no uncertain terms to the general public that CR is an important issue for PTC.

CR program at T-Systems Slovakia.

In the reporting period T-Systems Slovakia put the Deutsche Telekom Group's CR strategy into practice in a variety of ways. The company runs several long-term cooperation projects with educational institutions to further develop the education of high-potential ICT talents and bring ICT education closer to the market needs. The products implemented in 2012 included an ICT program for elementary schools and an intensification of cooperation with secondary schools. In the volunteering field T-Systems Slovakia endeavored to increase its employees' involvement in their local community by organizing three volunteering activities in 2012: participation in three initiatives:

  • The Earth Day (April) and Our City Košice (June)
  • Support for disadvantaged people through cooperation with NGOs and
  • Assistance for animals in need, again in cooperation with NGOs.

Another key CR goal is to create a healthy work-life balance for employees and reduce the company's CO2 emissions. To this end, T-Systems Slovakia encouraged flexible working hours and mobile working habits, promoted phone, data and video conferencing, parking slots for bikes, replaced old IT equipment with more energy-efficient new devices, improved its waste management system, reduced the number of plastic glasses used, and enhanced printing efficiency through networking and pin-code printing.

T-Mobile Czech Republic CR event.

During the reporting period T-Mobile Czech was involved in a number of CR conferences. In April 2012 the company partnered a conference entitled "Creating Shared Value as Corporate Strategy", which was held at Bayer. The participants – representatives from big companies that are leaders in their field – discussed current social issues in the Czech Republic and various CR-related topics. In January 2013 the company participated in a conference on corporate social responsibility entitled "Business's Answers to Social Issues". Held under the auspices of the US Embassy in the Czech Republic, the conference was staged for the fourth year in succession. The attendees, all top managers, discussed business opportunities arising from social and environmental issues and the resultant benefits for Czech society. The conference brought together more than a hundred representatives of business and non-profit organizations.

Globul participates in CR forums.

Globul, the OTE Group's Bulgarian subsidiary, participated in a number of CR Forums during the reporting period:

  • Green Economy Forum in April 2012
  • Balkan Green Economy Forum in June 2012
  • Green Business Forum in July 2012
  • Business with a Cause in December 2012.
T-Mobile Austria provides information.

T-Mobile Austria participated in the European Alpbach Forum in 2012, making contributions on economic issues and presenting projects sponsored by the T-Mobile environment and sustainability fund TU. The European Alpbach Forum holds a convention each year at the Tyrolean mountain village of Alpbach with 2,000 to 3,000 international guests from the worlds of business, science and politics. From August 16 to September 1, 2012, participants discussed current issues and interdisciplinary approaches under the slogan, "Future and youth."

Hrvatski Telekom stakeholder dialog.

For the fifth year in succession, Hrvatski Telekom staged its stakeholder dialog conference in October 2012 entitled "Growing through knowledge", this conference invites the world's leading experts, visionaries and thinkers to share their knowledge and progressive ideas. At the 2012 conference Dr. Michio Kaku, a prominent physicist and futurologist, discussed how science would change our daily lives in future decades, while Sarah Lacy, a globally renowned author on innovation and entrepreneurship, talked about inspirational entrepreneurs all over the world and visionaries who prioritize innovativeness. The impact of the conference was heightened through the use of blogs and Twitter.

Magyar Telekom dialog.

Since 1997, Magyar Telekom has been organizing an annual Sustainability Roundtable Discussion for domestic governmental and non-governmental organisations, scientific institutes, Group member companies, etc. The Sustainability Roundtable Discussion organized in June 2012 aimed to conduct an open dialogue with Magyar Telekom stakeholders to promote an understanding of the demands made on the Magyar Telekom Group, discuss the problems arising, and provide a suitable background for thinking together and co-operating in building a sustainable future.

Fifth Sustainability Day in Hungary
The 5th Sustainability Day organized in September 2012 by Magyar Telekom was attended by 1,200 people. Its aim was to present new and unorthodox ideas and solutions relating to sustainable development that had evolved over the past year. The panel discussions focused active citizens in a societal context, sustainable settlements in environment terms, the green economy and green festivals. One of the special features of the event was that a slammer improvised some rhymes about the above topics. Besides panel discussions, there were many exciting programs, exhibitions, break-up sessions and concerts for those attending – young and old. The most eye-catching symbol of the event was a monumental 1.5-ton Green Wall, five meters square, which was decorated by the visitors on the spot. The Day finished with an after-event party, the proceeds of which were spent on planting trees.

Bulgaria and Croatia: CR reporting pioneers.

Most of Deutsche Telekom's subsidiaries publish their own sustainability reports. In many cases these companies are playing a pioneering role in sustainability reporting in their respective country.

Croatia: decisive step forward in CR reporting.
For the very first time, Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT), Deutsche Telekom's Croatian subsidiary, had its Sustainability Report 2011 approved by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Report was prepared by applying the GRI guidelines and audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. GRI subsequently confirmed the B+ reporting level.

Globul: The only Bulgarian company to publish a CR report.
Under the Globul brand, the Bulgarian mobile communications provider, Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD (a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmote), is the only company in Bulgaria to publish an annual CR report that has been approved by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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