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Values & Guiding Principles.

  • Guiding Principles available in 19 languages and firmly established in 34 countries.
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  • On our third Guiding Principles Day, employees took a closer look at how our Guiding Principles are filled with life in day-to-day practice.
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Deutsche Telekom is continually working on establishing a value-oriented corporate culture throughout the Group that is characterized by responsible and sustainable behavior. Our Guiding Principles and our Code of Conduct, which are based on these values, form the foundation of our corporate activities—both in our cooperation with external target groups as well as within the company itself. Campaigns like our Guiding Principles Day help us establish and further develop a value-oriented corporate culture.

Guiding Principles for the entire Group.

Our corporate culture is based on the Guiding Principles that were introduced Group-wide in January 2009. These principles represent our values and convictions and guide our actions, which are driven by our sense of responsibility.

Tekekom's five Guiding Principles:

  • Customer delight and simplicity drive our action.
  • Respect and integrity guide our behavior.
  • Team together—Team apart
  • Best place to perform and grow
  • I am T—count on me.

In 2010, we began establishing the Guiding Principles throughout the Group at all Deutsche Telekom Group subsidiaries in four phases. The Guiding Principles are now available in 19 languages and apply in 34 countries and at 50 international subsidiaries.

Our Guiding Principles are a component of our HR work and are very important when it comes to reliable collaboration and the ability to delight our customers. That is why it is important for us to know how well our Guiding Principles are established with our employees. We conduct regular employee surveys to find out how our employees apply our Guiding Principles every day at work. We also conduct pulse checks to assess employee satisfaction and how well they understand our corporate strategy. We asked employees to answer a special question about the Guiding Principles during each of the four implementation phases. In 2012, we conducted our fourth pulse check survey after completing the implementation process in the T-Systems market areas as well as in Germany and most of the EU countries. We asked employees to respond with yes or no to the statement "I feel that the Guiding Principles are an integral part of the daily work routing." In April 2012, 61 percent of the employees surveyed responded positively to the statement. This result had increased to 63 percent by the following October.

Initial results met our target expectations. However, it was also apparent that there is still room for improvement in how we communicate the Guiding Principles to our employees. Because of this, an entire array of measures have been scheduled for 2013:

  • The Guiding Principles will be discussed in greater depth in areas with survey results of less than 60 percent.
  • We are planning to conduct discussion panels with managers focusing on our corporate strategy and values, e.g., in the "Talking straight" format, which is well established at T-Systems.
  • The Chairman of the Board of Management as well as the board members for Human Resources and Finance will address video messages to our employees about the Guiding Principles.
  • All business topics will be communicated in connection with the Guiding Principles.As to our first Guiding Principle, we focus on the aspect of simplicity, which we want to communicate more actively.
  • We are planning to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Guiding Principles Group-wide in late 2013.
Guiding Principles Day to promote corporate values.

In order to make practicing the Guiding Principles a matter of course, a Guiding Principles Day is held every year at all Group units. Every employee in the company is called upon to think about the Guiding Principles and come up with ideas on how to implement them in day-to-day work.

Deutsche Telekom held its third Guiding Principles Day on September 26, 2012. Employees were asked to contribute to this day with their own ideas and all our Board of Management members played an active part. Reinhard Clemens, Board member for Business Customers / T-Systems, discussed the project status and progress to date with the cross-area De-Mail team, for example. Claudia Nemat, Board member for Europe and Technology, discussed corporate culture in a blog. Chairman of the Board of Management, René Obermann, also discussed the Guiding Principles with our employees in a blog.

Marion Schick, Telekom AG Board member for Human Resources, addressed a video message to our employees, talking about her expectations for the Guiding Principles and summarizing the experiences from the past two years since we first introduced the Guiding Principles. She participated in a discussion on the Guiding Principles with René Obermann and other employees in the Telekom Social Network. Marion Schick welcomed employees from Telekom Laboratories and T-Systems at a get-together at the Berlin Representative Office. The purpose of the get-together was to discuss the Guiding Principles openly and honestly. Participants addressed challenges such as handling complex, non-standardized processes with confidence. Model solutions were also presented at the event, such as how to structure conferences more effectively.

The day began throughout the Group with countless activities that showed how the Guiding Principles can be lived every day at Telekom. Our employees presented creative ideas for implementing the Guiding Principles as well as examples of their volunteer activities at many locations in Germany and abroad. Proceeds from sales campaigns went to support the "Yes, I can!" Telekom initiative or were donated to support other social projects. Employees from the Macedonian, Polish and Montenegrin subsidiaries participated in different art and photography activities. Employees at T-Mobile held a "looking-over-your-shoulder" campaign to increase awareness of how others work.

As usual, many trainees also participated in the Guiding Principles Day. In Munich, they worked together to design a flyer on the Guiding Principles in six languages. Trainees in Erfurt put on a play based on Snow White called "T-White." Our young colleagues in Magdeburg took time during their vocational training to tell their classmates about the significance of the Guiding Principles Day. Employees in Hamburg released balloons into the world with postcards attached to them containing the Guiding Principles and personal messages to ring out their Guiding Principles Day.

Guiding Principles Day is a permanent feature at Telekom throughout the Group. We will hold our next Guiding Principles Day on September 25, 2013.

Group-wide implementation of the Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct has served as a reference for clear rules of conduct for our daily work since 2006. The Code of Conduct applies to all Telekom employees worldwide. It connects compliance with laws and regulations with our requirements for ethical behavior and the Guiding Principles.

Code of Conduct

Due to the increased aspiration of society for compliant and legally unimpeachable behavior and the launch of the Guiding Principles at the beginning of 2009, we revised our Code of Conduct in 2010. In June 2011, we successfully completed the implementation of the revised Code of Conduct in Germany. We help our employees comply with the Code of Conduct by offering a multimedia training package for managers and the Code of Conduct Interactive online tool. We also continued the implementation process at our international units. All of our fully consolidated Group subsidiaries had successfully introduced the Code of Conduct by the end of 2012. We monitored the implementation process until the end of 2012 via the pulse check.