More than 100 data privacy experts guarantee a high level of data privacy at Telekom’s national and international companies.

Dialog on data privacy with selected national companies

"Customer data privacy has top priority at our company. That's why it's so important to make sure that everyone throughout the Group has the same definition of what data privacy means and works hard to guarantee a high level of data security."

Dr. Claus-Dieter Ulmer, Telekom Group Data Privacy Officer

Objective Creating a common understanding of data privacy throughout the Group
Success We engaged in dialog in China, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands among others in 2013.
Implementation The level of data privacy at Telekom is high, as shown in the annual international data privacy audits. However, there are still gaps that must be closed. The Group Data Privacy Officer decided to travel to different national companies to address these gaps. The purpose of this trip is to develop a common understanding of data privacy.

Each year, we identify topics that are fundamental to sustainable business development in consultation with our stakeholders (materiality process). Our approach to data privacy is a good example of how we put these into practice. The following diagram provides an overview of the key topics addressed in our customers section. Just click on the items in the diagram to learn more.