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Supplier selection.

  • Potential suppliers are required to answer 16 questions on sustainability.
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Telekom lays the foundation for a sustainable supply chain even when selecting its suppliers. Suppliers interested in entering into a relationship with Telekom must undergo a prequalification process. With the help of an online questionnaire on our supplier portal, we are also able to collect information on compliance as well as conformity with sustainability criteria and then take these factors into consideration during the further selection process.

Stricter requirements on selected supplier groups.
Not only do our strategic suppliers and suppliers from high-risk industries have to pass prequalification, they are also asked to provide additional information on the topic of sustainability using the Electronics Tool for Accountable Supply Chains (E-TASC). The term "strategic suppliers" refers to suppliers that are significant for procurement activities at Telekom due to the extent of the supply relationship, their position on the market or their potential for innovation. Telekom is pursuing the objective of requiring all strategic suppliers as well as those at high risk in terms of CR to provide us with a self-assessment via E-TASC by 2015.

Expanding the supplier portal.

During the reporting period, Telekom expanded its supplier portal, which was originally introduced in 2011. Companies that wish to qualify as Telekom suppliers now need to provide answers to 16 sustainability-related questions on topics such as human rights, corruption and measures in the areas of environmental protection and occupational health and safety. Telekom uses the responses to create what we refer to as a supplier scoring, which lets us assess a supplier's sustainability performance at a glance. We expanded the information we require from our suppliers to include information provided by current suppliers as well. We have been conducting the entire prequalification process electronically since April 2012.

By introducing an electronic supplier file that documents all relevant information on each supplier, Telekom is planning to offer new ways to transparently exchange and manage documents in 2013.

Last year's CR report

New online training tool for buyers.

Due to changes in our procurement organization, we had to reschedule the launch of our revised online training tool for buyers, which was scheduled for 2012. It will now be launched in 2013. The tool, which we developed and revised in collaboration with the Humboldt University in Berlin, contains fundamental information on Telekom's sustainability strategy as well as on our sustainable procurement principles. The tool also gives specific tips on implementing these principles and our strategy.