User help.

We have included different service features to make it easier for you to read and use this CR Report. Below is a description of how to use these service features.

Main text.

Drop-down headings.
The text contained in this CR Report has been structured with drop-down headings to make the content easier to navigate. If you would like to learn more about a certain topic, you can open the text by clicking on the appropriate heading. You can close the text by clicking on the heading again. This feature lets you open the text for several headings, one after the other.
Alternatively, you can select the "Open all lists" function located in the service box on the right-hand side below the header "This section" to make all of the text visible and then hide it again.
If additional information is available about a topic, the "CR facts" icon will appear below the main text. Click on the icon to view this background information.

Performance indicator graphics.
Selected performance indicators for the Group are presented in graphics in the "Facts and figures" section. The upper right-hand corner of some graphics contains a field that you can use to access the interactive company benchmarking tool. You can also switch between MWh and joules when viewing our energy consumption performance indicators.

Service features in the right margin.

This section.
In order to enable barrier-free access to the report content as far as possible, we integrated the "Read page out loud" option under "This section."

We also included the following features:

  • "Open all lists" – you can view the entire text on this page. Click again to hide the text.
  • "Print this page" – prints the current view
  • "Save this page" - saves the current view as PDF
  • "Add to info cart" – lets you add different pages to the info cart while reading the report
  • "View info cart" – this link will take you to the info basket, providing you with an overview of the pages you have selected. You can download individual pages or several pages at one time as a PDF. You also have the option of saving all selected files on your computer as a compressed ZIP file. You need to have ZIP software installed on your computer to unzip the files. Cookies need to be activated on your browser in order to use this function.

My bookmarks.
You can mark up to five pages of the CR Report in the right-hand column under "My bookmarks" and access them with a single click. Cookies need to be activated on your browser in order to use this function.

Under the "Contact" heading we offer you various options for getting in touch with the right contact person for your questions and suggestions.

You will find the following links to additional information and download options in the right-hand margin column under "Service":

  • Media archive: This link will take you to a selection of videos from past CR reports.
  • Download  center: You will find the entire 2013 CR Report as well as individual sections and other important CR publications from past years to download as a PDF file in the download center.
  • An overview of CR 2013: Information from the reporting period summarized in our e-paper, "We take responsibility. An overview of corporate responsibility in 2013." (view online or as a PDF).
  • The We Care CR app: An entertaining introduction to CR for your smartphone or tablet computer.
  • CR facts: Additional background information on different topics or terms included in the CR report – can also be directly accessed in the text by clicking on terms marked with the  symbol (view online)
Interactive performance indicators.

Go to "Interactive performance indicators" to select the interactive company benchmarking tool. The tool lets you compare the Group's performance indicators over several years as well as those of selected national companies. You can view values in tables, bar or line diagrams. To view a benchmark of different national companies, open the scroll bar in the window at the top left and select the "National companies benchmark" option. The benchmark also includes important background information on the development of specific values for the years 2009 to 2013. Information will appear in a small window when you hover over the comment icon with your mouse. Click on the symbol to show the text below the table. The purpose of this option is to make it easy to track significant changes in the values. In addition, the relevance for various reporting standards is specified under each indicator.

Service features in the left margin.

Social media.
Social network functions have been activated for the CR Report pages. You will find the links at the lower end of the menu column. Clicking on the icon of the respective network will allow you to directly access the Telekom offer available at that network.

Upper service bar.

The glossary contains definitions of the most important terms used in the CR Report. These are marked with theGlossary Icon icon in the text. You can view the definition of a term by hovering your mouse over the icon. You can also access the glossary in the upper service bar and view all terms individually.

The "Overview" feature provides an overview of the structure and all the content of the CR Report.

Search function.
You can search for specific information in the CR Report by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, entering the search term and clicking on the arrow.

The contents of the CR report are available in English or German. You can switch from one version to the other by clicking on the language of your choice.